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Pardon the double posting here but... 

And uhm


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Psychostick is awesome
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7 hours ago, Steelswarm said:

Nice! Croissant meme was not done yet!

warning: earrape memes


The way he pronounces croissant bothers me xD "quasunt"

Also, the "hell nah" got me in the penguin video :') 

7 hours ago, Steelswarm said:

From this moment on this is the only version that i know xD

Yup! Played it at work, it's now the office' s anthem xD

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11 hours ago, HiThereBuddy said:

I'm not sure if this is a meme, but it's my favorite video right now:


Oh definitely a meme! :D and a good one B)


And well, cooking with Boris:

Appearently I can edit multiple times! Woop! No more double posting :D


Because I appearently am able to edit infinitely, have a wholesome gif:



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Not in any way relevant to this forum, right? B)



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Adding more cats
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