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View from the bus window...


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Hey all. Jeez, I only ever seem to post when I have a good ob for you  folks, lol. Lurker life, I suppose, haha. 

I took the bus today. There was lots of traffic on the road, and we drove just slightly slower than a snail's pace. Normally, I'd be pissed, but being stopped dead in traffic did facilitate this ob! 

I was staring absently out the window when I noticed a gang of guys walking by. Maybe 6 in total. They were young looking, but a lot of them had sweatshirts from the local U, so I would guess that they were 18 or 19. One of them caught my eye. He had blonde hair, kind of curly, and while it was cut pretty short, it wasn't short enough to disguise his obvious bedhead. Honestly, he was pretty attractive. At 15 feet away, I couldn't make out the color of his eyes... but I COULD see that his nose and cheeks were bright pink, so it must have been pretty obvious. 

The boy had a grey backpack, which he was holding by the hook, and there was a notebook in his other hand. I guess that's why he made no move to cover his nose/mouth: As I watched from the bus, he threw back his head and sneezed twice in a row, in quick succession. He stopped walking to take a deep breath, then, a second later, gave a huge sneeze again. I can't describe the sound, of course, but these were visibly giant, full body sneezes. Even his friends stopped walking and turned around to look. 

Now, I don't know why this guy was sneezing. The day was very crisp -- bright, but perishingly cold -- and it could have been allergies or a passing tickle. But I'll admit that from the safety of my bus bubble, I like to think he had a cold, and that's why he was so flushed and tired. If so, his pack of friends had better watch out, because he sneezed all over them...

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I have the same thing even of the guys. Why? Because if one man is sneezing he could be sick and I'm impressed of those germs which I  could catch and have a cold from them and that's all. When I see pretty woman who is sneezing, this make me feel excitement about her and of course I imagine my fantasies then.

Anyway I'm a little sick now because I've got infect from my father's cold.

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