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Help for Suicide, Depression and Self Injury


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Attention, members~!

Even though we are a fetish forum and the members here are not qualified to give you any professional help, the vast majority will be sympathetic, understanding and supportive when you are in need. If you are unable to access the Support Group for advice or other forms of help, we do not wish to deny you access to the resources that some members kindly posted in that area. We have listed these below for your benefit:

NOTE: This thread was made a sticky for the purpose of creating a list of resources for people in need because we really do care. Please help us out byonly posting items that will add to the list of resources. If you need to make any personal statement about this topic please report this thread or contact the staff directly. Likewise, please refrain from posting personal stories concerning these matters outside of the Support Group, as the subject matter can be triggering to some members out on the open forum. Thank you for being courteous and understanding of everyone!

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Some of the thoughts that may accompany suicidal thoughts include:
• I want to escape my suffering.
• I have no other options.
• I am a horrible person and do not deserve to live.
• I have betrayed my loved ones.
• My loved ones would be better off without me.
• I want my loved ones to know how bad I am feeling.
• I want my loved ones to know how bad they have made me feel.

Refer this articlehttps://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hide-and-seek/201204/fighting-suicidal-thoughts

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