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Towels instead of a handkerchief?

Ben Drowned

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(hey guys this is a boy love sneeze story..I'm using my two OCs Adrian and Zuka their mermen. I Adrian has a bad sneezy cold)

Adrian: I woke up in my bed with an pounding head ache, my sinuses where awful. But I got up,thinking 'maybe if I go for a swim I'll feel better' I always slept in my day clothes for some reason, I went down stairs to the pool room. I felt cold but I just thought I was still sleepy, so I jumped into the pool. My tail felt heavier, it was very exhausting to swim, so I sank down to the bottom. I coughed , and groaned, my gills felt a bit clogged like my nose. "heh...huh..HASHOO!" I sneezed loudly, I rubbed my head as the pressure hurt my head. 
"bless you" I heard from above, I look up and I can see Zuka sitting on the shore of the pool. "thags" I sniffled thickly, I heard him chuckle, and he said. "come up here" I did as he said, and swam to the surface. "hey there Adri- oh jeez a-are you okay you don't look so good?" He asked in shock, I shook my head as I began to get the chills. "I-I do-don't fe-...Ashoo!Heashoo! Het-Chiew! I dod't feel good"
My voice clouded with congestion, for merfolk when we're congested it's worse than when humans get congestion. We get a lot of mucus, so when we blow our nose our gills make us honk, and it's embarrassing for me and to the humans they think it's cute. 

"okay come here" Zuka said I swam closer to him, and he picked me up in his arms. "Idonda mella hostia" That was merfolk for 'I'll take care of you' He then carried me to the bathroom to dry me off, and then put me in my bed.


Zuka's pov: I hated seeing Adrian sick, when I laid him down in his bed he gave small whimpers, and sniffles. "i'll be right back okay?" He nodded, so I went around his house to get somethings. I found a thermometer, a couple box of tissues, some blankets, and medicine. 
I walked back into the long haired blond's room, and sat in his bed. Adrian curled up on my chest, and shivered. "here ya go" I cover him with the blanket, I got out the thermometer, telling him. "hesha noni" Which means 'open up' Opening his mouth slowly I slipping in the tool, I noticed his nostrils twitching, I put my finger under his nose. "don't sneeze Hun" "o-oka-hah..eh?" I rubbed his nose which seemed to make his urge to sneeze subside. *beep* I took out the thermometer, and it read. "102.5" "Definite fever, I think it's time you take some medicine." My voice deepened a bit, as I tried to soften it. Adrian scrunched up his nose, as I got out the gross concoction and poured it into a spoon. "come baby time to take it" Adrian pouted, with a 'no', I chuckled and said. "if you don't take it I won't cuddle you" I looked him in the eyes with that empty threat, he opened his mouth allowing me to spoon the syrup into his mouth.

"yuck!" He snarled, I patted him gently on the head. "There ya go see, it wasn't that bad?" He gave me an upset look, and leaned into me.
"becka hetiga doruma fuma jess" 'don't ever do that again jerk' I chuckled at his pouting, replying. "I know you didn't like it but it was for your own good" Adrian sniffled and coughed, I put my face to his neck and licked it. That was a way of showing affection, towards one another for us merfolk. I could tell his gills where getting a little reddish pink, from the congestion. His nose was turning the same color as well as his ears, and cheeks. Grabbing the tissue box I got a bundle of tissues, I then pressed them against Adrian's nose. I knew that using tissues wouldn't really last him long, merfolk have a lot of snotty gunk so when we blow our nose. There would be a lot of snot, and it only made our noses run and well one box of tissues wont last Adrian much longer. 
"benda" 'blow' Adrian gave a loud thick snotty honk, which soaked the tissues completely. "Yeta" 'sorry' Adrian blushed, as I threw the tissues away. "It's okay Adrian it's normal for us" I smiled getting up I went to go find something that would hold up against Adrian's, snotty nose blows. "yes" I found a towel, my mom used to do the same when I was little. When I'd sneeze or blow my nose I'd use a towel, since that could with stand and last me. Using a towel for us merfolk is like, using a handkerchief for humans, they last longer and are more durable. 

I took a blue towel, and waked back into the room, hearing my little sweetheart sneeze. "het-CHIEW...Hashoo! Eashoo!...heh...eh..ESHOO!.ugh" He sighed and sniffled, I got next to him, and covered his messy red nose. "heh..Ashoo!...gnxt!..hih...heh.HETSHOO!" "Numba!" 'bless you!' I exclaimed, I knew Adrian's sneezes were loud but jeez! "werry hie" 'thag you' He was very congested, and tired. I rubbed his back, as I folded the towel, and told him to blow again. Holding the big cloth up to his nose he shook his head, and muttered out. "I-I can-can't...tired" I felt his forehead again it was going down a bit, he was still flushed in the face. "Awe baby, I know your tired." I ran my fingers through his messy blonde hair, I noticed his nose twitching again I brang him to my chest. His nose on my shoulder, I could feel it twitch, and move. "Z-Zuka...I heh.have t-to snde-heh..hih..." "I know just go a head and let it out" He moved his nose off of my should and his forehead rested on my chest facing down and away from me.
"hah..ehhh..I'mb godda-Ashoo!...Ekshoo!.Heshoo!..HESHOO.aCKCHOO!....GNXT!...YEASHOO!" Adrian sniffled thickly, he sprayed me but I didn't care. "better?" "eh..Eshoo! ye-yeah *sniffx3*" "are you ready to blow your nose again?" I asked he nodded, I grabbed the towel and cover his nose with it. "Benda" He blew his nose thickly, I rubbed his gills, as he snotted up the towel. 

He stopped and took a deep breath through his nose, I could hear small whistles, and sniffles in his inhales and exhales.
"thank you" "welcome" He yawned and laid into his pillow, the seventeen year old pulled me down next to him. Wrapping his arms around me, I could also feel his legs around my torso. "hesuga, led" 'I love you' "hesuga, led ni" 'I love you too' He laid his head on my chest, and fell asleep. I kissed his forehead, noticing his fever was lessening. I'd then started to lull into dreamland myself. 

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23 hours ago, Mf1611 said:

i agree deff do another one i would love to see it


On 12/24/2017 at 3:22 AM, WolfPack said:

Do another one! :razz:

(In fact, I need to update MY story... oops)


On 12/23/2017 at 6:44 PM, Mf1611 said:

@Ben Drowned this was a very good story i like your spelled out sneezes

okay okay how about I do one for Zuka would you like that or should I do another mythical character?

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On 12/25/2017 at 2:33 PM, Ben Drowned said:



okay okay how about I do one for Zuka would you like that or should I do another mythical character?

I am good with you doing zuka 

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okay guys this towels instead of a Handkerchief part 2 Zuka contagion

this is a week later

Zuka: I woke up feeling awful, but I knew I had a date with Adrian. So I got up, took a shower which made me feel slightly better, then got dressed. I combed my hair but it still looked messy, I looked in the mirror. I was pale, rings cluttered my eyes, my gills were red, and I felt very tired. I sniffled my nose started to tickle, I raised my hand up to my mouth. "Het-Khs!" I stifled my sneeze quietly, sniffling I rubbed my nose. I continued to get ready, then I called Adrian telling him I was gonna pick him up. My nose started to get congested, and my throat was really sore. But I didn't bother I didn't want to disappoint my boyfriend, so I grabbed my keys and got in the car. On my way there the tickle in my nose never subsided, I was lucky when there was a stop light. "hat-Shiew!..hah..Hat-Cheii!...HAXCHU!" I sniffled and muttered to myself "Watsa" 'excuse me' Once I got to  his house he walked over to the car, I was sneezing my gills off.

"heaat-Chu!..Hat-Chu!..Haxchu!" I caught those in my elbow, as the blonde got into the car. "Numba Zuka you okay?" I nodded "okay then, so where are we going?" I sniffled thickly and replied with "The park, since I know you like it when we act like little kids." My head was starting to hurt, but I played it off as nothing. Driving there was the difficult part, my nose was driving me crazy. I'd stifled about twenty sneezes all the way there, I could tell Adrian was getting very concerned. "Zuka"  He stopped me when we found a parking space, he looked at me with a worried look. "acka yeshfesi okay?" 'are your sure your okay?' "yes suga, hei yeshfie okay" 'yes love, I'm sure I'm okay' I went over and licked his gills, I knew that Adrian had just gotten over a cold a week ago and he's pretty healthy now. "come on I wanna go on the swing~" I said childishly, Adrian jumped out of the car and yelled. "Last one to the swings, is a sea bear's cousin!" So of coarse I booked it to the swings, but when I got their I imedently regretted it. I was ready to fall over and die, I started coughing a lot I thought I was gonna loose my dinner. But I put on a brave face, and walked over the swing Adrian was sitting in. "I-I'm f-....fine j-just out o-of breathe" I gasped for air, I  hacked and coughed. Finally my normal pace of breathing was regained, we'd swung on the swing then Adrian saw something. "Zuka is that a sand box?" "yeah" Adrian then grabbed my hand, and dragged me to the sandbox. I sat in the sand he sat in my lap, and built a sand castle. "you are so..s-so..heh." 'don't sneeze come on' my breath hitched I leaned away from Adrian "HAXCHU!" "benda" There were more up there "HAXCHU!..HEH.HAXCHU!..HAT-CHU!" I was a sneezing mess, my nose was runny but also congested, my head chest was worse, and all I wanted to do right then and there was, rest. "Zuka?!" Adrian turned to me, and looked at me. "sweetheart what's wrong, oh ceansen, your burning up." Ceansen was merfolk for 'shit', he felt my forehead I groaned at his nice warm touch. "come babe I'm taking you home" He helped me up, I didn't want to move, I felt so weak. "okay then let's see if this works" He then picks me up bridal style, puts me in the car, straps me in the passenger seat, and drives off. "baby why didn't you say you weren't feeling good" I sniffled looked away from him and answered.  "I didn't want to disappoint you"  "Zuka..." He sighed "You will never disappoint me, and if your not feeling good just tell me. I wont be mad, all I care about is that your safe." Once we got to my house Adrian took me inside, he set me on the couch. He started to take off my shirt, though I was cold. 

He then got a towel, thermometer, and medicine, and cuddled me. "open up" I opened my mouth letting him take my temperature, but my nose was tickling the crap out of me. "heh..hah" Adrian put his finger under my nose Ccome on hun don't sneeze, I know you nose is ticklish but you not blasting this thing to the kitchen." I sniffled tried to keep my sneeze in, but my nose wasn't having it. "huh..haah" "here I'll rub your nose if that helps" His finger ran against my stubborn nostrils, my hitching subsided into a sigh. The thermometer finaly beeped, he took it out saying. "101.2" He petted my head, saying. "go a head sweetheart" He put the towel up to my face, I let out my torturous fit. "heh..Hah..HAxchu!..HAT-CHU..HASHOO!...*sniff x2* heh.haaah..HAESHOO!...EACKSHOO!" "goddess!" I let one thick snotty sneeze slip out, "het-kugh"  my eyes watered and I felt awful. "ugh heh..hah." but I still wasn't done. "het-Kugh..Het-Chiew!..HatChoo!.*sniff x3"...hah..heh..ehh..ExStoo!" "that was a lot babe you okay?" I nodded trying to catch my breath, I felt Adrian's soft fingers on my gills. He slid them down, as I relaxed. "Come on, blow your nose Zuka." I submitted and blew my abused appendage, soaking that side of the towel. I still had a lot of snot up my nose that I had to get rid of but I was too tired to care, so I passed out on the couch. 

(hey guys what's up sorry for the crappy ending just request and I'll have it I currently submitted a male giant x female reader story it's not finished but it's at a decent poitn of wher I can continue it)

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