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College guy allergy attack


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Holy CRAP i was in the "group study " room of my University's library, and there was this guy. Deep set brown eyes, thick hair, nice jawline, prominent nose ( proporionate), broad lips, all in all, very good looking. He had olive tones skin, seemed like a PoC, if that clarifies what he looked like. And he was having an allergy attack. He just kept sneezing every couple of minutes, I didn't get to hear them that much because I had headphones on, but they were a mix of " Ha-AAGHh-Huh! and " Ha-IIKHoO" over and over every few minutes. He had some tissues he was rubbing at/blowing his pink nose with. He then got up for a while, and came back with paper towelsls from the bathroom! As for covering his sneezes, it was mostly loose coverings into his arm/shoulder, or turning away from his laptop into his lap, I don't blame him, he looked sooooo itchy. As he walked back from the bathroom, I could see his eyes were pink and puffy, the area around them swollen, and as an allergy sufferer, I recognized allergies. I was just trying to listen to my music and do my work, and I didn't wann a remove my earbuds ( despite turning the music off, once I realizzed he was having an attack) so if I stared at him it would just look like I was " In the zone". Oh man I thought he was talking to his jock-ish friends about it, because he would sneeze a double and sort of shake his head and say something that I couldn't hear. I'm new to Uni. I don't even know this guy ughhh his allergy attack was so HOT I wish I could see it again! I'm still getting all flushed thinking about it! He eventually left with his friends, and I finally got my work done. The interesting thing is, it's pretty cool here right now, and I checked the pollen, it's not bad. I don't think the ilbrary group study room has excessive dust. It's been raining like carzy these past few days, and today was no rain but humid, so maybe mold was the cause?

Oh and he was wearing a athletic tank top and jeans.

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Wow wish I saw this kind of stuff where I go to college I'll have to try to pay more attention and spend more time in the library

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Lucky I never get to see fits I only hear about them through the grape vine

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