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Secret santa for Aliena H: I'm not sick! (Star trek reboot, Bones)


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HIII! This is my secret santa for you Aliena H! I really hope you like it, I tried my best to do the characters justice. No pairing, just Bones/Jim friendship.

Warnings: I guess a bit of swearing, but otherwise none. No spoilers for the movies.

And if the story looks weird, sorry, I wrote it on google docs and copied it, so it might look weird.




McCoy had hoped that today would’ve been a calm day, for once on this ship. But of course the universe wouldn’t have it.

There seemed to be a bug going around the ship, and the medbay was packed with complaining people.

McCoy groaned and rubbed his forehead. It seemed like his shift had counted for at least 10.


“Computer, time.” He said, taken aback a bit by how strained his voice sounded.


1900” McCoy sighed. That was why he was so tired, he thought. his shift had ended at least an hour ago. But why didn’t anyone tell him?

He was to tired to give it to much thought. He got up and left his office, left the medbay and walked towards the mess hall.

He looked around and saw Jim, Spock and Nyota sitting at one of the tables in the corner. McCoy grabbed his food and sat down next to Jim.


“Hi there Bones. That took you long, were where you?” He asked. McCoy resisted the urge to sigh again, before answering.


“I lost track of time while working Jim. It’s utter chaos in medbay. There’s a bug going ar-hh hold on H’tCHzz! HE’TcchzzZ!.

McCoy groaned and rubbed his nose, before continuing. “Excuse me. There’s a bug going around the ship and the medbay is packed.”

He finished. He realized that the others at the table has gone completely silent. He looked up, to see them stare in complete silence and something akin to awe.

“What?” He asked.


“You sneezed. You never sneeze Leonard.” Nyota said, something that seemed like worry tinting her voice. McCoy rubbed his forehead again,

a headache was starting to form behind his eyes and it was getting increasingly annoying to talk.


“I’m a human Nyota, humans sneeze, and so do I. I just don’t sneeze very frequently. Now could you two stop fretting about me?” Spock raised an highly expressive eyebrow.


“If I may Doctor, you do look paler than normal. Are you sure you’re quite alright.” Bones dropped his head in his hands.


“Yes mister Spock, I am. I’m just exhausted from my long shift. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to-H’ntch!” He quickly pinched his nose between his thumb and middle finger, stiffeling the sneeze. Although he knew it wasn’t very healthy, it was one of his bad habits.


“Bless you Bones.” Jim said, concern now unable to be hidden in his voice.


“Thank you. I’m going to go to my quarters. If you’ll excuse me.” McCoy got up and made it to his quarters.

The exhaustion had settled into him fully, and It was unfortunately pretty clear that he was coming down with something.


He”TZZChh! H’ETZzzC! H-hhh… damn it.” The last sneeze faded away. He changed clothes and laid down on his bed. He fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.



A way to loud chiming sound woke McCoy up a few hours later. The door was chimming.


“Bones? Can I come in?” He heard Jim ask. H’tZzch! Nn-’tTchzz! McCoy sneezed, before answering.


“Computer, open door.” He said, or at least try, but his voice was so dry it barely sounded like words. He cleared his throat before saying it again,

clearer this time. Jim walked in. He frowned as soon as he saw McCoy, though. McCoy rubbed his eyes and looked at Jim.


“What is it Jim, I was sleeping. What time is it even?” He asked.


“It’s 1100 Bones.” He said. McCoy jumped up out of his bed.


“Darn it, I’m-H-Hh’tZZcch! H-” The sneeze was teasing him, but ultimately went away. “Crap. Jim, why didn’t you come by earlier?” He asked, the

congestion was uncomfortably clear in his voice.


“Because you, my dear Bones, are sick.” Jim said, crossing his arms. McCoy’s head snapped up.


“I’m not-H’ttZZChh!-” The sneeze had chosen that exact moment to come back for vengence. “Ugh, I’m not sick, Jim. I promise.” He finished lamely.


Jim raised an eyebrow. “Bones, you know you can’t fool me, I’ve known you for a few years now.” He said. McCoy walked up to him.


“Fine Jim. I have an idea. You are late for your-H’nntc!-Physical anyway. You are going to come in for a checkup.

If I sneeze more than 10 times in the time that you are there, you win and I will go back to my quarters. If I don’t,

I keep on working untill this wretched bug leaves the HE’TZZzcCh!-The ship”

McCoy turned around and grabbed a tissue, and quickly blew his nose. When he turned back around Jim was still standing there.


“Fine. I bet you I’ll win anyway.” And with that he walked out, but not before-








Things weren’t going well for the bet, at least, not very well in McCoy’s favour anyway. He currently stood at 7 sneezes and counting,

as the persistant tickle hadn’t left his nose.He turned around to Jim, who was currently sitting in McCoy’s office, with the biggest, self centered smirk ever.


“Well Jim, it seems like-HE’TZZCH!


“Eight.” McCoy curled his hand into a fist. The bright lights of his room weren’t helping his headache, and neither was Jim’s insistent counting.


“Jim you better-Hhh, you better stop that stupid counting, I’m not-H’TZZCH *Sniff* Sick Jim.”

“Nine. Bones, just go to your quarters. We all know that you’re sick. There is no shame in taking a sick day. The other nurses can handle the medbay.”

McCoy finally looked at Jim, and Jim could see how tired he looked, how pale he was, how sick he really was.


“Jim, I-HEt’ZZCH! H’TZCCHH!.” The double was so powerful that he lost his balance and fell over. At least, he would’ve, if Jim hadn’t caught him.


“No more buts Bones.” He helped McCoy up.

McCoy stared at Jim, before finally nodding and walking back to his quarters. Jim following him until he laid down in bed and fell asleep again.






I hope you liked it!!!!

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19 minutes ago, MeForever said:



What a perfectly lovely premise!  I can totally see this interplay between Kirk and McCoy.  Very nice little story!


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OH MY GOD A STAR TREK FIC !!!!! :jump: AND IT'S FOR ME !!!!! :woot2:(And Bones is sneezing...:sweatdrop:) @MeForever How can I thank you enough for this wonderful gift?!?

This is so McCoy to deny the obvious. I really love the whole piece.

2 hours ago, MeForever said:

“I’m not-H’ttZZChh!-” The sneeze had chosen that exact moment to come back for vengence.

... And that's exactly one of my favorite sneezing scenarios, so... YEEESSS!

2 hours ago, MeForever said:



:D I love the idea of counting sneezes! And Jim is very in character too.

2 hours ago, MeForever said:

“Jim, I-HEt’ZZCH! H’TZCCHH!.” The double was so powerful that he lost his balance and fell over. At least, he would’ve, if Jim hadn’t caught him.

Awww poor Bones.

That was a really great story, and I've been starving for some Star Trek, so a thousand thanks to you!!! (And in case you'd like to continue this fic, feel free to do so because it's great! ;))

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Yay Bones! Poor baby. Love Jim making a bet with him. And the counting, totally Jim!

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