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Secret Santa (In July) For Anatoli!


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Okayyyyyy!!! here is my secret santa for @Anatoli. (Hopefully this is the right place to put this) Sorry that it took so long, I was really scared to post this, heh. So I reallly wanted to make sure that this is  secret santa in july present will make you REALLY happy. SO. I made two stories, with some art to go along with it! :D The first one is a Legend of Zelda. A quick note, I have only played a bit into Ocarina of time, so it might be VERYYY out of character. The next one is an original, and lucky for you, it’s a two in one! Two in one fic! Yayyyyy! Also sorry I'm not good at art, and sorry the quality is bad. Soo here you go!!! I really, REALLY hope you like it!




Title: Sweater


Fandom: Legend of Zelda


sufferer: Zelda


“C’mon, Zelda!!!” Link shouted, pulling Zelda’s arm as he ran. Link had told her that he was leading her to a surprise, and bravely, she followed.


“I’m coming, though I don’t have much choice because you're PULLING ME!!” She shouted back. Link then lead her into a store filled with all types of things. Clothes, weapons, food, bags, anything you could ever imagine. Zelda glanced at the golden-haired boy, who had a huge, dorky grin on his face.


“Surprise!” He jumped up with excitement, the smile on his face becoming bigger. “I heard there was a new store opening, so I brought you here and everything's on me!!”


Zelda smiled. Link was so nice sometimes. He would literally drop whatever he was doing at any time to help others, and everyone admired him for that. “Wow… thanks, Link! That’s so nice of you… maybe you should buy something for yourself first.” Link only nodded, and skipped off to a random spot in the store.


Only minutes later, Link returned wearing a fuzzy, yellow sweater that was decorated quite similarly to an Easter egg. It was about half a size too big, and it looked absolutely adorable on him. “I got a new sweater, do you like it? It’s made of wool and it's suuuuper soft!!!”


Zelda wasn’t going to tell him that she was allergic to wool. Link seemed to really like that sweater, and he would beat himself up for almost putting Zelda in an uncomfortable position. Not to mention it was starting to get cold, he would definitely need a sweater, whether he looked ridiculously adorable in it or not. So, she simply replied with “It looks so cute on you, Link! It’s amazing!”


This made Link blush, and give a sheepish smile. He rubbed the back of his neck modestly with his oversized right sleeve, and to Zelda’s dismay, he stepped towards her. Her reaction was almost immediate: she snapped forward with a quick “iiiihik’schuu!” This made Link almost jump with a mix of surprise and worry, and as he started to reach out a hand for comfort, Zelda instantly turned away into the seat. “Hiih’tkkshuh! Hihh! Hhh! “Tchshuuu!”


“Bless you, Zel.” At first glance, Link had said this almost jokingly, but Zelda could hear that he was a little worried. “You feelin’ alright?” In response, Zelda nodded, but the half-guilt in her eyes was almost enough to give her away. In her favor, Link seemed to accept this and didn't press the issue.




After they left the store, (Link had bought Zelda some fancy perfume) Link offered to walk Zelda home. Zelda had tried to tell him he didn’t need to, but he insisted to the point where Zelda just couldn’t say no. The walk was about the same for the first few minutes: a sniffle from Zelda, followed by a worried glance from Link. However, it wasn’t long before she started sneezing again.


“Are you… sure you’re okay? If you’re not feeling well, I can buy you some pumpkin soup, and-”


“No, no. I’m fine. It’s just kinda- hehh! Hiixschiuu!” Zelda let out another one, this time it was more forceful and wet, but it was still dainty and princess-like as always. In response, Link shot her another skeptical and concerned look.


“It’s allergies.” Zelda wasn’t completely lying, in fact, she wasn’t lying at all! She was just… leaving out information, if that made sense. Link let out an accepting “ohh!” and smiled, continuing on walking.




Link stopped, and turned to the sneezy princess. “Aww, Zel. Those must be some allergies. Hey, your nose is running!” He fished through his pocket and pulled out a packet of pocket tissues. “Here, you can blow your nose with this!”




But it was too late. Link outstretched his arm, and instantly Zelda ducked forward. “Hixzschuu!” Link looked confused for a second, but simply shrugged and held out the tissue again. “Hh! Hissxchuu!” Link was once again confused, but he then put on a determined expression, and wiped his sleeve against her nose.

Her reaction was immediate. First she scrunched up her nose, then her breath hitched three times. Then came the final outcome. “Hhh-! Hihh-! IihKSCHUU! HiihSXHUU! HixcSHUU! HIAH-KSCHUU!” She sniffled, then released a trio of congested coughs.


Link tapped his foot expectantly. “Zel-”


“Lid’k, I ca’d exb’laid…” She cut in slowly. “I’b sorry, Lid’k… I’b kid’da b’aybe… allergic to your sweater… sorta… Sorry… I just did’d’t wad’t you to mbe mbad at yourself…”


Link chuckled. “Ah, so that’s it. Y’know, you could’ve just told me from the start! That would’ve made me a little less mad at myself, because I put you through that just now, heh.” Zelda looked down guiltily, then back at Link. “And If I had to be honest, I’m kinda allergic to the perfume I bought you.” Link and Zelda both chuckled, until Link cut in by grabbing her hand. “So, whaddaya say we ditch the sweater and perfume?”


Zelda only smiled and nodded.





Title: 60 second rule.


Fandom: Original


Cassandra and Lilia


“H’snxgt!” Cassandra sneezed, then groaned for what seemed like the millionth time that day. Cassandra was a beautiful brown-haired businesswoman, but today she was out of her element and terribly uncharacteristic. Today was one of her worst allergy days, and Lilia was there for her to complain 24/7 to.


Lilia on the other hand, was a prosperous red-haired store owner, and like Cassandra, she was out of her element. While Cassandra had her allergies on her mind, Lilia was suffering from an awful cold. However, Lilia was the type of person to be embarrassed to show any type of pain or trouble while someone else was showing worse or the same amount of pain or trouble. Her rule was that she had to wait 60 seconds after someone sneezed or coughed or sniffled to sneeze or cough or sniffle herself. So that was what she did. She put up with a mild irritating tickle in her nose all day while Cassandra had been suffering with her allergies.











Not even four seconds passed before the next one. Lilia really needed to sneeze, it had been bothering her all day. However, it would be rude to do so while Cassandra was in such a state, and it would be even ruder to just leave.


“My allergies are killing me.” The next statement that was said by Cassandra had Lilia infuriated. Yeah, I know, you’ve been saying so for the past HOUR. I’m sick. Congestion, hot, cold, most likely a fever. So maybe keep your suffering to yourself, and-


HiihhTchxGHT!” Cassandra pitched forward into a tissue placed to her face. She sniffled with a long, exhausted sigh. Honestly, she looked miserable. Lilia couldn’t blame her. She didn’t know that Lilia was sick, and Lilia intended to keep it that way. However, looking at Cassandra, with a tissue placed to her face, sneezing and sniffling openly without being so self-conscious like Lilia was, it made Lilia almost… jealous. Cassandra could show symptoms and complain as much as she wanted, and at this point all this sneezing and sniffling from Cassandra made Lilia’s nose tickle even more with the burning desire to make Lilia suffer.


Lilia had to sneeze. Bad. At this point, she didn’t even care about her 60 second rule. She was going to sneeze.




“HURR’SHHYOO!” Before Cassandra could finish, Lilia let go of her mental block and let the sneezes out of her system. The problem was, she could never stop at just one. “HGG’SHHYU! Nnn-! Hnn’RSHHUH! uhhhTCHUH! Huh… ahh! h’AHHTCHUUH!” Each time she let go of her worries, gave up and let another sneeze come out, each time she sniffled, sneezed, or even moved her nose, the tickle would become even more and more merciless. She felt her sneezes slip out from under her control as more and more escaped her. At this point, Lilia couldn’t stop herself even if she wanted to, and boyyy did she not want to. In fact, to her, sneezing felt nice. To some it would be annoying, just another bodily function that they’d rather live without, but to Lilia, it was as relieving as a trip to the spa. With each sneeze, she found that she could not only release some of the bacteria itching her nose, but she could release a few of her worries along with it.


“HAHH’CHSHUUH!” With one final sneeze, Lilia began to regain her strength. Her nose was now a deeper shade of red than it was before, and if she didn’t look like she was blushing before, now her face was stained with a very blatant pink hue.


A long, deep, wet sniffle escaped her before she looked up to feel Cassandra’s hand placed over her forehead. Her hand was cool against her burning face, and it felt really nice. “Woah, forget about my allergies!” Cassandra started, “Lilia, you’re burning up!” Concern filled both Cassandra’s expression, and her voice. Cassandra could not believe herself. How could she not notice this if Lilia’s fever was this high?




After that outburst, Cassandra offered to drive Lilia home, and Lilia, being too exhausted to walk home herself, or even argue with Cassandra, simply agreed. Lilia casually got in the back while Cassandra stepped into the driver’s seat and sat down, clutching the steering wheel tightly. “I’m sorry.” She started with a simple apology as she started the car and began driving toward Lilia’s house. “I’m sorry I was so caught up with my allergies to notice that you were sick.”


“It’s alright, Cassan-”


“No, it’s not!” Cassandra interrupted her with great remorse and guilt, tears nearly forming in her eyes. “I-I should’ve noticed. I know how you are about showing ‘weakness’ while others are, and I should’ve noticed. I should’ve noticed rather than complaining.” As if on cue, Cassandra stopped at a red light and looked back. “Please, punish me! Find a way to get me back for this and make this even!”


Lilia cracked a smile. She grabbed Cassandra by the collar and pulled her in, locking lips with her. After a few moments she let go and shoved her back to where she was sitting. “That should be enough punishment for you.”


Cassandra smiled, mouthing a small ‘Thank you’, then returned to the road.




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:D I love the idea of being allergic to a sweater for some reason. And, beautiful businesswoman with terrible allergies... that gives me some inspiration actually. I feel a bit sorry for Lilia though.. The drawing is cute as well. So, no need to be scared. :) Thank you for the wonderful gift!

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51 minutes ago, Anatoli said:

:D I love the idea of being allergic to a sweater for some reason. And, beautiful businesswoman with terrible allergies... that gives me some inspiration actually. I feel a bit sorry for Lilia though.. The drawing is cute as well. So, no need to be scared. :) Thank you for the wonderful gift!

Aww, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! ^_^

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