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I may not be the best at it, but I do love writing. I haven't really had the opportunity to write fetish related content, so why not start a drabble thread to do so? I'll most likely write either about anime or OCs. Also if you'd like for me to write anything just let me know!

Um, yeah... Here we go!

First small drabble is about two of my OCs August and Angel(Who have been dating awhile in this one). Here's a little bit about the two.

Name: August Garroway

Age: 25(but looks younger)

Fetish: No.

Appearance: Short(5'4ft), ginger hair that's grown out a bit shaggy and curls like crazy(Even more so when it's about to rain), freckles, hazel eyes, and resting grouch face.

Personality: Grumpy, work-a-holic, keeps his problems to himself, shy but acts tough to cover it up, secretly an otaku.


Name: Angel Leblanc

Age: 27

Fetish: Yes, but hides it.

Appearance: Tall(6'2ft), Very Skinny, Pale blond hair that hangs to mid shoulder blade, Heterochromia(Left eye is green and the other is blue), Pretty features(Though he hates being called pretty and tends to hide his face under his hair.)

Personality: Soft spoken, shy, kind of whimpy, caring, frightens easily.


The dark purple comforter was cocooned around a small, shivering form. All covered but a tuffed of ginger curl that stubbornly stuck out under the makeshift blanket hood, and pale, freckle dusted hands that clacked away on a laptop nestle on the coffee table. The hunched form froze. Fingers curling slightly as a burning tickle blossomed in his nose. Brows knitting with irritation as he rubbed at the red appendage. Alas, it was a battle he was destined to lose. Head tilting back and eyes fluttering shut he scrambled for the tissues he had seated next to him on the sofa. A split second after smashing the wad to his nose he gave into his sickness.

"Heh- HEMPcheh! Cheh! HechEH! ugh..." He attempted to sniffle, but was only met with a weak whistle as air refused to pass through his nose.
"Are you still working, August? Didn't I tell you to get some sleep?" A tall, blonde man enter the room, medicine and a glass of water in hand. He set the items on the coffee table before sitting himself next to August. Slim hand pushing up the stray curls to check for fever. "You're still burning up..."
"And whose fauld is dhat, Angel? You're dhe one who gabe me dhis plauge- heh... heh-HETCHMMPH! ugh..." August had risen the blanket over his nose and mouth to muffle the sneeze.
Angel retracted his hand and looked a bit hurt, but was quick to recover, used to his boyfriend's quick temper, as he started to open the medicine packet. "Well, you do sneeze cute. How could I resit?" Angel teased as he handed the packet to August, whose expression read he was not in the mood for jokes. It was true though that Angel absolutely loved the sneezes his boyfriend produced. So loud compared to the others small stature. The way it took control of his whole body, snapping him forward until he was nearly bent over. Despite his enjoyment Angel did not want to see his boyfriend suffer, and willingly handed over the medicine and water.
August took the medicine obediently and hoped it's effects would kick in soon. "Sorry for yelling. I just feel awful... and I habe to get dthis dumb website working by toborrow, or risk getting yelled at and deboted back to grunt work." August laid his head down on Angel's shoulder, who indulged the other by lightly running a hand through his unruly curls.
"But it's not good to over work yourself when you're already running a fever. Let's watch anime and rest, okay?" Angel was expecting a rebuttle, but only received a weak nod instead. August must really feel terrible. "Which one do you need to catch up on?" Angel asked. Instead of answering August switch the TV and Ps4 on and started up the anime application.
"Assassination Classroom? The one with the talking Octopus?" Angel looked at August as he settled himself back onto the blond's shoulder.
"Snnf-He's a bery dangerous being dthat blew a hole in the bmoon."
"I'm lost, but what ever makes you happy, August."
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Awwww~ I'll just say as soon as I read Angel's description I immediately want to see him sneeze. He sounds like he would have a tiny sneeze and tall guys with tiny sneezes are my weakness <3

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Where have I been? /tosses this thing i wrote within 15mins into the thread.

Set before the two started dating.


Today was the day! After years of going to the bookstore August had finally gotten up the nerve to ask Angel to hang out! A book the two had bonded over was now a feature film, and it was the perfect opportunity to get his crush alone. August was normally described as 'grumpy', but he was on cloud nine right now and nothing could rain on his parade! 

August patiently waited for Angel outside of the cinema. His ginger curls not as crazy as normal do to a product he was trying that day. He wore a cologne a commercial promised that would woo all the 'ladies', and an outfit he spent TWO HOURS picking out at the store that he hoped made him look as if he had some fashion sense. Oh yes, he was ready, he was confident-

"August! I hope you weren't waiting long?" 

He was fucking terrified of messing up. Angel, beautiful, beautiful, fits his name to a T, Angel, was walking towards him. 

"N-no, I-I just got here." God, August was so nervous. Angel didn't seem to notice, and if he did he was too kind to let on. They both idly chitchated before making there way into the cinema to buy snacks and drinks. They sill had a 20 minute wait time, but they wanted to best seats for maximum viewing pleasure.

Pre-bought tickets got them in quick, and the two found themselves alone in the theater. 

"I really hope they kept the bar scene in." August spoke, nerves leveling out as book nerd was taking over.

"Same, but the actor that plays Danny is not what I had pictured in my-my-" Angel sentence dropped off, a beat of silence, a nearly inaudible intake of breath. " 'chu!" 

"What was that?" August blurted out without thought. Just now the softest, high pitched noise was just produced by a man well over 6ft. 

Angel's face turned a bright head. He habitually tilted his head down so his long hair would conceal his face. "I, uh, excuse me. I sneezed." Angel's voice had softened from embarrassment. August wanted to set himself on fire.

"Ah, shit. I mean, bless you! I just wasn't expecting you to sneeze like that!" August was digging himself into a hole. He was ruining this outing, he was-

" 'chu! ha'chu! Snf" Angel had clapped both his hands over his nose. "Sorry! I don't- don't know why 'chu! Chu!" Angel quickly stood from his seat, his ears a flaming red. "I'm going to the restroom." There was no room for argument as the blonde man quickly excused himself.

August wasn't sure what was going on. Was he okay? Would it be weird to follow? What was the protocol for this situation!? August stood, then sat, then stood again. With resolve, he decided to go and check on him.

Angel wasn't in the bathroom. The cinema was beginning to fill, but even in the throng of people, Angel couldn't be seen. Just where could he have gone? Worry was setting in as August poked his head out of the exit door. Luckily, and curiously, Angel was there leaning on a wall. A wad of bathroom tissue shoved against his nose. The tall man was slightly bent in what appeared to be a sneezing fit.

"You all right?" August spoke, which made Angel jump. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you... or embarrass you earlier." August didn't know how to solve this problem. He worked in I.T! Dealing with cute boys was on a much higher level than what he was taught. "If you weren't feeling well you didn't have to force yourself to come. We can leave?"

Angel sniffed and shook his head. "No, no! I'm okay- 'Chu!"

"Really, it's just a movie. We can come back another time when you're feeling better. My treat!" August tried to persuade. 

"I'm fine, promise! It's... It's just..." Angel paused and looked at the ground. "your.... cologne."

It took August much longer than it should have to process what he meant. Gears squealing, and one could almost imagine cartoon smoke billowing from his ears.

Finally, it clicked.

"Shit, shit I didn't- I had no idea!" August cursed and looked as if he going to kick the concrete wall. A hand was placed on his smaller man's shoulder, and August was able to look up at a face that could rival the sun. 

"I'm sorry. You've just never worn cologne before, so I never thought to tell you how sensitive my nose could be." Angel had to quickly pull away to cover three sneezes. " Ha'chu! 'chu! ha'chu!"

August shoved his hands into his pockets and hated himself for being the cause of Angel's discomfort. "No, don't apologize. It was my dumb idea to buy this dumb cologne for our date-" August caught himself a bit too late. The word 'date' had slipped when this was an agreed platonic, non-romantic outing. "Er, I meant Bud, bro.. Bro-date! A date between bros!" His face was even redder than his hair. Today was supposed to be perfect, yet here he was messing everything up.

Angel's bell of a laugh beat out the self-depreciation in August's head. "I thought I was the only one that thought of it as a date." Angel spoke with a confidence that didn't match the blush that covered his own smiling face. 

"How about we go to my house, I shower, and we try to make a later showing?" August asked, wanting to salvage what he could of the day.

"'Chu! Snf! Yeah, I'd like that. " 



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So cuuuuuuuute~ oh my god I really like both of them!!  I won't make any promises, but if I did want to draw them could I?

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12 hours ago, Akahana said:

So cuuuuuuuute~ oh my god I really like both of them!!  I won't make any promises, but if I did want to draw them could I?

If you ever wanted too I'd be so honored! I'm so happy you like them so much!! 

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