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All You Had to Do Was Ask (Torchwood) Oneshot


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Nothin' but fluff here.... 




6:30 a.m.


“Bless you,” Ianto said, as he passed Jack a steaming mug of coffee across the desk.

Jack sniffed. “Thanks.”

“You’re not coming down with something, are you?”

“Of course not.  I never get sick,” Jack scoffed.

“So you said last week, when I had that cold and you kissed me anyway.”




9:00 a.m.

 Heh-kshhhhhh.!  Hahhh...shewww! 

“Bless you, again.”  Ianto passed a stack of folders across Jack’s desk. “These are ready for your review and signature.”

Jack sniffed.  “Thanks.”

“Can I get you anything?”

“No, thanks, I’m good,” Jack answered, distracted.  He sniffed again, and rubbed at his nose.




10:30 a.m.


“Bless you.”


“Are you sure you’re not coming down with a cold?”

“I’m fine.”

Ianto cocked a doubtful eyebrow.

“I’m not….”

“Of course not.  Tissues?”


Jack blew his nose.





  Hechshhhh….Hehh…Hehhh….Hahh….SHOOO!  HahSHOO!!  HachSHOOO!!!

“Bless you”

Sniff. Blow.

“Care for lunch?  I know a place”.

“Yeah, sure.  Would do me good to get out of here.  Something around here is m…making…me sn…sn…HESHeww!  Sneeze.”  Jack rubbed his nose.






Het...CHOO! HISHIEW! Eishc-SCHIEEW! hihh-EtcchHIEW EhhhHATSCHHuh!!

“Bless you,” Ianto said, over his bowl of soup.

“Too much pepper”, Jack said as he wiped his nose with his napkin.

“Of course”.

“I’m not ill.”

“So you said”, Ianto answered agreeably.





2:30 and speeding down winding roads toward s Weevil Sighting in Splot

“Ianto, I…..I think I’m…gonna……EchhhSHH!   ECCHSOOO  Eishc-SCHIEEW! hihh-EtcchHIEW EhhhHATSCHewww!!

Ianto reached a hand over to steady the wheel, as Jack gave into a fit.

“Don’t say it,” Jack warned.

“Wouldn’t dream of it”.

Jack sniffed.

“Would you like me to drive?”

Jack sniffed again.  “If you want to.”





4:00 p.m.

Eishc-SCHIEEW! hihh-EtcchHIEW Ehhh… HATSCHHuh... EhhhHATSCHHuh!!   HATSCHHeew!! HA…SCHHOO!!

“Bless you.”

Jack scowled grumpily.  “You can stop blessing me.”

Ianto shrugged, “If you prefer.”  He pushed a steaming mug across the table to Jack.

Jack picked up his mug and frowned.  “This is not coffee.”

“No.  It’s tea.  With honey and lemon.”

“I was expecting coffee.”

“I made tea.”

Jack sipped cautiously at the hot, soothing liquid.





5:00 p.m.

Hahh… Hahhh-ACHShuh….AchTChhhh! AchShuhhh!  HTCH-shhhhh!! hahhh-AShuhhhh! ACHShewww!!! Heh’KKSCHH! ehhhSHEWW!! ACHShewww!!!

Jack sniffed.  Sneezed again, and blew his nose, and groaned slightly.

Ianto leaned against the door frame to Jack’s office, arms crossed. watching.

Jack sniffed.  “Aren’t you going to bless me?”

Ianto shrugged. “You told me not to.”

Jack shivered.



“I think…I think I might….have… Hehh…Hehhh….Hahh….SHOOO managed to catch your cold.”



“Yes, Jack?”

“Take me home?”

“All you had to do was ask.”

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❤️ :drool: ❤️ :drool: ❤️ :drool: ❤️ :drool: ❤️ :drool: 

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Love this! I love the inevitable progression. Jack's stubbornness is totally him. And Ianto, just going with the flow. Yes sir, of course sir. Waiting for him to give in. Spot on.

12 hours ago, Jelloicious said:

“I’m not ill.”

“So you said”, Ianto answered agreeably.


I can totally see the expressions on their faces!


12 hours ago, Jelloicious said:

Jack picked up his mug and frowned.  “This is not coffee.”

“No.  It’s tea.  With honey and lemon.”

“I was expecting coffee.”

“I made tea.”

LOL. Ianto, just matter of fact.


12 hours ago, Jelloicious said:


“Yes, Jack?”

“Take me home?”

“All you had to do was ask.”


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Glad you enjoyed this little bit of fluff!   Something is just such fun with these two--Jack may be immortal, and far older than Ianto but Ianto brings an interesting, steadying dynamic of a much older soul.   Yeah, that's probably too deep for the fluff, it it is kind of underlying it.

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I don't think it's too deep for it, because--as you say--it's just the underlying form; the foundation of the characters and their relationship. It informs every story about them, so matter how (adorably) fluffy. :)

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You're exactly right. Into does seem like a much older, calmer soul than Jack's young and wild one. I hadn't thought of it that way, but it's exactly right.

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