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This is going to sound absolutely insane


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I'm extremely hung over right now so I'm not sure how well this post is going to come across.

But I have to put this out there. I went out on a date last night with a beautiful guy that I've had a huge crush on for months now. He's blonde, very tall, blue eyes, and exceedingly handsome.

After the date we stayed up into the wee hours of the morning talking and drinking. At one point he was lying on his hardwood floor with his head in my lap (and me still in my black dress.) The conversation had moved to, "I really wish I had a dog"

"I would love to have an English bulldog!"

"Yeah, or a German Shepard!"

"Right now I have a Norwegian forest cat and two Siamese-"

"I can't.. I-"

"Wait, what?"

"I can't touch them.. "

He never actually said he had allergies, but..

He was gesturing at his face and saying "it gets really bad. Well, NO not THAT bad but they just... make me.. feel kinda sick.." He self consciously trailed off.

I have always wanted to date a guy with cat allergies!!! Holy fuck.

I'm going over to watch a movie with him tonight and I am

SO tempted to wear something my cat slept on..! That's insane isn't it?! Because why would I want this beautiful guy I like a whole bunch to feel sick and miserable?

And yet... This is a total fantasy with the potential to become true

(Hours before that conversation, he had mentioned he was sick the other week, which is why I didn't see him where I normally see him. Just surprises me the conversation went that way two different times on one night.)

I'm sorry if this reads like nonsense.

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I understand the temptation (as I'm sure most of us would) but don't give in to it. Keep everything cat-related away from this guy and keep the gorgeous scenarios within your imagination where they belong.

This is not even so much for his good, as for your own. I'm assuming you want to keep seeing this guy and maybe develop some kind of relationship, which means you don't want to fuck things up, not even accidentally(-on-purpose).

If he becomes your boyfriend, and things look good, you can consider disclosing the fetish to him and confessing how sexy you find allergies. (Be sure to present the fetish as a bonus, not a flaw. Because let's face it, it IS a bonus!) If you're reeeaaaally lucky, he might indulge you of his own accord, and you'll be able to enjoy it with a perfectly clean conscience. :yes:

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Thank you for talking some sense back in to me. I would indeed like to grow a relationship and NO I don't want to foolishly fuck it up.

Thanks again.

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Consider this a long-term investment. If this works out, he may be willing to indulge you in the future. Sounds like you like him for other reasons too, so best of luck to you!

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Okay well, while everyone else agrees this isn't a good idea, and I guess I wouldn't recommend it while you still have the chance to save yourself, I've TOTALLY done this before....I did it countless times with my ex boyfriend because his cat allergies are insanely sexy so I...yeah I did this a lot. Doesn't make it right, but I wouldn't call you INSANE for having that thought because if I were you, I would do that. (lol, but I have no chill, so...) Here on the forum, we don't support people inducing others without their consent :/ it's up to you in the end, but overall, I don't think you are crazy for wanting to go through with something like that. Good luck! Hope he ends up sneezing with whatever you decide to do.

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This is the most amicably and reasonably this situation has ever been addressed and resolved in the history of this forum, I'm pretty sure.

Good luck with your guy ^_^

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I thought I would update to tell you all I've been a good girl and haven't done any of that... And I've already gotten some good obs just from him getting over a cold. I love his sneezes, they are so damn sexy! I will need to do a post in the obs section.✌?️

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