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The Corazon Toast (2/2 -COMPLETED DEC23'17) - A Secret Santa for Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea


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(Okay, breathe...you got this...it’s only your writing IDOL that you’re giving this Secret Santa gift to...Heh...n-no worries...M-Me? Worried?! Naaaah...Wait...he can read this, can’t he…[curses softly to herself].)

Uh--*nervous chuckle*-- H-hey there, @Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea -- ‘tis I, your Super-Secret Santa Giver. (I AM SO SORRY IN ADVANCE.)

Heh, it’s kinda funny...you gave me MY first Secret Santa story...I wanna say two years ago? Now, I give you one. Circle of Story-Life, I guess! (OH GOD HE’S PROBABLY MOST DEFINITELY ROLLING HIS EYES AT YOU... WHY ARE YOU RAMBLING, WOMAN!?!)

Umm...as soon as I read your list, I checked it twice...and came up with an Original Story...that I...thought... was... nice?? ( ….a Christmas jingle joke...oh dear me. Forgive this rambling intro Tea, the writer is ‘terricitervous’ at the moment...hope you enjoy PART ONE of the story!!  ---  
I’ll just be...over here...in the corner...hiding under this super awesome blanket.)


The reception hall was breathtaking. Ivory and midnight blue colors decorated the tables, and small candles were lit at the very center of each, giving all the tables a soft, warm glow. The gentle ambiance of music and guest chatter filled the air. The only ones not part of the ambiance were the groomsmen. Marcus and Vincent were outside the reception hall, observing the best man, Andre Corazon, who...didn't look like his normal self.

“You can’t bullshit your way out of this one, Andre,” Vincent sighed. “Your eyes are all puffy, and your nose--”

“Look out, he’s gonna blow!” Marcus warned, pulling Vincent out of the way as he noticed the best man’s nose twitch, his tan nostrils flaring in an oval shape, his chocolate colored eyes squinting until…

“HURRESCHOOOO!!!!” Andre bent forward, the sneeze tearing out of him as he caught it in the crook of his elbow.

“Damn,” Marcus groaned. “That’s not even one of your stronger ones.”

“You and your ‘Corazon Cold!’” Vincent hissed. “I knew you didn’t look well at the poker game last night!”

“It’s...it’s not a cold,” Andre denied sheepishly. “It’s...it’s just...cold weather--”

“We’re in FLORIDA!” Vincent hissed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “In JULY! There IS no COLD WEATHER!!”

“Well, it’s just,” Andre rubbed his knuckles against his rosey appendage. “I just got this...this tickle in my---huh---my---muuhuuh--Oh, h-here comes anuhh---huhh---anuuhhtherone--- HURRRESSHHHH!!! RRUUUUUSHOOOOOOO!! Oh geez...ripped right outta my chest--”

“And there they go,” Marcus smirked slightly, “gettin’ stronger.”

“Stronger? My sneezes don’t get--”

“Yeah they do!” Vincent chuckled, stopping Corazon mid-sentence.  “Remember the movie theater incident in 2008? Couldn’t even hear the Joker talk about his dad and how he got his scars.”

“It was dusty!” Andre said defensively, but couldn’t help it as a smirk decorated his lips, preparing himself for the normal, yet somewhat traditional banter that occurred every time his sneezes were mentioned.

“How about the Art museum in the fall of 2011?!” Marcus added. “Or my nana’s funeral--”

“Hey, you know what Stargazer lilies do to my--”

“Okay, all jokes aside?” Vincent sighed. “Those were allergy sneezes. Allergy sneezes are...kittens...compared to the Corazon Cold. Those sneezes...are beasts. Look man,” Vincent placed a reassuring hand on his friend’s shoulder. “The four of us? We’ve been through a lot together...a LOT. We know your nose better than you do.”

Andre nodded. They have been friends since freshman year of college, and now one of his best friends - his dorm mate - was about to get married. Andre and Timothy...those two were inseparable; one was never seen without the other, always causing some kind of disturbance to the general public...whether it be from Timothy’s taste in music, or something bothering Andre’s nose. Timothy knew about Andre’s sneezes--scared him the first day he heard one of those allergy sneezes roar out of their dorm room.

“Andre, hear me out,” Marcus said, bringing Andre back to the present situation at hand. “What if I read your speech for the toast? You can sit and just--”

Andre shook his head as he held the small index cards close to his person, as if it were money. “No way. I’ve been looking forward to this. I wanna give him the best damn speech in the history of speeches. This means a lot to me.” Being an only child, Timothy was the brother Andre wished he had. When it came down to it, they were always supportive of one-another.  Timothy would tease him about his infamous sneezes, sure...all the guys did...but he did more than that, too...He knew how Andre felt when his sneezes would show themselves in a public place...and when he couldn’t stop...Timothy was always there to help him get away from the crowd. He never judged, never made it super awkward...he would just stay there with Andre and wait until the Corazon Sneezes were done. Then, they would go back to doing whatever it was they were doing without missing a beat.

“Well, do you think you can just...I don’t know, hold them--?” Marcus tried to suggest, but Andre responded the only way his nose would let him...


Andre scrunched his slightly pinkish nose, the color barely visible thanks to his naturally tanned skin. “You think I can hold these back?! Please...the best I can do is muffle them...stifling is a pain, and I...huhhh…” His chest soon started heaving once again, his voice becoming breathy and soft as he shook his head left and right.  “I ha-hahhve--to--tooo-- RRUUUSSHHOOOOOOOOO!!! Guh…” he groaned, rubbing his knuckles against his slightly swollen nose. “Okay. I’ll admit...that was huge, even for me…”

“Okay...maybe we should still at least consider--” Marcus started to suggest the speech idea once again, but the lights flickered once, creating the signal for everyone to take their place inside the reception hall.

“Well, too late to turn back now,” Andre nodded to his buddies. He knew they meant well, but he had been looking forward to this day for months...since Timothy asked him to be the best man. A sneezy cold wasn't going to stop him from delivering the best-best man's speech ever. 

As the three headed inside, Vincent looked to Marcus, a worried expression in his eyes as he leaned in a whispered, “...You think this place has complimentary earplugs?”

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WOW. I just want to say this is SO GOOD. Thank you VERY much!!! Honestly hits everything I was looking for with the banter and the way they all know about his sneezes, and even talking about the sort of history of it all... yeah this was FANTASTIC. Thank you!!

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48 minutes ago, Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea said:

WOW. I just want to say this is SO GOOD. Thank you VERY much!!! Honestly hits everything I was looking for with the banter and the way they all know about his sneezes, and even talking about the sort of history of it all... yeah this was FANTASTIC. Thank you!!

... I... You... The.. Umm.. Thanks!! WOW. to know that you enjoyed it so much, really makes me so happy! I can't wait to see what you think of part two! 


And who knows? I am starting to like these characters so much, maybe they could be in more stories? 

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23 hours ago, alicex said:

YES . I love it already wow. ur descriptions and everything were great :P 

Thank you so much!!!!! 

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AHH! Here it is, @Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea!! The final part!!! I hope you enjoy it!  OH GOD TIME TO HIDE FOREVER *grabs blanket and just...hides...forever.*



The maid of honor speech was beautifully delivered. Everyone raised a glass and clapped respectively. Well, everyone except for Andre, who released a few sneezes and muttered a few apologies to those around him. He felt a hand on his shoulder as he gripped his index cards and jumped slightly.

“Hey, Dre,” Timothy whispered, leaning in close. “You--”

“Yeah, I’m good. Just a tickle.”

“Corazon Colds aren’t usually ‘just a tickle’,” Timothy raised an eyebrow at his best friend.

Andre gave the groom a reassuring smile. “Ah, no worries, Tim! I’m...huhh--” Andre’s chocolate colored hues became distant, his nose twitching slightly. “I’m--huhh...I’m guhh--huhh--guhhnuhh...HUURUMMSHHHOOOOO!!! Andre muffled the sneeze into the silk napkin, which didn’t even sound muffled. “Hah. I’ll be fine, dude. You’re gonna love this speech.”  Timothy looked over to the other two groomsmen, who each shrugged their shoulders, as if they were silently explaining how they tried to talk to him as well. The DJ soon announced that it was time for the Best Man to raise a glass. He smiled politely at the beautiful bride and groom and stood up, only to bend forward, his nose buried in the crook of his elbow as he released a loud... “HUREESSCHOOOOOOO!” A few soft chuckles and blessings were scattered throughout the crowd, causing a faint blush to color Andre’s cheeks as he nodded.


“Whoo, what a way to, uh, start a speech, huh? Now you’re all awake,” he joked awkwardly, yet earned him a few laughs. “Timothy and Becky, congrahh--hahh---heh---oh, I huhh…hahhvtasnezeagahh--RUUUSSHOOOOOOOO!!! HUURESSCHOOOOOO!! Andre bent forward drastically, catching the sneezes in the crook of his elbow. “Sorry about that. I--I think that’s it. Anyway, many congrats to the happy bride and groom,” he motioned to the newlywed couple, who smiled back. Ignoring the concerned look in his best friend’s eyes, he looked back to his index cards. “Timothy and I have pahh---har---partayyy--I’m so sorry, I...I have...to...tooo...HUUURESCHOOOOOO!!!! HAAHCHOOOOOOOO!!!” Andre rubbed at his now visibly pink nose with his knuckles, blinking a few times before glancing back at the index cards. “We’ve partaken in adventures since Freshman year in college...He was the smart one with the photographic memory and a strange obsession for a capella,” he looked back at Timothy, who nodded and shrugged his shoulders as a few of the guests chuckled in agreement. “Meanwhile, I...I...I huh--h-have to--sneeze again…” Andre’s chest began to rise and fall, his eyes closing slightly as his body gave into the build. “I’m suhh--huh--so sorry...but..I just..it...huhh...it tihhckles...tihh---hehh---HEACHOOOOO!!!! HAAACHOOOOOOOO!! HUUUHSCHOOOOOOOO!! The sneezes were getting louder, building in strength as the best man wobbled slightly as he straightened himself. “Wooh, sorry! Ripped right outta my soul there...uh...Wh-where was I….” he mumbled, slightly embarrassed at his itchy appendage. He heard some of the guests in the crowd, and shook his head subtly.

“Ah, here we go. Meanwhile, I had no idea about anything, except to avoid the botanical gardens for...well, for obvious reasons. I was the fabled new kid in town, not a...ahh...oh no, I huuhhh...hav--I’m so sahh--sorry, I...have to...tooo…sneeze again.... RUUUUSHOOOOOO!!! HURRRSHOOOOOOO!!! Guh...I didn’t...didn’t have a clue about anything,” Andre sniffled, continuing through his speech. “No idea who would be...be...nuh--not agahh...again...HAAAAACHOOOOOO!!! Huhh...I...I--Ididntknowwhowuh-- HEAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Who would be my dorm mate...buh--but...fate...they...hah...I’m so sorry,” he said, motioning to the bride and groom as he bent over with another, HAAACHOOOOOOO!!!” The sneeze screamed out of him, causing a few guests to jump slightly in their seats...not that Andre could see what was happening. “Fate..had other plans,” he sighed, scrunching his nose up and down, to try and stop the impending Corazon Tickle.

“This Corazon Cold is intense,” Vincent said to Marcus, who only nodded silently.

“Yes, fate decided that Timothy and I would not only be dorm mates...not just friends...but brothers. He is like the...the bruhh---Oh..I...I’m sorry, I...hah...havetosneezeagain---HAAACHOOOOOOOO!!! He’s like the brother I never had...and to...toosee---HURRESCHOOOOO!!! To see him marry his true...his...hiihh--his...RUUUUUUSHHOOOOOOOO!! To see him marry his true love makes me...hah…

“Have to sneeze again--” Vincent whispered at the same time Andre tried to warn the crowd before barrelling into another three sneezes.

“HEACHOOOOO!!!! HAAACHOOOOOOOO!! HUUUHSCHOOOOOOOO!!” He raised his glass, his head still shaking as his nose continued to tickle, to itch, begging for release…”Hehh...here’s to...to...to the...HUHHh...THE...HAH...HAHHH…” There was a brief pause...a stilled, muted silence hung in the air; a few guests placed their hand on their chest to calm their hearts down, others couldn’t help but stare at the best man as his nose twitched, his chest heaved greatly, head reared back, until…HEEAAAAAACHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

“Cheers!!!” a voice called out. There was scattered applause, but Andre could feel it...he wasn’t done. This Corazon Cold… was indeed the beast of all beasts. He felt a hand gently rest on his back as he was guided somewhere, a few people calling out ‘Bless you!’ and ‘GEEZ…’

As soon as the humid, Florida air hit his face, he knew he was out of the reception hall, and bent forward with sneeze after sneeze. HEEAAAAAACHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! HAHCHOOOOOOO!! Huhh...HUHHH...HURRESSSHOOOOOOO!!!! RUUUUSHOOOOOOO!!!! HAAAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” That last sneeze seemed to be the end of it. He rubbed and pinched at his reddened appendage, relief coursing through his body as he sighed.

“Damn, that Corazon Cold was more intense than last year’s,” Timothy said, standing next to him. “You could barely hear the concert...what was it we saw again?”

“Oh that college group Lanikai? They sucked anyway,” Andre chuckled, sniffing. “I was doing everyone a favor. The lead singer couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.”

“That’s right! It was a public service,” Timothy laughed along with his best friend. “Hey man, the speech was really great.”

Andre groaned. “No, it--”

“Andre,” Timothy’s voice was steadfast. “Trust me, dude. I knew what you were saying...and I loved it. It really meant a lot to me. You're like a brother to me, too...and trust me, the Corazon Toast is going down in history as the speech that--Oh, wait for it...” Timothy teased as Andre shook his head slightly, his nose apparently geared up for a final...


“Bless you. Like I said,” Timothy smirked, playfully nudging his best friend, “The Corazon Toast is going down in history as...The Speech that Blew all the others away...literally.

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Wow. This is incredible again! It was just amazing how he just couldn't stop, and he tried so hard to talk through the sneezes but they were just unstoppable. And all the warnings!! And then the ending was so sweet. Everything about it was so so so good. Thank you SO much!

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2 hours ago, Mr. Black Cherry Berry Tea said:

Wow. This is incredible again! It was just amazing how he just couldn't stop, and he tried so hard to talk through the sneezes but they were just unstoppable. And all the warnings!! And then the ending was so sweet. Everything about it was so so so good. Thank you SO much!

*faints* EEEEP! I am so glad you enjoyed your story! I definitely enjoyed writing it, and more stories with the Corazon sneezes have already begun to entertain my mind... 

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