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HI, Originally this was going to be a drabble that just came into my head when I was supposed to be studying then instead of studying more I wrote it out and made it even longer than a drabble. I can't really say if it'll be continued or not because it's the week before finals and I'm so deep in shit that I need to study but maybe some day. I hope you enjoy what there is so far :) 

Cuddly Sick Day 


It was a Saturday morning. Anna had a cold for the past couple days but it was nothing serious, she had gone to her classes as usual. But this morning she felt so much worse. She had already made plans for today, her girlfriend Lisa was going to come over. They hadn't exactly planned what they were going to do but Lisa knew now by the way she felt it wouldn't be much. She sat up in bed and then was overcome by a chesty cough. After catching her breath again she reached for her tissues to blow her nose - mildly amused by the amount of snot her small body could produce. Her throat felt dry so she drank some water. Then, finally, she was able to check her phone to see if her girlfriend text.. being sick was such an inconvenience. 

Lisa: Good morning babe, I can't wait to see you soon <3 

Anna: Morning beautiful :) me too.. but my cold has gotten way worse so I'm not feeling like doing much today :( 

Lisa: aww my poor baby, don't worry about it. I'm just going to take care of you today <3 Do you want me to pick up anything on my way over? some snacks, maybe some medicine?

Anna smiled. She loved how sweet and thoughtful her girlfriend was. Having such a loving partner certainly made her life feel so much better.  

Anna: Actually some cough medicine would be good - chesty cough to precise. I think that.. and you is all I need. See you soon xx

Lisa: Okay baby xx

Anna sniffled and then thought to herself 'did I not just blow my nose like a minute ago'. She laid in her bed sniffling every so often, contemplating on whether getting up and dressed was really necessary. Then she felt a tickle in her nose and knew she was going to sneeze. Huh.. hah ESSHEW. Immediately after an even stronger tickle started to bother her HAH TISSHHOO Anna sneezed and curled up tighter in her blankets. Afterwards she sniffled and moaned slightly out of frustration and misery. She figured she should at least get up and try to make herself look somewhat presentable for the beautiful girl on her way to see her. In between some coughs and sniffles she dressed herself in the comfiest outfit she had, a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She had time to brush her long fair hair, wash her face and brush her teeth before the adoring Lisa arrived.

"Hey cutie" Lisa smiled as she entered the apartment. "Hey.." Anna smiled back shyly.. It was the first time Lisa had seen her sick like this so she felt kind of shy about it. Lisa leaned into kiss her and Anna abruptly backed away "Wait babe, before you kiss me I just want to warn you..." Lisa proceeded to kiss her passionately anyway, not even letting her finish her sentence. Afterwards Lisa grinned at her like a cheeky kid. "I knew what you were gonna say. You were going to warn me that if I kiss you I'll probably get sick too. But, Anna, I haven't seen you all week I've been dying to kiss you. I'm not going to let the risk of catching a cold stop me now." "Well.. I am definitely not complaining about that kiss" Anna replied.

A while later the girls were settled on the couch. Lisa half lying down half sitting up. Anna's head resting on Lisa's stomach and Lisa's arm protectively wrapped around her. Anna started to cough a series of chesty coughs half into her hand weakly held by her face and half into Lisa's shirt. "Are you okay baby?" Lisa asked concerned. "Yeah" Anna answered weakly between coughs. It ended and Anna commented "It's so bad". "I know. It sounds awful, you poor thing" Lisa agreed. "It's time to take some more medicine and how about a cup of tea?" "Mmm tea sounds good but.. I'm so comfy here. We need a third person or like a robot" Lisa giggled a bit. "I prefer it being just me and you.. but maybe when domestic robots hit the market you can get one. We should just buy a dog actually. You me and a dog sounds awesome." "You dknow I love dogs.. ugh I deed to blow my nose" Lisa passed her the box of tissues "here you go babe". Despite blowing her nose as best she could she still couldn't really breathe properly without sniffling. Anna very reluctantly let Lisa move off the couch to make some tea and a snack for them both. 

It wasn't long before Lisa was back again. Anna gratefully drank the tea. It was making her feel better just her nose became more runny but it was still easier to breath than before. It began to tickle so she put the cup down and grabbed a couple tissues. She squinted and her eyebrows edged closer together. It was such an intense tickle. Ah.. HAHIIISHOO IISHOO ugh.. excuse me. "Bless you sweetheart" Lisa gently kissed her temple. "I really don't mean for these sneezes to sound so loud and unattractive I just can't control them" Anna said shyly. "Honey, I didn't think they were either of those things and like you said, you can't control them. It's not your fault, you've just got a really bad cold and I still think you look gorgeous, I had to kiss you as soon as I saw you this morning remember?" 

"*Sniff* Yeah, how could I forget the way you kissed me." Anna smiled dumbly. "I'm so lucky to have you, you make me feel so much better." 

Lisa smiled. "I'm the lucky one too." She leaned it and kissed Anna lightly on the lips. Then kissed her nose and her forehead. "So babe, do you feel up to watching some tv or a movie?" "Sure.. can we watch home alone?" Anna suggested. Lisa set up the movie and made them both some more tea and some popcorn of course. Then she let the sniffly Anna cuddle up against her. She was utterly content just to lie like this playing with the girl she adored's hair. "Just let me know if there's anything I can do to make you feel better or anything you need okay?" Lisa said sweetly. "You're already being perfect".

A while into the movie Lisa felt Anna starting to shiver. "Aww baby, you're cold? Here.." She grabbed a blanket that was beside the couch and wrapped it around her girlfriend. "there, is that better?" "Uh huh... feels nice." Anna said kind of distantly. "Is anything else wrong?" Lisa asked softly, sensing there was more. "Uhm.. I.. huh.. ASSHHEW" Anna grabbed a tissue in time to sneeze into it. She had to quickly drop the tissue and grab another one because she had to sneeze again and again "ESHOO" "Hahh ESHHOO" 

"Bless you sneezy" 

"ugh thanks Lis" 

"My head hurts" Anna admitted. "It's probably just from staring at the tv for a while.. happens sobetimes *Sniff*" she reasoned. 

"Hmm.. or maybe you have a fever" 

"I don't know.. I don't have a thermometer" 

"Okay let's see" Lisa gently put her palm against Anna's forehead. Then put her other palm against her own forehead to compare. After she gently pressed her lips against the sick girls forehead and left a kiss there before moving her lips away when Anna said "ba.. babe I have to sneeze" No time to cover she turned away from her girlfriend and sneezed "Heh EISHOO" downwards towards the couch. "Bless you" Lisa said sympathetically. Anna started to cough so Lisa rubbed her back trying to soothe her. "Do I sound like I'm dying" Anna croaked. "You won't die babe, but it is a horrible cough. My poor girl" "I'm getting you some ibuprofen for your headache, and I don't think you have a fever but that would help if you do." "Okay" Anna agreed weekly. She was started to feel tired despite relaxing all day. She grabbed a tissue because after those sneezes she had to blow her nose again. Breathing through her mouth was only going to make her cough more. 

Lisa got back and watched her take the painkillers. "Can we go back to cuddling now?" Anna looked at her hopefully. "Of course we can, my adorable girl.. come here" 

Anna curled up into Lisa and sighed contently. "So glad you're here. Today would suck without you." 

"Aww there's nowhere else I'd rather be dear, promise. I just wish you'd have told me that your head hurts sooner. You've been suffering in silence."

"I know it's just.. I don't want to be demanding. Like Lisa get me this, Lisa I'm cold, Lisa I'm hungry.. you know what I mean?"

"I know but this is different. You're not feeling good so I want to pamper you today. I just want to take care of you as best as possible."

"I know. Next time I'll tell you sooner. You're so sweet and amazing Lisa"

"Anything for you. You're so worth it." 


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On 12/6/2016 at 6:32 PM, sugarrush said:

"I really don't mean for these sneezes to sound so loud and unattractive I just can't control them" Anna said shyly.

The best type of sneezes... :D ...and even better when the sneezer cannot see the attraction of them :lol: 

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