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I think that we, as a forum, have gotten unhealthily good at complaining about things. Now try praising somethingtongue.gif

Basically the opposite of the Complaints Department:

A thread for something that made you happy but doesn't need a whole thread for itself.

I'll start: I just had ice cream and it was so good.yay.gif

blue jump

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This is a fantastic idea for a thread! :D

Let's see...

I have a bunch of people coming over for a D&D session tonight that should be really exciting. I'm going off-module for the first time ever and making up my own story once the module concludes (at the end of this session) and I am super happy with how well things seem to be falling into place with it. It's been a long time since I was genuinely this kind of happy with something I wrote, but I really am now. :dancesequence:

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I'm going off-module for the first time ever and making up my own story once the module concludes (at the end of this session) and I am super happy with how well things seem to be falling into place with it.

That is really cool! :D

Weelll, I am just trying this new ginger tea, and although I left the teabag in long enough that OOPS, I feel like I am almost drinking 100% crazy-potent pressed ginger juice, overall, I am really enjoying the experience! (With extra benefits of, I am definitely awake now! :laugh2:)

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Ooooo... I :wub: this :heart:

The ribs that I cooked for dinner tonight came out really good- I was psyched!! :D

Also, the kidlets and I re-built two old, falling-apart steps. If you know me, you'll know that "handy-work" stuff like this is NOT my thing- and 1) the kidlets *cooperated* with each other :o *swoon* AND 2) *I* figured it out AND 3) we've gone up and down the stairs various times and they are STILL UP!!


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Great idea skatergirl!!

I had a great workout this morning, and then I got a bunch of books from the library that I'm really excited to read tomorrow (with my feet dipped in the pool)!

Oh, and there's a new episode of Halt and Catch Fire on tonight :DDDD

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Yes. Happy Department is much needed :)

I signed up for a weekly CSA farm share from a local farm, so I get a pile of fresh local veggies every Friday. I'm trying all sorts of new veg that I normally wouldn't buy and I'm trying to eat it all up before the next box comes!

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Yup, really good idea! :D

Let's see. The US girls won the World Cup, and the game was really amazing!

I had pie and whipped cream and that was really amazing, too! :lol:

And I just had an idea for a new novel. :)

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I found some grass to sit in during my lunch break, and a little, round bird hopped over and started plucking insects out of the ground next to me. Something about, "Welp, here's some bird and me, on our lunch breaks together," was really great. :laugh:

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It's raining today and I am so pleased I actually plan on going outside and sit in it, no matter how many weird glances I'm going to get. biggrin.png

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What are the chances, I spent a little while last night looking for a happiness based thread [i have no search feature], but then I found a thread about Christmas songs and I got distracted.. and one gets created today anyway.

I have the day off and a free house this morning. Giving me a bit of peace and the freedom to be the real me! Which basically consists of playing music a little louder, a bit of singing and walking around the house fashionably under-dressed.

I know I'm not the only one who does this :P

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Happiness?........baaah humbug......oops, forgot what thread I was in :glare:

I'm happily listening to "Always" by Erasure, while browsing the forum.

I also have episodes of The West Wing and Doctor Who lined up to watch later today on "JoalTV".

I love lazy Mondays (my day off).


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Yay for happiness!

Today I woke up and opened my email and turns out one of my summer jobs is giving me a 25 cent raise for good performance. Since I'm always willing to cover for teachers who cancel last minute. More like I have issues saying no, especially to people in charge of me, but hey! Every 4hrs I'll make an extra $1! Hahaha

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THIS! :heart: I love this! I am happy that this exists! And that my shorts are no longer tight compared to last July! :D

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I think that we, as a forum, have gotten unhealthily good at complaining about things. Now try praising somethingtongue.gif

lue jump

You are my favourite person of the day. :hug:

It is summer! Summer! I am trying to write a book :omg:

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I'm posting again because something made me SO happy tonight. I deposited my first paycheck and decided to give myself a 1 item splurge (well technically I bought 2 items, but I needed a phone charger because mine broke) and I got a pint of eggless cookie dough. The brand was "The Cookie Dough cafe" and one of my local grocery stores sells it. I usually wouldn't buy something like this because it looks like a waste of money but I wanted to try it and I decided I needed to treat myself to something.

IT WAS AMAZING! It tasted exactly like cookie dough and I feel I should scream it to the world how yummy it was.

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I decided that I needed to get out of the house, and so I went to the woods. Was gone for two and a half hour and returned feeling much, much better.

Also, I realised I have a good body. It may not be so pretty to look at, but it's a good one, it does the best it can and I should appreciate its efforts a bit more. :lol:

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It's National Chocolate Day so I definitely have a reason to eat a lot of chocolate today. Woohoo!! biggrin.png

Why is this the first i've heard about this day and why isn't it celebrated everywhere?! What country?!

Damn, going to have to go and raid the cupboards and have a chocolate party (by myself obviously, I ain't sharing!)

Learning about Chocolate Day made me happy today c:

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Great topic! yes.gif

I got a 14 out of 15 as my final mark in social studies; and my mark in English might get bumped up to 14 as well. One step closer to a perfect report card!

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It's pizza and movie night tonight!! :yay:

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