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Oh lord... I found another one...

So I was just listening to grumps, minding my own business, and this beautiful man has the nerve to sneeze out of nowhere and then sniffle for the rest of the episode...

https://youtu.be/de6PASSWx3o at 15:15

Thanks to this thread I have fallen down a rabbit hole that is impossible to climb out of and I'm actually okay with it.

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Oh god I'm so sorry for the spam but there was a brand new one today and I'm speechless...

There's a sniffle and a warning before the sneeze and a little whine afterwards. Also they talk about blessing for a little while. God Dan's cute...


Start around 4:30



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1 hour ago, Marlett said:

Oh god I'm so sorry for the spam but there was a brand new one today and I'm speechless...

Oh my god, don’t apologize- additions to this thread are always welcome if you ask me, haha!

That was beyond adorable too, oh my lorddd. I swear, Dan is gonna be the death of me someday...😍

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Ok, guys. No one is allowed to feel bad about adding new additions to this thread. Especially after this post. I've been using the youtube comment search engine to find videos in my spare time and managed to find all of these so far. As far as I know none of these have been posted on the forum yet in any other threads, so...ready??

@ 2:23


'@ 3:03


@ 0:45  


@ 12:06


@ 1:04:50


@ 6:38


@ 12:23, 40:50, 01:39:10


@ 4:22 (x2)


@ 8:26


@ 1:07


@ 8:50


@ 11:00


@ 01:14:32


@ 6:11


@ 6:44 (he tries to finish his sentence before sneezing)


@ 10:20 (no sneeze, but build up and false start)


So, there you go. I'm gonna take a break from the comment search and go and do something productive with my life LMAO

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13 hours ago, Marlett said:

Oh my god... 

Could he BE anymore dramatic?

Right?  He does get very dramatic at times.  And at 1:31:56 he says twice that he gonna sneeze, but it's a false alarm.  It's very cute still.



You are amazing!  Thank you for sharing all of these!

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On 12/4/2018 at 6:25 PM, DaylightStarr said:

You are amazing!  Thank you for sharing all of these!


On 12/4/2018 at 3:57 AM, Marlett said:

NameTaken you're a legend! 

Thanks guys! I would say rather than being an amazing legend that I am driven by occasional bursts of all-consuming thirst buuuut 😅

Thanks for the update as well @Marlett , and that announcing @DaylightStarr - still haven't watched the entirety of those longer ones other than the stream.

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the site, but I found this thread! Thank you so much for posting these, they are awesome and Dan is just adorable.

Just thought I'd leave a couple new ones for y'all.


Also, I think we've been discovered! Pretty sure they knew about us all before this video, but oh well! This one's from Arin at 5:11, then he does an almost sneeze and then talks about it. Arin, you told us to post it, so we did. 😜


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Omg I was going to post that one today but you beat me to it! I love his doubles, gahhhh!

The first time I heard them talk about it they were so quick and casual. I think maybe Arin almost sneezed and said something along the lines of “This for you sneeze fetish people,” but it didn’t happen! Lol! But that was awhile ago and I can’t remember which one it was even from. If you or anyone here happens to find it please let me know! 😄

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6 hours ago, Marlett said:

Sorry I keep reviving this thread I just can’t help myself.

New one today! Dan sounds a little congested... he sniffles a lot in this episode and he cleared his throat a few times.

Build up starts at 0:25


THANK YOU! don’t apologize! I hope you keep reviving it!

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New one from Danny today! It’s one of the cutest ever too, he has this little pre-sneeze, and then a regular! I am now way too involved in Dan and Arin now 😄😍

Starts around 5:56 I think


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Delurking for once 


Starts at  25:40, build up then sneeze at 25:45 from Danny. Undertale livestream 05/07/19. I love Danny

Ross sneezes at 54:25 ,you can hear it faintly and Danny blesses him. Will update with more if more of them pop up.

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Phoenix Wright 1-Legal Attorney

Build up starts at 6:06 then he sneezes at 6:07 . Arin comments on the sneeze. I love Danny.

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I love their new Ace Attorney series, I hope they keep going on it! And Dan's sneeze is too adorable for words. I love when they both react to it, so his little "I'm okay!" was so sweet.

Also, I know this one isn't Danny but Arin does have a cute sneeze here, with Dan saying "Bless you" afterwards. 



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Undertale 2 Stream-5/14/2019-Gamegrumps

Arin sneezes at 56:30 with a tiny build up and anouncement.Danny blesses him and also Ally(i think).  Will keep updating if there is more in the stream.

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Undertale stream-05/21/2019

Arin sneezes at 1:15:15 :) its kinda high pitched

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