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Request: Olivier and Leigh--found something real for inspiration

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So I was looking around online for anything involving Laurence Olivier having a cold, and there's those couple amazing Pride and Prejudice stories on here that could apply, but that's about it.  But I came across this real report of Olivier having missed a performance because of a cold in 1948, and according to the report, likely from taking care of Vivian Leigh.  Whether you're up for something more of Mr. Darcy or a RPF, this just seemed too good of inspiration to leave unnoticed.
Sir Laurence Olivier
Down With Cold
MELBOURNE, Tues. - Sir Lau-
rence Olivier, WHO is cue to travel
to Hobart next weekend, was unable
to appear in "School for Scandal" at
the Princess Theatre tonight. He has
a heavy cold.
Last week Lady Olivier missed five
Old Vic performances also because
of a severe cold. - . .,
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