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Hello! I remembered making an account on this website, and decided I'd post one of my sneezefics here to see what people think of it. I've never posted anything here before, and personally I don't think I'm very good at writing sneezefics, but I enjoy writing them. It doesn't help that I'm terrible with paragraphing...

Anyway, this story wasn't meant to be a sneezefic at first, but somehow my strange mind turned it into one. I've been reading too much Rosario Vampire manga I think… :sweatdrop:

The reason I mention that is because this is a sneezefic involving a vampire. This first part doesn't have any sneezing in it, but I am working on the next part AS YOU READ THIS which will have sneezing in it. It should be posted fairly soon. Maybe even by tonight.

Now, time to reveal the opening scene!

Clara continued tapping the end of her pencil against the desk anxiously, unable to focus on drawing given the circumstances. They were in a strange town with an unsettling, gloomy atmosphere about it. The place looked like it had come straight from a haunted house horror movie, and this only served to make her even more nervous.

She glanced back over to Alexandra, who was lounging in one of the chairs. She had told her that a good friend of hers would be meeting them here to discuss the solution Alexandra had proposed for Clara's dangerous situation. She explained to her that the afore mentioned friend had offered to look after Clara and protect her from the 'Seers' after Alexandra explained her predicament to him. However, what worried her most was what Alexandra told her when she asked her what he was like; He was a monster. All her life Clara had been able to sense and see things that normal people couldn't, and the things she experienced in these encounters traumatized her. She'd discovered the truth about this ability, that what she was seeing and sensing was actually a result of a rare gift to detect and communicate with monsters. Even though most people referred to it as a gift, Clara found it to be a curse. It had brought her nothing but suffering, and she had learned to fear monsters for the pain they caused her. This ability was why an organization called 'The Seers' was targeting her. They wanted to study this gift and use her to turn the rest of the world against monsters. Luckily, Alexandra had found her before they did, and had taught her that monsters were actually far from the bloodthirsty beasts society believed them to be. She taught her to show compassion for them, and to see them as equals. While Alexandra's teachings had helped her, it had not relieved the constant fear she had of the pain her gift caused her.

"Clara? Clara, are you alright?" she was brought back to reality by Alexandra's voice, and she realized she had been staring at her the whole time. "I'm fine." Clara said quickly before looking back to her blank paper. Alexandra frowned. "You're still worried about meeting him?" she asked. Clara nodded, and she sighed softly. "You might not believe me, but he actually has suffered similarly to how you are suffering now." she said. "How? He's a monster! How does he know what it's like to be afraid of yourself?" Clara retorted bitterly. Alexandra's frown deepened and she gave her a stern look. "It will be his decision to reveal his past to you! But I doubt those kind of ignorant comments will encourage such a decision!" Alexandra scolded as she shot up from her chair. Just then, the light drizzle of rain outside intensified with a sudden roar of thunder and a strike of lightning. Alexandra turned to the window and her expression became worried when she saw the rain battering against the glass. "Oh dear." she muttered. "What? What is it?" Clara asked. "This amount of rain may prove to be hazardous for him." Alexandra answered, glancing over to the place she had hung her coat. She dashed over to the coat hanger and rushed to put her coat on. "Where are you going?" Clara asked. "To find him. Even he wouldn't last long in that kind of storm." Alexandra responded before swinging the door to their room open and rushing down to the bottom floor of the inn, making sure the door was shut behind her before she dashed down the stairs of course.


​Again, I was so excited about posting that I pretty much skipped paragraphing… Sorry if it bothers you, but I hope you enjoy it so far. I think you can see where this story is going a little bit… You can tell this wasn't originally meant to be a sneezefic because it has that whole villainous plot thing being described.

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Hi again! I hope you enjoy this next part! I pretty much didn't do any paragraphing at all on this part, cause' I was so excited about posting it! I'm not sure how smoothly this story will go in this part, but I hope it is entertaining! If you have suggestions on what would make for an interesting scene in this series, feel free to let me know! I'd love to see what you guys come up with!

Clara looked up at the clock and back to the door. It had been ten minutes since Alexandra had rushed out to go looking for her visiting friend. She hoped that she hadn't lost her way in the storm. She was still going over the worst possible scenarios in her mind when she heard shuffling and footsteps from outside. Her expression brightened in the hope that Alexandra had returned. It seemed to take longer than it should have, but the door eventually opened to reveal a drenched Alexandra draping the arm of another equally drenched man over her shoulders in an effort to help him support his weight. The man pulled away from Alexandra and leaned his weight against the wall once they stepped inside. He was breathing hard, and wheezing slightly with each breath. His wet bangs were clinging to his forehead, and he brushed them aside as he lifted his head up to look at the young girl staring at him. "You're Clara, right?" he rasped before turning his head to the side to cough harshly. Clara cringed at the sound of his violent, wheezing coughs. It had to be hurting his throat. She waited for him to recover from the small coughing fit before answering. "Yes. I'm Clara…" she said hesitantly. He looked like he was about to say something when he paused, his body suddenly holding perfectly still. His eyes were unfocused, and his lips were parted as he took soft, short gasps of breath through his mouth. His head tilted back slightly and his eyelids closed partially, forcing him to squint. His chest rose and fell with each breath as he attempted to fight off the inevitable. Clara was watching him curiously as he fought his losing battle. The corners of his mouth were twitching, and his nostrils were flaring even as he furiously rubbed his nose to quell the sensation. Yet, it wouldn't go away. His body demanded release. He stopped rubbing and just let his hand hover in front of his face to catch it. He couldn't stand it anymore, and just wanted to get it over with. But it teased him, as if to reprimand him for holding it back earlier. His upper lip curled back into a snarl as somehow the prickling fluttering through his sinuses intensified, revealing his pointed canines in doing so. "Hehh.. Ju-Just get it over with damn it!" he said between hitched breaths. Finally, it seemed his nose decided it had tortured him enough, and his eyes shut tightly as his head snapped forward. "HEEHSHHOO!" He barely clasped his hand over his nose and mouth in time. The sneeze had brought some relief, but his nose deemed it insufficient. His head came back up, and he was already taking a breath for another. "HIIHSSHHOOO! EEHSSHH!" he managed catch a moment's reprieve after that double, and moving his hand along the wall to guide him, he attempted to find a door. To where that door led he didn't care, he didn't want to stand there and continue drawing attention to himself. "HAHSSHHOOO! Hehhh… EEHH! IIHSHH! HIIHSHHOOO! HEHSSHHOO!" somehow while holding onto the wall for dear life, he had stumbled upon a doorknob. 'Thank God.' he thought before turning the doorknob and awkwardly staggering inside, hand still clasped over his face. He managed to catch a brief glimpse of the room he'd wandered into before he succumbed to another flurry of sneezes. He assumed it was the bathroom.

Clara gawked at the bathroom door, still put off by the awkward situation. "… That came out of nowhere." she said to no one in particular. Alexandra just blinked in confusion and surprise at the outburst that had just occurred, also staring at the bathroom door. "It was… exaggerated to say the least." the older woman commented before sighing. "Good grief, how does a vampire of his caliber get himself sick?" she groaned, shaking her head. Clara turned around to look at her in confusion. "I thought monsters couldn't get sick." she said. "Normally they don't. But in his case it's possible the rain weakened him enough that his monster nature had to be repressed to avoid permanent damage. That would leave him in his human state until he recovers." Alexandra explained. "What do you mean 'human state'?" Clara asked. "I'll explain later." Alexandra said before quickly walking over to her enchanted bag and fishing around in it. "What are you looking for?" Clara asked. "A book on medicinal treatments." Alexandra responded without looking away from her task.


Oh my God I am blushing after writing this…. :blushsmiley: Sorry, I forgot to think of a way to introduce his name in this part, but you shall learn his name in the next part. I'm thinking something Japanese….

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Thank you SO MUCH for the support guys! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm already starting on a third part so that way you won't have to wait long for a story update! So far the third part is just a cute little scene with Clara getting to know him and starting to get past her fear of monsters. But, I'm thinking of some ways for there to be another sneeze scene. Any ideas?

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I love the sound of this so far. As long as he doesn't sparkle XD seriously though please keep writing.

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