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Exp. Bio Prof. ( My frist OB!)


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I'm always freaked out over posting obs because what IF SOMEONE I KNOW SEES THEM but anyway.

My Freshman Bio Lab professor , Dr. R- average height, average build, narrow face shape, high cheekbones, big blue eyes, fine nose, dirty blonde hair, early-mid thirties, on the whole quite pretty. She's been coughing all class and then , while putting away some glass slides sneezed twice into her elbow, I'm normally really good at spelling but it was one of those harsh, cough like sneezes. LIke " Eh-Akh!Eh-Akh!" , and they were super rapid, like barely the first one was out and she sneezed again. Several of us blessed her ( including mysefl :) ) and she said " thank you" in kind of an agitated voice, like one does when catching theri breath after sneezing. Aaagghhh it was cute, I'd been wanting to see her sneeze, despite being half her age and straight....

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What I like about rapid-fire sneezes is that for what they can lack in volume, they can usually compensate for in quantity :lol: Nice obs - must make classes all the more interesting... :)

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