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BerenstAIN or BerenstEIN Bears?


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  1. 1. BernstAIN or BernstEIN Bears?

    • Berenstain Bears
    • Berenstein Bears
    • I don't remember

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put my comment in white bc SPOILERS (I think I always pronounced it "Berenstein" but never gave much consideration to the spelling. (i have been since shown that it is in fact "berenstain" But the theory behind the debate is quite interesting speculation material :))

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It's Berenstain, but I remember it being Berenstein as a kid. Probably because the "-stein" name ending was a lot more common so the young version of me tried to associate the name with one that was familiar sounding.

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I have a few books that are Berenstein, while others are Berenstain. It's left me very confused :\

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I remember pronouncing it like BerenstAin but spelling it like BerenstEin. Weird...

I like the alternate universe theory just because I like entertaining the notion that scifi-esque things could totally happen. Plus its more fun than thinking that my memories from that far back could just be a wee bit fuzzy.

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I remember it being BerenstEin, but it's not. I suspect it was simply that my parents pronounced it BerenSTEEN and that's how "stein" is often pronounced by people who have anglicized their last names, I think.

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