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A Christmas cold for my fiancé


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My fiancé has had a rough couple of days.  He's a big dude, 6 ft 5, broad shouldered, looks like a biker. Green eyes, red goatee. 


Night before last, he suddenly started with an alternating congested/runny nose and just general malaise. By yesterday he was full on sick with a fever and chills too. I came home from work to take care of him and found him curled up in bed moaning and sniffling. 

Two of my favorite moments so far:

We were sitting on the bed and he tipped his head back in a classic pre-sneeze expression and quickly mumbled "wherezakleedex?" as his hand blindly grabbed on the bed. He tried to stifle one into his fist while I was grabbing the box - "he-DZZnnxx-chuh!"

Then he tipped back his head as a second sneeze grew and his mouth lolled open.  I was able to hand him one and he quickly covered his mouth and nose as he roared out one of his classic sick sounding sneezes "Hah-EHHH-HOOO".


he collapsed back onto the pillow and said "that's the best sneeze I've had in months."


the second moment seared into my brain was in the middle of the night last night. We were in bed and I woke to him blowing his nose very thickly into a kleenex. He grabbed a second and a third and filled them as well. He laid back on the bed and sniffed hard, dislodging something tickly I would guess. His body bent double and he quickly put his hands up to rent his nose, as  three sneezes rocketed out in quick succession: "heChuh! Huh EHH huh, heh heh HAESCHOOO"

"Udnnnnn..." He moaned congestedly, sniffling with what sounded like totally blocked nostrils. 

Then he said, rather pitifully: "Oh by god baby this is so effig biserable."

I got up to get him some more cold medicine and a cup of tea and I heard him blowing viscously into a Kleenex trying to clear his head as I left the room.  


Im sure there will be more but I just wanted to share these two moments. 

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51 minutes ago, BurgundyJayne said:

he collapsed back onto the pillow and said "that's the best sneeze I've had in months."

OMG. That is the cutest thing ever. Hope he feels better soon!

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