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A little background: I work in a hospital often work with this really cute nurse who we will call N. She is in her mid 30s, medium height, shoulder length black hair, and a really nice and curvy figure. She is middle eastern decent and speaks with a bit of an accent that I find cute. She is very much into blessing people and I've been waiting for her to sneeze for a long time, and today was that day.

We were both sitting at our adjacent desks working on completing the paperwork for a recent admission when I suddenly hear a deep, harsh 'heettcchhshh' followed by two more in rapid second succession. I turn to see her with a Kleenex over her mouth. I bless her, and as she starts to say thank you her voice trails off and she sneezes another set of 5 similar sneezes. Another coworker asked me a question so I wasn' able to bless her after she finished sneezing but needless to say that really made what was a bad day at work a lot brighter!

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Wow, something must really have been irritating her sinuses!  I'm glad you got to bless her.  That type of thing always brightens my day as well.:yes:

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A fit of eight sneezes, maybe she is allergic to something or coming down with a cold in December?

I am happy you blessed her, that's nice and attentive of you.

Maybe you will be able to bless her again next time she has to sneeze?

Thank you for your observation.


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Wow - sounds like it turned into quite a fit :D Congrats on the blessing as well -  I would probably have bottled it as I get super awkward in such situations...

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