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So I just got back from my senior class trip to Malta and the best thing happened: My crush got sick!

Before I start, here is a warning: This obs is extremely long because I felt the need to write out every single detail to try and engrave it into my memory. There is barely any actual sneezing in it, so feel free to move it to the Related Obs section.

Our protagonist in this fine story is S, kind of an asshole-ish dudebro but very attractive nonetheless. He is extremely tall and skinny, has short brown hair and blue eyes, a small-ish straight and slightly upturned nose and when he smiles he gets the cutest dimples I have ever seen. (You might be able to tell I have a tiny crush on him.)

So yesterday our whole class took a trip on a boat and went to a beautiful beach for a few hours. It was fairly hot (about 27°C) and everyone was in bathing suits and shorts, only S wouldn’t take off his hoodie. When the boat stopped for us to go swimming, I didn’t see him in the water, but I just assumed he went swimming around the back of the boat. Only when we got to the next beach did I get a feeling something might be wrong: Everyone in the class sun-bathed and went for a swim and he was the only one to stay at the beach fully clothed. He was even wearing his hoodie with the hood drawn up; and he never lay down on his beach towel, instead just sitting there hunched over with his head between his knees. I didn’t really watch him any more at the beach, but I remember finding it weird that he didn’t run off somewhere with his friends despite being very loud and outgoing.

On the boat ride back to the harbour I didn’t see him at all so I was extra excited to see how he was doing later on. Before I even saw him, his friend was coming up to the teacher saying, “S is super sick, like DEATHLY.” At first the teacher thought he was being melodramatic, but then the friend told him S had a bad fever and the teacher just kinda went, “Shit.” Which was more than accurate when I finally saw S: He still had his hoodie on with the hood drawn deep into his face, cheeks flushed, eyes either swollen or just squinted nearly shut. He was walking extremely slowly and barely talking at all, which is extremely unusual for him. He seemed drained of all energy: even when he blinked (which was a lot, by the way) it took him visual effort to open his eyes again. He looked so small and helpless; and I guess the fact that he is always really loud and energetic and in control just made it more attractive. I was so torn between wanting to cuddle him like a needy child and just drooling over how hot his sickness was, LOL.

He was also coughing a lot – at first I didn’t really notice since he usually has a bit of a smoker’s cough, but this time it sounded more rattling and coming from deep in his chest. When he had to cough, he would always turn away from his friends or maybe even walk a few steps away, cover his mouth with his elbow or wrist and then double over with a short fit, sometimes with a small break for breaths in between.

At one point I saw him turn his back again and bring his hands up to his face, slightly higher than when coughing. I saw his head bob a couple times and his elbow move as if rubbing his nose, but I have no idea whether it was a sneeze or not. It may well have been a completely silent sneeze – or a noseblow, since I saw him take quite a big wad of crumpled tissues out his hoodie pocket later.

Somehow S managed the twenty-minute walk back to the hotel, and later our teacher checked on him and decided he was too sick to come to dinner with our group. After dinner his friends tried to buy a thermometer since nobody brought one – they didn’t get one, but they still went back to the hotel to check on him and force some paracetamol into him. Apparently he felt a bit better, but still slept for most of the evening while everyone else was out partying.

This morning I was kind of surprised to see him at breakfast. He looked a bit better and even ate something, but he was still really pale with flushed cheeks. His cough became less frequent and his voice sounded the slightest bit stuffed up, which I didn’t even notice yesterday. At one point I saw him blow his nose and look in the mirror afterwards to check if his nose was good, haha. Poor baby. One of his friends even gave him a pack of tissues, which he accepted gratefully and put in the back pocket of his jeans.

Around noon we got on the bus to take us to the airport. I already made peace with the fact that I probably wasn’t gonna see him sneeze on this trip, and I was happy with that since him getting a full blown fever was better than anything I could have hoped for, and then – you’ll guess it – it happened. I was sitting at the back of the bus and S was a few rows in front of me. We were waiting to get off the bus and I was already standing up, so I had a perfect view. He turned his head to the side (facing me, yay!), made a very quick pre-sneeze face and before I even knew what was happening, he stifled a completely silent sneeze into his hand. He sneezed in the space between his thumb and index finger, not really squeezing his nose shut, but more like pressing up against it from underneath, if that makes any sense. Afterwards he looked like he might sneeze again – not moving and eyes unfocused– but after a second he rubbed his nose lightly with the side of his curled-up index finger and moved on. Saying I got a little weak in the knees would be a huge understatement, tbh. My tummy still feels funny when I think about it.

I kept an eye on S for the rest of our trip, but apart from more coughing and him falling asleep on the plane there was nothing noteworthy. I am still praying he will show up to school on Monday still sick and sneezy.

God, this really was the best school trip ever.

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This was excellent! Perfect obs! Love the details. The longest and most detailed obs are definitely the most thoughtful and the best ones to read (and reread)! Thanks for sharing and please do keep us updated if applicable. ;-)

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Glad y'all liked it! :) It was definitely an experience. I will probably still remember it when I'm 70, haha.

So I have classes together with S on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Friday (the day after we got back from Malta) was a day off and by Monday he wasn't as sick anymore, but I still kept an eye on him.

His voice had a slight congested tone to it - not the "By dose is so sduffed up" kind of thing where you can't say your words properly, but it was still definitely noticeable. Unfortunately S sits behind me in our Monday class, so I couldn't really tell if there were any sneezes or not since he tends to stifle silently. I did hear him coughing though, not as much as last week, but still sounding congested from the depths of his chest, and quite a bit of sniffling as well. I also turned around just in time to see him blow his nose, which he usually never does, so that was a real treat!

Today I had five lessons with him (gotta love Wednesdays!) and in first period he was late as usual, but what was unusual for him that he was out of breath and red in the face from walking to the 3rd floor. (He's an athlete, so he should really not be out of breath that easily.) After he sat down, he started coughing periodically again, still sounding very ill, but his fits were reduced to 2-3 coughs and a sniffle after.

At the moment everyone here seems to have a cold. There was a girl who had a pack of cough drops and was offering to several of her friends, who were all sick too. At first S didn't seem to want one, but then he started coughing again and asked her if he could have the lozenge after all. It was adorable :wub:

Just before the end of 2nd period, he had another coughing fit, longer this time, and the guy who was sitting next to him asked him in this really childish voice, "Aww, are you sii-ick?" S denied it, but the other dude was like, "Yes you are." "Am not." "You are." I nearly died from the cuteness... I mean, it is probable that he really isn't sick anymore and it's just his cough that is lingering, but I like to imagine he is still a bit under the weather. Later in class he coughed again, longer this time, (almost worryingly long but that's just me) and he kind of started moaning in this high-pitched voice about how he was dying. Gotta love theatricality. :D

Sorry there weren't any more sneezes in this... I'm just as disappointed as you are, but I'll keep you updated in case anything happens.

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