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Sneezed My Glasses Off


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I'm on a trip for the holidays and I'm having a great time, enough that the sneeziness it's giving me is worth it. Yesterday I came back to the place I'm staying and was about to lay down. A little tipsy, I didn't notice the tickle blooming in my nose until the sneezes were there, "eh'tshuu! eh'CHSH!" I felt my glasses sliding far down after those, but before I could do anything about it, a third sneeze came, "et'CHSHH!" I felt my glasses fly off my nose with that one, thankfully onto the bed. It was kind of comical, both at the time and later. I sniffled a little, moved my glasses to the side table, and continued on as I was.

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5 hours ago, WolfPack said:

Same! It's quite annoying, to be honest. :razz:

it's terrible when my allergies are really bad because my contacts irritate my eyes too much but my glasses won't stay on!

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