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Met up with a friend and went for a walk today. The trees are starting to go green and it's sunny and beautiful.

And said friend wouldn't shut up about spring pollen and allergies. I was just humming in response, but MAN did I love to hear the words. ^_^ 

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That feeling when you've been sending out a bunch of mails saying "Here is my picture and a list of things I have pretended to be.  Please choose me to pretend to be stuff." and you finally get a "Come pretend to be stuff in front of us and we'll decide if you're the best at pretending to be the thing we want" back.  :D  Plus it's only a month since my last gig so I feel like things are really positive in that department at the moment!!!

I was really worried about someone having a VERY serious operation but she was on her phone sending me e-mails joking about enjoying the sunshine so I think it's safe to say she's doing good.  The sense of RELIEF I feel is unreal.   Seriously I was pretty screwed up over that.

Work is grinding me down hard but those happy things are pretty huge happy things so I feel really, really, really good.  Probably gonna get hit by a whole bunch of nerves about the audition as the date gets closer but those are good nerves, I can deal with those!

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Someone posted that Hallmark is making cards for Transgendered/Transitioning. Never been that into cards but if I find these I'm sending them to my trans friends. 

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Today was a good day. I'm really working towards being happier, obviously giving myself those days still, but it just feels so much better both physically and emotionally to just be happy. 

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52 minutes ago, Obsessed PrincessK said:

Wish u a very Happy Birthday! ?

Thanks! :D 

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9 minutes ago, batmansgirl said:

Happy Birthday Holmes enjoy yourself you deserve it

Thanks, BMG! :hug: 


Bought a chocolate cake and all kinds of yummy drinks! I'm so happy, I could explode! :) 

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Just now, SneezyHolmes said:

Thanks, BMG! :hug: 


Bought a chocolate cake and all kinds of yummy drinks! I'm so happy, I could explode! :) 

:hug: OMG I FEEL SO LOVED... i'm so happy for you omg

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I just wrote a honest no hold back letter to both my parents even though i'm on edge I feel really good.

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Just started learning Japanese kanji and Russian. :) 

Was watching Oliver! (1968, musical) and found out the book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is on one of my e-reader video games for the Nintendo DS!! Guess who's going to read a good book tonight!!!???

Also, I found an amazing website to learn Japanese from anime called animelon.com. :) 

Got mom a surprise 3 mini bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes for Mother's Day. Red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, and lemon flavors. ^_^

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I just found out the comic book store I love is a 5 minute walk from the place I am heading off to today.  I'm gonna buy me some stuuuuuuuuff! :D

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I just found a old My Scene movie HOLY SHIT I'M SO HAPPY I dunno why except FUGING MY SCENE HAPPY FLASHBACKS :heart::heart: 

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