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Spices, spices everywhere (Shokugeki no Soma fic)


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Now then, I think it's about time for some rather late stories I have meant to write ages ago? Ugh, I blame my lazyness for this... Anyway what this is supposed to be is a Food Wars! fic for MikiSan, I do hope you enjoy it.

"Jun, remember to water the plants" a voice called out in the room filled with spicy scents. Akira had agreed to try out any new spice mixes Jun would come up with, as usual. In the corner of the room, Jun was maybe a bit too into her research, mixing up ingredients that really should not even be used in any sort of food, let alone curry. Akira after a while finally looked at his creation. Now all that he needed was the spice mix.

Jun, you got one ready to be tried out?" he asked, prompting a quick reaction from his research partner. She quickly got up and ran to him, bringing with her a blood-red mix of different peppers and herbs. He leaned slightly closer and took a careful sniff.

The spice mix way a bit surprising. Instead of having a rather gentle scent it had one straight from hell itself. At least it burned his nose enough. He blinked few times, stepping back from the kitchen, all the while desperately rubbing his nose to make the burning itch disappear.

"W-way too s... spicy..." he managed to say through his slightly hitching breaths. Jun was quick to make notes of his observations. Second by second his desperation grew as he realised there was no way to hold the incoming sneezes back. He quickly placed the spice container down to the table before he was going to blow.

"Ha'KSHOO! HA'KSHOOH! W-what even.... Ah... A'KHOOH! W-was in that thing?! HA'KSOO!" he used his one hand to cover his mouth as he sneezed, the other trying to make sure that he did not fall down in the middle of the sneezing fit.

"A tissue, tissue...!" Jun was frantically running around the kitchen trying her best to find something that would even resemble a tissue. But as usual, her panicked efforts were more or less useless as Akira wiped his watery eyes and walked to the side where they kept some napkins ready. After blowing his nose he looked at her.

"We are not using that, if the smell was that strong, I can only imagine the taste. Next one" he said, his words almost sounding like an order to anyone who did not know the two. Jun took a while to react. She then simply nodded and rushed to get another mix but while on her way she managed to knock the previous spice container down from the table. There was a loud noise to be heard as the container broke when coming to contact with the floor, the spices spreading into the air.

Jun's clumsiness had already become an obvious thing to Akira, yet every now and then she managed to surprise him. This was one of those moments. The spicy tingle in his nose intensified once again, only this time to force an immediate reaction.

"HA'AKHOO! AKHOO! AKSHOO! Ah! Hah...! HAA'AKSHOO! Ugh...! AK'SHOO!" he had another sneezing fit all the while Jun was looking at him with horror.

"I am so sorry! Please forgive my clumsiness! I'm so sorry!" she kept repeating which he knew from experience she would keep doing for hours unless something was done. He took another napkin and blew his nose again.

"It's okay, just... Be careful around the kitchen next time, okay?" he said, getting the broom and starting to clean up the mess left on the floor. And so, the kitchen was once again peaceful.

"Jun, you forgot to water the plants... Again..."

And there ya have it, ladies and gentlemen! Now if you excuse me, I will go back to my peaceful slumber, only to be awoken by the ancient prophecy which... Know what, I am not doing that. But I really do need some rest if I wanna get over this darn cold, so bye till next time!

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Not gonna lie, all of your positive comments really made my day! I am so glad people liked what I managed to write! :D

Now then, if you'd all excuse me, I have to return to my hidden hideout... That nobody knows of...

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*snickering* pffft....now I just need to remember what was your request...can't remember and losing time at the same time...*sigh*

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