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Bones (sorta, no actual sneezes)


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Hey y'all. Netflix just came up with Bones season 10 so I was watching it and in an episode called the Putter in the Rough (season 10, episode 14) Emily Deschanel sounds super congested in the first few scenes, especially when she and Booth are driving to the body. (That was an impressively long run on sentence...) I don't have a link, but if one of you can find it or if you have Netflix I hope you can enjoy it too. Have a nice day.

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idk but there is an ep where the team members come across a plant on a body that makes everyone sneeze uncontrollably. One literally whiffs it in and then sneezes over and over, and Brennon is just like "Yes, that is a normal reaction to that." and walks away. :lol:

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