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My Girlfriend's Sneeze attack (NON-FICTION)


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NOTE: This is an observation i made. No names or anything was changed. Nothing was added or removed from the event.

My girlfriend, Hilary has long black hair that runs halfway down her back. She has pretty tan skin and has braces. She has beautiful brown eyes and an average sized nose. Her breasts are of a modest size for a girl her size. She’s allergic to pollen and dust, so she sneezes quite a lot.

It all started in Personal Finance class. Ever since she walked in the room she’s been sniffling and rubbing her nose. The pollen must of been getting to her. 5 minutes later. She stopped writing down her notes and put on her cute pre-sneeze face. Than she cupped her hands around her mouth and nose, and sneezed. HAAH, HAAH, HAAH, HITCHOO! Ever since she sneezed she’s been deeply sniffling like crazy and rubbing her now red nose like crazy.

Next period, which was our last class of the day. She sat down in her desk and continued deeply sniffling and furiously rubbing her red nose. Within five minutes of class beginning, Hilary paused; staring into space completely silently and motionlessly. Than she cupped her hands around her mouth and red nose, and violently sneezed. HAAH, HIH, HAAH, HITCHOO! Her entire body leaned forward with the force of her sneeze.

Maybe three minutes later. Hilary cupped her hands around her mouth and red nose and sneezed three more times. HAAH, HAAH, HIH, HAAH, HIH, HAAH, HITCHOO! HAAH, HIH, HATCHOO! HIH, HAAH, HIAAH, HIH, HAAH, HATCHOO! At this point i think she sneezed the las bits of allergens out of her nose. She loudly and wetly sniffled very deeply a couple of times. Rubbed her red nose three times and was silent the rest of class.

This was the most of ever seen Hilary sneeze in a day before. I could barely hide the excitement on my face and keep myself from sweating an ocean. But i still somehow managed to. Ahh, the life of a fettishist.

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Nice obs! I happy for you that you got to excpirence this! You're a lucky man! :)

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