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Merry Christmas y'all! (Anthro yet not anthro?)


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How's everyone doing? I bet you all got nice friends and family to be with. My family's at my house right now, but they're playing poker, so I decided to whip something up before they decide to do something else. I've been off my game recently because I want to put stuff out too fast, and the drawings don't really end up too good. It didn't happen this time though! :lol:

I made a nameless reign deer OC some Christmas ago, and I resurrected him for you all in the name of the Christmas spirit. Also, while he is an anthro reign deer, I used the simple style that I normally like to use because the human look that I tried to do before didn't feel right to me. It just felt too stiff and un-alive, like how when someone draws anime for the first time (which is what happened in this case... not really savvy with that style). Feel free to tell me whether or not you'd like more. :whoo:


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