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So I recently flew to New Orleans. where I am staying for week (partially vacation, partially to decide if I want to move here). The day before I was set to fly out there, I started feeling crappy (some sneezing, congestion, but mostly a nasty headache and cough). I get super embarrassed being obviously sick in public, so I took a ton of cold medicine before I left, and continued to pop cough drops and Mucinex like candy. 

Every time I get on an airplane, I pray and pray that I'll be seated next to an attractive guy. This has literally never happened to me--but it did this time. He's roughly 5'8, glasses, blue eyes, blonde clean-cut hair, the most chiseled jawline and perfect cheekbones. I'm sitting in the aisle seat, so we make eye contact as he walks by, and I look away first. The seat next to me is still empty, so I'm hopeful... but that would be too good to be true. 

He walks to the row behind me and someone asks what row he's in. "This is 22, right?" Wrong. I'm in row 22. Just being helpful, with absolutely NO ulterior motive, I turn around. "Are you 22E? Cause I'm 22D." "Yeah, that's me." I get up and let him in, then, like the socially awkward piece of shit that I am, I put in my headphones, turn it up all the way, and purposely ignore him. (I have no idea why I did this. I hate myself). 

He coughs a couple times, which I only notice because I am so hyper aware of him. Of course my heart skips like 1008574 beats and I'm freaking out. Could he be sick?? This is too good to be true. 

Luckily for me, he makes the first move, typing "Going home or just visiting?" on his phone and flashing me the screen. We talk the rest of the time--I find out that he's from New Orleans, he's my age, and he's possibly one of the coolest guys I've met in a long time. I even tell him about my profession and he's chill about it. So I give him my snapchat, but I'm not sure if we'll talk again. (I'm staying with a love interest in New Orleans).

A few days later, due to some unfortunate circumstances with my love interest, I find myself lonely and bored, so I decide to hit him up. He picks me up and we go out on the quarter. (It's absolutely beautiful. There are Christmas lights everywhere and it's a pleasant 65 degrees). He's coughing a little more than on the plane, and sometimes it interrupts his sentence.  I'm losing my mind, and dying to know if he's sick, but I'm too shy. 

He sneezes once when we're walking on Bourbon Street after getting our frozen hand grenades (SO GOOD btw. One of those and I was under the table). He turns away from me and sneezes what may arguably be the most perfect sneeze I have ever heard. It's medium in volume, tenor in pitch, just a one syllable "huttschhh". I bless him quickly, he thanks me, that's the end of it. 

Or is it???? We're sitting at the bar, and FINALLY, he says: "I'm sorry I keep coughing. I started feeling kind of congested on the plane, and then the next day I came down with a cold." (I absolutely LOVE that phrase so the butterflies in my stomach are more like hummingbirds at this point). He sniffles for emphasis. My face is probably bright red at this point. "Aw, I'm sorry, that's the worst." But in my head, I'm like, FUCK did I get this guy sick?? That's so hot unfortunate for him. 

He sneezes again while we're eating at a hole in the wall diner (maybe it's because I was plastered, but that grilled cheese was the best ever). He leans all the way over and sneezes towards the floor: "hutschhhoo." "Bless you." He looks up at me with the CUTEST post-sneeze face I've ever seen. He looks exasperated and disoriented, and his eyes are all watery. I think he's going to sneeze again, but he just sniffles and groans. 

As we're walking to the car, he keeps coughing. "Ugh, there's something stuck in my throat." "Or, just hear me out," I say, teasing, "maybe it's because you're sick." "No, this is like, abnormal coughing." I laugh at him. "That's not a thing." "Yes it is. Haven't you ever been sick before?" "No, never in my life," I joke. (How did I get so lucky????) "Have you ever had the flu?" he asks. (Oh my GOD, I'm going to die). "Yeah, I had it a couple weeks ago. It was literally the worst. I'm so glad I got better before this trip." "Yeah, I can't imagine how shitty it would be to fly while you're sick," he says. (Oh, he has no idea. I felt like garbage during that whole flight where we met. But I'm not about to admit that he may be infected with my germs). 

Even though I've taken enough Mucinex to kill a small animal, it starts to wear off when we're getting close to the car, and I can't help coughing. I'm starting to lose my voice, too. And of course he notices. 

"Please tell me I didn't get you sick," he says, looking concerned. (My heart my heart my heart). "Nah, I'm fine," I say, but I sound terrible and I'm clearly not fine. He gives me a withering look. "Okay, I might have a cold, but I don't feel that bad." Lucky for me he doesn't ask when I started feeling shitty. "I'm so sorry, it wasn't on purpose." "It's cool, definitely worth it." I give him my best seductive side eye. 

Which leads me to the next part.... we get to the car, and (censored).*** Afterwards, we're sitting there, and I have no idea what comes next. So I ask, "What do we do now?" "Now we cuddle," he says. (At this point, I'm ready to marry this dude). "What's your favorite show on Netflix?" "New Girl." He pulls out his phone and sets it on the headrest so we can see it from where we are laying. "Cool, we're gonna watch New Girl and cuddle." 

Also, it's been so long since I watched the pilot episode that I completely forgot about the part where Jess talks about Spencer's fantasy that she is "a stripper with a heart of gold." So when she says that, we both crack up, and P is like "That's you!" (When he texted me later that night, he kept calling me Zooey). 

He texted me this morning, and we're hanging out again on Sunday since I leave Monday. And he said "Let me know if you want me to bring you some cold meds."

So is it too soon for me to propose to this guy????

***I might post an obs in the adult section if y'all are interested, just let me know ;) 


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Oh wow, this sounds perfect! You were so lucky! 

Guess now you have no doubt about moving to New Orleans, huh? ;) 


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O m g. Girl this is amazingggggg. I definitely want to hear more if you have any! I don’t read adult stories but if you have any more obvs in this section I would love to read it!!!

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On 12/2/2017 at 7:43 PM, sneezingfun894 said:

Oh wow, this sounds perfect! You were so lucky! 

Guess now you have no doubt about moving to New Orleans, huh? ;) 


I'm not gonna lie, I'm trying very hard to convince myself that I can't just move to New Orleans out of the blue because of a guy.... it's tempting!! 


On 12/3/2017 at 1:57 AM, rockbell said:


Thank you!! My heart is literally overflowing <3 


10 hours ago, Kitten13 said:

O m g. Girl this is amazingggggg. I definitely want to hear more if you have any! I don’t read adult stories but if you have any more obvs in this section I would love to read it!!!

Thank you!!! 


On 12/2/2017 at 7:17 PM, facet said:

Nice obs and have fun tomorrow!! Keep us posted!

Thank you!! I do have an update for you all :)

So after work this morning, I was definitely starting to feel more rough. I basically can't breathe without coughing and my voice is completely gone. I've had the worst headache all day, and the copious amounts of cold medicine are making me really out of it. But there was no way I was going to cancel this date!!

When he came to pick me up, he was prepared with NyQuil and some Sprite. We drove around for a little while trying to decide what to do, and decided to go back to my hotel and relax with a movie. He said he was feeling almost 100% other than a lingering cough, but he also said it was really obvious how crappy I was feeling even though I didn't say anything at that point. 

I was feeling a little better because of the meds, but was really drowsy and foggy still, so I was honestly drifting off during most of the movie. While we cuddled, he kept brushing my bangs aside and resting his hand on my forehead as if checking for fever, but he'd casually leave his hand there for a while and then brush back my bangs again. (Later he asked if I was feeling better than yesterday and then commented that I didn't have a fever, so my suspicions were correct). 

Neither of us sneezed all night, which was a disappointment, but my nose was super itchy and I kept rubbing it. I thought I was being discreet, but one time I caught him looking at me sort of amused while I was rubbing my nose. He then asked, "Have you been blowing your nose?" Too excited/embarrassed to say anything, I just shook my head. "You really should. I know you don't want to, but you'll feel better if you do." My heart (and my panties) burst into flames. How did he know I don't want to???? Is he a mind reader??? 

(Unrelated but I FINALLY sneezed just now while writing this. It's been stuck all night because of my mental block, but they were two very loud, powerful, satisfying sneezes. Kind of like "Heyy--atchoo"). 

We cuddled through two movies, both of us coughing periodically. His were very deep and productive-sounding, and since I was laying on his chest, he'd turn to the side and cough into his elbow while shielding my face with his other elbow, kind of pulling me deeper into his chest at the same time. Literally the cutest thing ever. I could have laid there like that for the rest of my life. 

After a while I started feeling feverish, and the second I complained that I was cold, he felt my forehead and cheeks. "Do you want to take some ibuprofen so it doesn't get worse? I really don't want you to have a fever." Swoon. I took the ibuprofen and cuddled up on his chest under the blankets, milking it just the tiniest bit. "I hate having a fever, it's the worst," I said (slightly) dramatically. "I agree. I actually get fevers a lot. Like I don't usually get sick, but I'll have a fever and no other symptoms." (Have I mentioned that this guy might actually be my fantasy come to life???). "That's probably how your immune system responds to being sick," I explained. "When you have a fever, do you get all delirious?" His actual interest in this conversation might be the best thing that's ever happened to me on a date. "Yeah, I do," I laughed. "So if I get any weird messages from you, I'll know why," he teased. 

Later, he asked (somewhat out of the blue) "How are you feeling on a scale of one to ten?" "Like, a seven?" He looked disappointed. "Aw, that bad?" "It's not so bad, the DayQuil is helping." He paused for a second, then said, "When you wake up tomorrow, you're gonna want to blow your nose first thing. It'll help you feel better." I told him I'll do that. He kept going: "You might feel worse before you feel better but I bet you'll feel a lot better soon." He is so sweet. 

Anyways, 2am rolled around and he had to leave (his place is an hour drive from my hotel and he works at 8am). So we said goodbye for who knows how long. "It was fun while it lasted. Text me when your flight lands. Be safe," he said to me. I played it cool but the second he left I had a good shower cry to "I Don't Want to Wait" (otherwise known as the Dawson's Creek theme). I don't want to go home, I want to stay here forever. 

Also I know this is crazy but I can't help wondering if he's one of us?? He has a cute fascination with my nose and my nose stud. I'm sure it's just wishful thinking but damn every other part of my fantasy has come true this weekend so maybe???? Keep your fingers crossed for me. 


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I thought it couldn't get better from your first obs, but then... I liked the sneezy talk, and mostly his interest........... I kinda got the feeling that he was too into it. 


I am really hoping that this was not the last you've seen of him, you guys sound like the perfect prospect sneezing couple! ;) and perhaps, if this relationship evolves, you might be able to tell him about the fetish, if you want... and maybe he's one of us too?! Now that would be the dream come true!!

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3 hours ago, sneezingfun894 said:

I kinda got the feeling that he was too into it.

Right??? That's exactly how I felt. I texted him this morning when I left for the airport because I feel 5358x worse today and the first thing he said was "Have you been able to blow your nose?" So my hopes are really high right now. :wub:

I seriously hope I see him again. I've been re-reading these obs nonstop just because they were too good to be true and fuck, I miss him already. 

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7 hours ago, facet said:

You two should stay in touch! Facetime or Skype with him!

It sounds like you two really click! ^_^ 

I’m definitely planning on it!! I’ll be back in New Orleans at the end of the month actually and he already said he wants to see me again 😍😍

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9 hours ago, Valerie said:

Great observations the two of you sound so cute together! Fingers crossed there will be more of you guys in the future. 

Thank you!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed too ;) 


5 hours ago, elements said:

 I totally think he has the fetish! At least noseblowing and caretaking!! I'm all fangirl over you two right noooow! Can"t wait to hear more!

Aaaahhh I hope so!!!! :D

So, quick update: I'm back in my hometown, but on the plane last night I started feeling a lot worse, so I went to student health this morning. Turns out I have bronchitis and a sinus infection because the flu I had last month wore down my immune system and I pushed too hard. :( (which means I probably didn't get P sick because it's not that contagious. Which means that now I'm picturing him catching a cold during his trip in Chicago, maybe because he didn't have a warm enough jacket... yum ;)). 

I texted him after my doctors appointment and then immediately fell asleep, so I had several texts from him when I woke up. First one: "That's terrible are you okay??" Second one: "I'm so sorry you're so sick, that really sucks. Take care of yourself and get well." Awww. When I woke up and texted him back, he asked if I was taking anything for it, but let it drop after I answered. 

I'm definitely suspicious that he might have some element of the fetish!! Man what I would give to be cuddling with him right now. 

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OMG THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR MORE. And it totally sounds like he has a fetish and DAMN I'm so sorry your so sick :(

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Aww this is adorable. Do let us know if anything else happens between the two of you!!!

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On 12/5/2017 at 7:21 PM, 20andsickfic said:

OMG THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR MORE. And it totally sounds like he has a fetish and DAMN I'm so sorry your so sick :(

Thank you!! I really think he might... he's been checking up on me every day even though I haven't really mentioned feeling sick for the past few days (I'm feeling much better). 


On 12/6/2017 at 3:13 PM, rockbell said:

awww sooo cute!!! please keep us posted girly!! ;)

Thank you!! I definitely will <3 Hopefully I'll be back there for New Years!


On 12/6/2017 at 4:08 PM, WishUponAUnicorn said:

Aww this is adorable. Do let us know if anything else happens between the two of you!!!

Thank you <3 <3 


On 12/10/2017 at 8:13 PM, HowFitting said:

Eeck, what a sneeze fetish adventure you lucky girl! so exciting! 

Right??? I'm literally never going to forget this, lol


So we've been talking every day and he's been checking in on me, which has been really cute. The day after I got home we texted for a few hours, and he asked "How are you feeling? Like shit still probably huh :(" and then said "I wish I was there to comfort you." (You and me both, dude). 

The next day I had a fever so I snapped him a picture of the thermometer with a caption like "so annoying" (yes I was totally fishing for his attention, but it totally worked so I have no shame) and he texted me right after opening it "How has your day been? That temperature doesn't look good" and then asked if I could breathe through my nose yet (the answer was still no). 

He's been texting me goodnight almost every night and saying stuff like "get some rest", "sleep well," "I hope you feel better/get over this cold soon" etc. Also he's texted me every day and asked how I'm feeling or how my day is in some way... aaaaand yesterday he said he misses me. 

I definitely think he has some sort of nose blowing/hurt/comfort fetish just based on how he's responded and questions he's asked. I'm hopefully going to be back in New Orleans at the end of this month so I'll let you all know if I see him!! 

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It does sound like he may have some sort of care taking fetish or is just a really nice,  concerned and compassionate kinda guy. Either way, your a lucky girl! ❤️

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*fans self* wooooo boy...that was definitely a steamy hot story that has me a bit hyperactive now nnngh :drool: I'm hoping for you to hook up again and make it official hehe....would be the best dream husband for you

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