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I had the oddest night... (female, self)


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So, I did laundry yesterday, and had just switched to a new fabric softener. Not because I wanted to, but because the store was out of the one I usually buy. Anyway, I changed bedsheets before going to bed last night, and went to bed... and my nose started to tickle. It was persistent and very far back, but not that strong. It didn't quite feel like I was about to sneeze... but it didn't quite feel like I wasn't, if you know what I mean.

Then, all of a sudden, my nose started running. Seriously, it was like turning on a faucet, it just STREAMED. My initial thought was that I had a nosebleed, it was that thin and intense. And my nose was starting to burn instead of tickle, so much it hurt. Now, thanks to the fetish, I'm something of an expert on symptoms and their origins, so I quickly decided that it was the new fabric softener that caused this. But it was 2 am, my Ambien was JUST starting to kick in, and I REALLY didn't feel like getting up and change the sheets again. So, with a dripping nose that could not be stopped, I got out to the kitchen pantry where I keep my drugs (Ambien, Ibuprofen, Omeprazol, Oregano, that kind of stuff) and found an antihistamine. I don't really have allergies but I live in constant fear that I'll develop them, so I make sure I have access to antihistamines just in case. I popped the pill, brought a roll of kitchen paper with me, and went back to bed. I went through half the roll just wiping the trickle off my face. There was really no noseblowing necessary because I wasn't stuffed up. :blink: I did sneeze when I got back to bed, but only once, a pretty messy half-stifle that sounded something like "HehnkTSCHH!" but that was it. My nose still burned, but not in a sneezy way, you know?

About twenty minutes later, it just stopped. Just like that, snap of fingers! So I fell asleep, and now that I woke up I felt a little bit of a sinus congestion, but that's probably because I had been sleeping on my back.

I'm not sleeping at home tonight, but it's going to be interesting on Sunday night to see if the same thing happens... if so, I might have to consider washing those damn sheets with something else. Can't have that going on at night. :huh:

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Just updating to add that I decided to sleep at home last night as well, and the same thing happened. So I'm definitely having to redo laundry today, without the fabric softener. :mad:

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That sucks! I had a similar problem; I'm not allergic to anything (except a minor allergy to cheap metallic earrings) and one day, after using some cheap detergent we got from who knows where, I just started itching like crazy. I was so worried until I realized what the culprit was. Super uncomfortable; I highly recommend that you do some laundry and save yourself from the horrid itching! Hope you feel better! If you didn't get to do your sheets, maybe a benadryl will help? Cheers!

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