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Secret Santa 2017/2018 - EVENT CLOSED


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Guess what time of year it is again, guys? :naughty: Time for me to copy and paste the three  previous years' spiel into a new thread for the 2017/2018 Secret Santa!  I've organized the Secret Santa the past three years and I'll be arranging it again this year, surprise surprise. Because I'm a lazy so-and-so, most of this is copy-and-pasted from the past three years' event threads, but there are going to be a few very small changes this year, so you should definitely make sure you read it carefully so you know what's up!

So, the whole idea of Secret Santa is for you guys to fill out the form below, I'll match you up with your partner, you write or draw them something within their tastes, and then post it in the appropriate subforum before the deadline. Obviously you will also be receiving your own gift. You do not receive from the same person you send to; Person A sends to Person B who sends to Person C who sends to Person D who sends to Person A. Make sense?

I would like to make the following note: I will have organized this event for four years running this year. Mostly it tends to be the same people participating every year, and while I try to make sure people haven't been matched before since I've been running it, this year there may be repeats! I don't think this will be a HUGE problem but it will probably pop up here and there so please be aware of it. Sorry, it's just that there are only so many of us here. :lol:

Anyway, this year's dates are as follows:

Thursday, November 30, 2017: Sign-up deadline. Whatever I have in my inbox when I wake up on December first is who's in, and I won't accept late sign-ups, because I am going to be making match-ups as soon as I get them.

The Weekend of December 1st, 2017: When you will receive your matches

Friday, January 2, 2017: The deadline for posting your gift

Before I lay out the form I'll need you to submit to me so I can match you, I want to get the rules and guidelines out of the way first, just so everyone knows exactly what they're getting into by signing up. There are a lot of guidelines, but I'm sure you guys understand that it's just because I want to be thorough and make sure everybody has the best possible time giving and receiving their gifts. I'm sure everybody will put in a lot of effort to make sure that their recipient will be satisfied with their gift – the forum's creators consistently turn out excellent stories and art and I'm positive the Secret Santa will be no exception.

  • First, for written gifts, as with previous years, a rough 1000 total word count is a good guideline to ensure that everybody receives a substantial gift. If you prefer writing drabbles, that's totally fine (unless your receiver doesn't want them!) - just try to make sure that your drabbles total around 1000 words. It's also absolutely okay if you go above and beyond this limit and decide to write a novel, as long as you feel like you can get at least the first part in within the deadline. If you can't manage to write 1000 words, you'll be marked down as a flaker. Last year I had someone ask if this applied to people for whom English is a second language and I'd like to say that it applies to EVERYBODY. If you are unsure of your ability to write 1000 words, please do not join the event. For art, I don't think there's an easy way to make sure things are equal, so I will leave it in the very capable hands of our artists.
  • No 18+ content – it adds a layer of difficulty into the organization process and I'm just not sure I could accommodate everybody's preferences this way, so it's easier if we just leave it to stuff everybody can enjoy.
  • If you are above the age of 20 and you request material of people high school age or younger, you will be excluded from the event. I cannot and will not facilitate the sexualization of teenagers by older adults.
  • You may not request real person fiction (stories written about real people as opposed to fictional characters) for your gift. This is not because I have some kind of specific vendetta against RPF in general, but there are vanishingly few people willing to write it, and it's much too difficult to handle matchmaking because of it. Sorry if your heart's desire was some kind of RPF this year, but I just can't accommodate that kind of thing to anybody's satisfaction, unfortunately.
  • This goes without saying, but please make sure you respect your recipient's preferences. They're listed both to make sure it's easier for you to write and more likely that it will be something your recipient really enjoys!
  • If the idea of writing or receiving original works makes your soul curdle, please try to keep an open mind. There are only so many people and so many fandoms; you may end up having to give original your best shot or be cool with receiving it. This shouldn't be a huge issue, but I wanted to mention it just in case.
  • Please try very hard to post your gift within the deadline date. I understand completely that things pop up, especially around the holiday season, but if you are going to be late or need to drop out, please let me know as soon as you possibly can so that I can let your recipient know and try to make other arrangements for their gift.

 If you signed up to participate the past three years but did not fulfill your end of the deal, you are not welcome to participate in this year's event. (By 'fulfill your end of the deal,' I mean 'posted at least one 1000-word part of a fic or put up some art.' I'm only talking about people who flaked completely without telling me, not people who posted something, even if it was unfinished work.) I pour a lot of sweat and blood into this site event and I have less than zero interest in making matches for people who have not ponied up their end of the bargain in the past. Previous years' flakers are not permitted in the event; I'm not going to name and shame you, but you know who you are. 

 If you have any questions, comments, suggestions about anything, please PM me or post in-thread! But you should probably PM me if your question is about the person you're gifting to – you don't want to spoil the surprise, and acting as an intermediary is my job as the organizer, so it's no trouble at all.

Now, onto the somewhat more fun part of all of this: Filling out the form you need to PM me in order to participate! 

For members who are still Pending, I know you don't have access to the PM function yet, and as of this year Pending members don't have the ability to edit their own profiles, but you can absolutely still participate if you would like to. If your email address is already listed in your profile, post in-thread stating you wish to participate and I will contact you through your email. If your email address is not listed on your profile, please email the staff's email account at the following address: staff at sneezefetishforum dot org. (I'd just type it all out but they'll receive a bunch of spam mail if I do that.) Ask them to edit your email into your profile then post in-thread that that's been done and I'll contact you that way. Please don't post your email in the thread itself, as that's against forum rules.

So, onto what I will need from you. Even if you filled this exact form out the previous years, I have to ask that you fill it out again, just in case things like fandoms have changed, etc.!


  • Preferred medium to gift. Typically the Secret Santa involves mainly writing, but you can request art if you would like. I can't guarantee that you will receive what you request because it's partially dependent upon who signs up, but I will try my best to honor your preference here.
  • Tell me what you prefer to write/draw, original or fanfiction/fanart. If you like doing fanfiction/fanart, please list the fandoms you'd be most comfortable creating for. Try to be as inclusive as possible, just so we can cater to as many people as possible. Please also specify whether or not you're willing to write/draw original and whether you're willing to write/draw fanfiction/fanart.
  • This is partially covered under the above bullet point, but also specify what gender(s) you would prefer to write stories/art of.
  • If there is anything you absolutely cannot stand to draw/write, tell me here. I would hate to match people if someone's likes make someone else uncomfortable so again, be as inclusive as possible – anything that makes you uncomfortable, be it specifically fetish-related or not (so things like mess, or certain fandoms or ships – just anything you don't feel comfortable with writing, for any reason).


  • Preferred medium to receive. Again, there's no guarantee your preference will be fulfilled here but of course I will do my best.
  • Tell me if you prefer original or fandom, and what fandoms you would be happy to receive if you're into fandom at all. Tell me what characters (or kinds of characters) you would like to see, too. If you have some kind of genre preference, feel free to state that as well (something romance-oriented, action, whatever – no guarantee your giver can fulfill it but I'll put it out there for them to give a whirl).
  • Let me know what gender(s) you would like to receive stories/art of.
  • List your likes, fetish-wise. Be as detailed as you can with this so that your giver understands exactly what you'd like! Anything you particularly like is totally fine to list with the exception of 18+ content. (And don't be embarrassed or anything - the only people who will see this are me and your giver.)
  • Conversely, detail your dislikes. Again, be specific. Anything that squicks you out or makes you uncomfortable that has the possibility of being involved in a story/drawing here should be listed.

Also, I hate to be a bother, but I would like to request the following things: 
1. When you PM me your info, please post in-thread that you have done so. I had a very inconveniently-timed series of weird PM glitches the first year I did this and I want to pre-empt that this year by making ABSOLUTE SURE that I have everybody in who wants to be. :lol: I'd feel really bad if someone got left out. This also has the benefit of keeping this thread active and bumped up so as many people as possible see it so they can participate!
2. When you put your gift up, again, post it in this thread that you've done so. It just makes it a little bit easier for me to keep track on who's posted what for who so far, so I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me. I won't destroy Tokyo if you don't, but this stuff can get kind of hard to keep track of, so it's just for my own organization.
3. When you post your gift, tag the person you wrote for in your post! All you have to do is type an @ followed by their username with no spaces. That way people don't have to keep their eyes peeled so much. Make sure you make the title of your thread something along the lines of “Title (Secret Santa for [username])”.

I am pretty sure that covers more or less everything, but please, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask in-thread or via PM! I will probably bump this thread a time or two after the initial posting just to make sure as many people as possible see it and can join if they're interested. Thanks for reading and participating!

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Sorry! Ignore this post. I will email you Juniata and I am going to do the secret Santa exchange. Keep me on the list. 

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On 11/10/2017 at 9:56 AM, HideAndGoSneeze said:

Sorry! Ignore this post. I will email you Juniata and I am going to do the secret Santa exchange. Keep me on the list. 

Ahh... I meant Junia *** - hides face in shame-

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Any unvalidated members need to please read the original post and follow the directions there if they want to enter - this event is really time consuming and I really don't have time to hold everybody's hand through the process. Thanks for understanding!

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Any unvalidated members need to please read the original post and follow the directions there if they want to enter - this event is really time consuming and I reallydon't have time to hold everybody's hand through the process. Thanks for understanding!

oh, right, sorry! I would like to participate, I'm pretty sure my email is on my profile, at least when I look at what parts I can see it's there. Sorry for any trouble. Thank you!

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