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Original fic request?


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So, a recent and pretty uncomplicated fetish fantasy of mine - that I’m frankly a bit surprised that I can’t find any fics catering to - is an allergic housewife going through her daily chores while battling a horribly itchy nose. Not fandom based, but just your average middle-class housewife doing mundane things. Ah, but with the added spice of bad and detailed allergy symptoms. ^_^ So, I'd like to make this fic request.

Another thing... I like my women to be at least in their 40s (I tend to have a "ten-to-thirty years my senior"-preference), and I’ve found there is a depressing lack of sneezefics featuring mature women, so... that's sort of very important to me at this point because I've just realised how many TV shows I've been watching that keeps replacing the few "older but not elderly" female characters they have with younger ones and I'm peeved about this. It doesn't have to be put in words, like "she was 45 years old and still in great shape" or anything like that, it's more about the general tone of the writing.

Okay, I'm just gonna toss this out there. PM me if you're on.

Also, I can write something in return if you want me to, but let's discuss details over PM. :)

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