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SO's joining forum?


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Has anyone ever had their SO or even a close friend/ family join the forum? How was your experience? My husband wants to join but I'm so nervous about him reading my obs and other things even though we're both extremely open about the fetish and he sort of has "developed" it!! xD

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My SO has joined! He never logs on though and has never posted anything so I'm not too worried about him reading any of my stuff. He reads almost all of my fics before I post them anyway :lol:

I was glad when he signed up but I don't mind him not posting because he doesn't share this fetish so I doubt there are many threads that he could get actively involved in but it was a positive experience for me ^_^

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I can't share any experiences of my own, but I can think of at least two other members (in addition to Puddin, who commented above), whose partners don't have the fetish, but have become interested as a result of their SO and thus joined the forum.

In both cases, it seems to have been a successful arrangement for the couples involved, as far as I am.aware.

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