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That's pretty much what this entire section of the forum is for...? There are a lot of threads up about sneezing in live-action shows and luckily they're very easy to find by scrolling through the pages of this subforum.

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Didn't get a chance to say it earlier, but I'm so grateful for your collection, Pseudo. Anyone who was following the activity on my Tumblr blog last weekend knows that I was absolutely freaking out over the clips of Didi Conn from "Highway to Heaven" that I didn't previously know about. :)

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I guess I'm never gonnah get thanked

What are you waiting to get thanked for? Usually only people who share clips are thanked and even then, it's not required (although always appreciated).

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Someone haven't seen sneezing in cartoons check your facts

People may show their gratitude for contributions they appreciate, but liked Dusty said, it isn't required or owed. That said you may want to back up to the "Sneezing in the Media" section which is brimming with female material. Take a few minutes to get your bearings and it should be easy to find what you're looking for. Nobody is going to gather the clips here for your convenience.

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really loved your collection, Pseudo :3 thanks so much for taking the time to archive such wonderful clips! you're the absolute best. ^^

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And here's my collection, like I posted in the animated thread.

Oh my word, look at that... I know what I'm going to spend my Friday night watching.... ^_^ Thank you!!

every body do you just posting tv shows with famale sneezing I hate mouses

I don't even understand what you meant to say with this post. :blink:

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And here's my collection.

Pseudo- you are now officially one of my favorite people on earth! Thank you! That being said- I noticed some of the videos don't work ("Army Wives" and "Dharma and Greg" for instance). You might want to check that. Oh, and did I mention- THANK YOU!!!!

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