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All last week, hubby has been a hot, sneezy mess, but since it's fall, I do expect it. He has seasonal allergies...meaning every season, he has an allergy to something. In the fall, mold is his biggest allergy. Pretty much everything makes hubby sneeze except dogs (thankfully). However, I digress...

All last week, hubby has been super congested and sneezing. His sneezes are big, but his allergy sneezes are plentiful. Allergy sneezing is usually one giant sneeze after another. There are never fewer than three allergy sneezes but there are as many as 30. Cold sneezes, however, are entirely different. They are large. They are full bodies. They are loud, deep and torturous. Cold sneezes tease him like no other sneezes. Monday morning, hubby woke up sneezing solid, large sneezes. HURASHHHHHHHH! HRRRRRRRSSSHHHHHHHHH! HRRRRRRSSSSSH! As usual, I blessed him. The day continued and he sneezed like this all day. His voice became deeper and more congested. I told him I thought he had a cold. Big, tough guy of course denies it and tells me it is his allergies. Well, the week goes on like this...sneeze after sneeze after sneeze. Finally, Thursday comes and he is still sneezing and congested. He finally admits he thinks it is a cold. No shit!!!!! I know his sneezes better than he ever could!!! Thursday the sneezing exhausted him. Friday he stayed home from work...and so did I. We sat on the sofa together. There were tissues to the right of him as well as folded napkins. Napkins were necessary because the sneezes got so large that he was blowing right through the tissues. Friday was sneeze after glorious sneeze. What a great weekend. Today however, isn't as much fun...because I am the one that is congested and sneezy... ACHOOOOO!

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Always enjoy your hubby observations! I'm glad you had a great last week of them, I can imagine how thrilled you were especially stating home with him. Same way I get with my man.

I'm sorry you caught his cold, though!!! Feel better soon!

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awwww no! See that's what happens when they deny and act all tough. They spread it around! :dead: but love your obs though. Feel better!

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Wow My boyfriend is the same way. Just a week or two ago his allergies were acting up. But just like you I know his sneezes better than him and I could tell it wasn't just allergies. And he insisted we go work out and after that he finally admitted he felt sick.

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