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Yay, Fresher's Flu (f, self)


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Gotta be honest, I don't typically venture into the obs section much these days. But I thought I may as well take the opportunity? :bag:

Well, I've found out slightly unfortunately first hand that Fresher's Flu is a very real thing. Not quite so much of a myth as I would have liked!

I ended up with it depressingly early. The Wednesday before last, halfway through Fresher's week, I felt freezing and weak the whole day...turns out I had a fever. I ended up ditching the clubbing (eh, I wasn't all that keen on it anyway :P ).

The next few days was sort of low grade illness, and I was really hoping that I could get away with just that. It was just a bit of sniffling, sore throat, and the usual constant, irritating itching that never ever leads to actual sneezing, the most annoying thing about it.

Turns out not. I woke up with my voice ridiculously hoarse (like, seriously. I practically always lose my voice with colds, but it was ridiculous :lol: ). By early afternoon my voice was completely gone - and I mean entirely, plus the fever had come back. The upshot of this was that, since I am far too much of a wimp to attempt to explain things like this, I ended up walking nearly an hour back to my halls shivering and coughing and generally feeling horrible...purely because I couldn't ask for a ticket, meaning I couldn't get on a bus. Honestly, I felt pretty pathetic. :lol:

Shortly after that the coughing started, my voice reluctantly half-came back, the actual sneezing started, typically a double or triple or the mornings. The first time it happened I practically died of embarrassment. I'm not exactly sure as of yet how thin the walls in my acommodation are, and I live with several other people. I had no time to stifle or stop it or anything - just a quick triple: "hih'tCHH'uu! hih'tcch'uu! hih'ssshhh'iuu!" After which I blushed so damn hard, and was shamefully scared that someone might have heard me. Thanks, fetish. :bleh: Same goes for the coughing. I'm trying so hard to be as quiet as possible.

I usually shake these things pretty easily, but it's been nearly two weeks of this now, and I've had varying degrees of horribleness each day. So, yeah, conclusion: Fresher's Flu is just as horrible as I was made to believe, who knows how thin the walls in my halls are, and I suck at writing obs. :laugh:

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I am guessing that it's a flu that you can catch during freshman orientation

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^ Fresher's flu is the idea that during the first week of college you are in a dorm with multiple people and therefore are exposed to many more germs than you would otherwise be, and so you come down with some flu-like bug during the first couple of months of college.

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Ah!!! I see. I never lived in a dorm in college. But hell colds didn't care. Feel better!!

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i am also sick, and have been for a almost a week now and its my first month of college. This also happened to me same to last year so i expect it now lol

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