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Stranger with the fetish?


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My friend C and I were wandering around downtown the other day, and I encountered something that made me wonder.

To describe her, first: C is super tall and and thin, with wavy mid-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

We were just walking around and talking, when C turned to the side and sneezed three times. C has the tiniest sneeze ever. They were like "Chh... Chh... Chew!" With the 'chew' part whispered. They were so quiet, I hardly even noticed, and she made next to no movement, besides a slight bobbing of her head.

At least 10 seconds later, a man who had been many paces away finally passed us, and as he did, he said to my friend, "Bless you," to which she replied "Thanks!" somewhat shyly, with a hint of embarrassment at the unexpected attention.

It struck me as a bit odd that he noticed her sneeze from so far away, not to mention blessed her determinedly as he passed, at least 10 seconds after the sneeze. (Not odd by our standards, maybe, but maybe to others.) She laughed it off, exchanging a look of sheepish amusement with me, but it made me wonder.

Do you think the passerby has the fetish? I know as fetishists, we're always quick to assume that's the case, but I think it's definitely possible.

It's also possible he just thought my friend was hot (which she is) and was checking her out, therefore noticed her sneeze and wanted an excuse to talk to her.


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I'm glad you brought up the fact that fetishists have a tendency to assume other people might be fetishists too, because that's prooobably the case here once again. Remember, anything is possible, but it is not likely. It's probable that this was entirely random, and if it wasn't you were probably right about him just wanting an excuse to talk to her.

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I agree with Blah. It's also so hard for me to believe that a fetishist would be so forward! Like you guys said, anything is possible. Still... I think it's super precious when vanillas pay special attention to sneezing, so I kind of hope he wasn't!

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I'm an emetophobe and I'm sure I've spotted a 'closeted' emetophobe in the past- never had the chance to explicitly ask her though.

But yeah, I think our fetish is much more easily hidden than that phobia. A common characteristic of most of us fetishists (not all of us of course!) is that we're embarrassed to mention sneezing, we wouldn't dare bless someone, we can't even say the word 'sneeze' easily...

So, I think the guy you mention is unlikely to be a sneeze fetishist... but of course, we can't be certain. Who knows? :naughty:

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You all definitely have a point there! It's probable that this guy was not a fetishist. I just thought it was interesting that he noticed her tiny sneeze from so far away.

It's also worth mentioning that not all of us are quite so shy about the fetish. I know I personally have trouble saying the word "sneeze," and am hyper-aware of acting strange when it comes up in conversation, but I actually really like blessing people! (Although maybe not a person on the street, 20 paces away...)

Fetishist or not, I thought it was quite sweet. :)

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My Dad is the kind of person who will say hello to anyone he passes on the street. I bet that guy was the same way and instead of saying hello, he used the incidental sneeze to give her a hello in the form of a bless you.

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I don't thinks so I'm usually to nervous to even bless people let alone a while later I feel suspicious

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