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PLEASE READ: The way you login to the forum is changing!

High on Lullabies

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Dear all,

The forum is due to undergo a major software upgrade in the next few days. For more general details on the upgrade, please see this topic.

Currently you all have a Username (the name you use to login to the forum) and a Display Name (the name other members see when you make posts, etc). The new version of the software will only use the display name. In other words: if the name that is displayed with your posts is different from the name you log in with, the upgrade will mean that your login details will change! After the upgrade you will have to log in with your display name and your normal password.

Initially when the upgrade happens, you will login with your current Display Name e.g. 'High on Lullabies' for me. You will of course be able to change this if you wish later.

If you have any problems logging in following the upgrade, or lock yourself out of your account, please contact the staff by e-mail on staff [at] sneezefetishforum [dot] org.

Thanks for your attention


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