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Smell Of Flowers..


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This is my first observation on the forum, it just happened today and I want to share it with you even though it is not so exciting.

I will call my co worker A., so it will be easier to understand.

~ I never noticed he was much taller than me this way, I just thought I would just reach his chest if he would stand next to me - but now A. was sitting across from me, his large, tanned fingers traced samples on the table board and the only sound between us was point of my pencil which scraped on the form we had to infill together.

We never had any conversations before and after a few words I wondered a few seconds if his voice always sounded so husky.

I just perceived that he canceled his hands and turned aside, I could hear he gasped and A. had to sneeze once.

It wasn't forceful or strong and sounded like "hee-tssch". He covered his mouth with his hands and after he sneezed he mumbled into his hand "Excuse me, I just sneezed, I'm sorry."

I have never heard him sneeze before, so I looked up to him, blessed him and passed him a tissue.

His fingers stroked over the shaved parts of his cheeks and he thanked me.

"I didn't want my sneeze interrupted your work, I'm sorry.", he added and I tried to put his mind at rest and answered him.

"O, no, you don't have to apologize it's just normal.", my voice was even quieter than usual and as his fingers started to trace some samples again I knew that he felt bad too. 

With a glimpse A. looked out the window, he closed his Hazel eyes for a few seconds and I could hear he cleaned his throat nearly silently.

"Taléya", he said and I sensed he had never vocalized my name before.

"Could you close the window, please? The flowers...", his words just disappeared with a sigh.

"O, they are so beautiful.", I whispered under my breath and my words coaxed a raspy laugh out of A.

"You are so dreamy", he laughed "Could you close it, please?"

"For sure", I said and went through the room.

The gentle breeze caressed my cheeks and the air was filled with the smell of lovely flowers.

In the distance I could watch the sun sinking into the Atlantic ocean.

Though I noticed he sniffed again and closed the window.

I turned to him and saw he pinched his nose so strong that his fingertips went white.

With his other hand he rubbed his eyes. I sensed he tried to avoid to sneeze again and wasn't sure if my presence was the reason for that?

I asked him a bit bashfully if he was okay and he napped silently.

"The climate is just too mild for December. The flowers are still blossoming", he said and removed a sparkled tear from the corner of his eye.

"And I know they are beautiful...", he added smiling before I could answer him.

"I am sorry you are allergic.", I stated low and suggested I could finish our work alone.

First he negated it but was interrupted by another tickle and he rubbed his nose to get id of it. He didn' sneezed again but was left in desperate sniffs.

I insured it wasn't a problem and he could leave and rest at home.

He just thanked me and his large fingers strucked my shoulder perhaps one second too long?

"Take care and see you tomorrow", he left with this words and I answered him with "Get well soon."

As the door closed behind him the first light rain began to fall and washed away the smell of the last flowers.


~ I hope you enjoyed? We had our conversation in portuguese and I tried to translate it and my thoughts into english, I am sorry if there are some mistakes. take care :) ~


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