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When Nobody's Looking I...


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Just thought this would be fun. No matter how fearless and open we may be, nearly all of us has stuff we'd only do once the eyes of the world aren't on us. Not the obvious ones like taking a poo or whatever, but our own little quirks we do when nobodys looking.

It can be silly, weird, gross, adorable or whatever.

Here's mine (and it was catching myself doing this that inspired this idea): When nobody's looking I pull ridiculous faces at myself every time I pass a mirror. If I'm really alone, I'll make silly noises as well. Why? I have no idea!!!

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I make up stupid songs about my cats and sing the masterpieces to them, much to their despair and horror. :bag:

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I read passages from random books in different accents.

Also I talk to myself in English and use the F-word quite a lot.

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I go around the house putting myself in different scenarios that I act in. Even though I know they can't be there, but it always seems like eyes are watching me. If they are they'd probably just say, 'why are you talking to nobody in a dramatic tone?'.

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There's lots of weird things I do when I'm alone. :lol:

Mostly I just sing or dance. I'm a dancer, so I like to practice or make up new dance moves in my room while I play music :sillybounce: . And I talk to myself sometimes. And I like to make weird poses in the mirror.


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I'd say that it's singing silly, improvised songs that essentially narrate whatever happens to be going on, but no, I totally do that in public, too. :lol:

Hmm...I guess it's probably, oddly enough, blowing my nose. It's not even a fetish thing, seriously, nose-blowing isn't a part of my fetish, nor is it about embarrassment. I think I was just brought up to believe it's more polite to excuse myself to the bathroom or something, because it really bothers some people.

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