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Joal 555

How to access the full (non-mobile) site via iphone (on iOS7 and higher)

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Joal 555

The staff would like to thank Awko for figuring this out and MyOwnPrivateSFC for compiling these notes.


1) Using your iPhone, open Safari (the default iPhone browser) and use it to access the Forum as you normally do.

2) Tap the top of the screen near (but not in!) the address bar, in order to bring up the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

3) Tap the "Share" button (the square with an up arrow coming out of it). Yes, I know that sounds weird, but that's where what you need is.

4) Swipe right along the bottom (where the "Add to favorites/bookmarks/reading list/etc. buttons are). Continue swiping right until you see a button that says "Request Desktop Site".

5) Tap the "Request Desktop Site" button. It should immediately switch you from whatever Forum page you're on in Mobile View to the same page in Desktop (aka Full) View. Once you've switched over, you will stay in Desktop View until you close that window (i.e., if you reopen the site in a new window, that window will show you the Mobile view).*

6) Enjoy all the benefits of the Full version of the Forum!

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