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Airport sneezes


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So I was traveling the other day. At the airport I had some time before my flight there was a lot of delays from the bad weather so the airport was packed. A large man sat next to me, he had a big stomach probably mid 40's. He was has a large nose which was slightly pink, and I noticed right away that he was sniffling quite a bit.

He kept scrunching his nose as he breathes heavily out of his mouth. I looked over and his nostrils were flaring in and out. His mouth was slightly open as his whole face twitched then his breath began to hitch slowly. He readjusted in his seat leaning forward his belly hung over as he let out a strong sneeze."heh- Ishoo" the man didn't bother cover the mouth. I was glancing over trying not to be super obviously that I was staring . He raised his arm as he pinched his nose holding it tight for a few seconds he breathed loudly out of his mouth before he let go. He sat up but I saw his nostrils flaring again. "HEShoooo HeeAHoo huh" he sneezed forcefully titling his head towards the ground but his stomach was a bit in the way which took must of the force of the sneeze. They were really wet a little desperate, sitting next to the man I felt a layer of cold spit land on my bare arm.

A minute or so after he began to flick his nose rubbing it and nudging at it. He pinched his nose right in time before "H'ngxxtu hehhtnxxt" he jerked forward violently. He exhaled loudly.

Sadly I had to leave but the man didn't seem to be done. I wish I could have stayed. Don't know how I got so luck to have him sit next to me.

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Thats awesome I would have called him out and told him he sneezed on me but mostly because I'm an evil little botch

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