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No matter how well I write this, I know I won't do this sneeze justice.

I'm in the conference room of our very large office for a meeting. Ten people sitting around a conference table. The meeting is casual and easy, but we are shut in here for 3 hours.

During this time, my female coworker sitting across from me and down to the left takes cough drops out of her bag. Next come the tissues. "She must be sick" I think to myself. I look at her...really look at her and see that she is, indeed, sick. Her normally long hair is pulled on top of her head in a messy ponytail. She's got a sweater on, and it's 72 degrees. Her olive skin has lost it's pallor. This 5'10" Asian beauty is definitely sick. Her hazel eyes have bags under them and are glassy. Her wide nose is red and chapped. She looks exhausted.

The meeting begins and she's the one presenting the topic. She begins by telling us that she is on antibiotics so she's not contagious. Her voice is very husky and thick with congestion. She's got a box of tissues in front of her that she's using at an alarming rate to dab her poor, runny nose.

She opens up the meeting by saying, "seriously, people, don't bless me. I'm going to sneeze, and I'm going to sneeze a lot. It's bad enough that I'm going to be interrupting the meeting by sneezing. Don't make it worse by blessing me." Oh my God. I'm excited and uncomfortable all at the same time.

Over the next 20 minutes, she acquired a pile of used tissues. She's got 3 stuffed in her hand at all times. She's wiped her nose and dabbed her eyes. If it's even possible, her nose has become even more stuffed up than earlier and he whole nose is now red.

Several times, she's started to hitch. She talks right through it, annoyed that it's bothering her. After half a dozen false starts, she stops and says, "Hold on. I need to concentrate to get this damn sneeze out."

She is standing up at this point. She grabs three more tissues,one right after the other, and holds them in her left hand. She's standing and facing us, but her head is turned to the left. Her eyes are closed...more like squinting...and her nostrils are flaring. Her right hand is palm up giving us the signal to be quiet or leave her alone. She stands perfectly still in this position for at least twenty seconds. These twenty seconds feel like an eternity. Eyes squinting shut, nostrils flaring, right hand facing is palm up and her left hand placed about five inches from her face, waiting to catch what is about to happen. After twenty seconds, her breath behind to hitch...huh, huh-uh-huh, huh...nothing. She sniffs strongly and you can hear the congestion. She whispers,"Wait..." and begins to fan her face with the tissues. From the look of it, this is the itchiest sneeze. The fanning stops and she brings those crumpled tissues to her face, covering her nose and mouth, squeezes herv eyes tightly shut, and sneezes one very large, muffled Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssshhhh!" into those crumpled tissues. Keeping her nose and mouth covered with her left hand, her right hand furiously grabs more tissues. She clamps the new tissues over the ones on her face and proceeds to blow...and blow and blow and blow. Handful of tissues after handful of tissues are filled with her gurgly congestion.

After a few more blows, she clears her throat and continues presenting her topic.

Mind completely blown.

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OMG omg..u just blew my mind lol. I'm always at a loss for words when people describe obs in supremely excellent fashion. :woot0: Thanks foreverajerseygirl,

Did her blows sound more runny/watery or more thick/snotty because people tend to dab when runny but her eventually blowing as much as you describe would lead me to guess it was thicker.

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Yeah I would have trouble concentrating. And my mind would wander back to that for the rest of the day, probably. Quite a memory to have seared into your head :) lucky you :)

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Several times, she's started to hitch. She talks right through it, annoyed that it's bothering her. After half a dozen false starts, she stops and says, "Hold on. I need to concentrate to get this damn sneeze out."

And that's where I would have die. Wow what an obs, I'm envious!

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How cool is this woman to just be like "Yeah, I'm gonna sneeze a lot during this. Deal with it." Then make everyone wait 20 seconds while she coaxes it out, then blow over and over and over, then just moves on like nothing happened. My mind is also blown.

Man. Female sneezes usually don't do it for me, but damn I would have trouble paying attention after that :tonguesubtle: that was gorgeous. I LOVE your obs. Pretty much clicked this just cuz of your username.

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