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(hey guys okay I've read a lot of giant stories and now I'm inspired to write one too yes this is another OC x reader and this one is mostly for the girls. I'm Using my OC Garrett who is a giant let me know if you like it and I'll try to do a female OC x reader)(ps: if your a guys just make up a girls name or just change the pronouns)

(y/n)= your name

(l/n)= last name

(f/c) favorite color


Your pov: "Garret I'm home sweetheart" You called out, walking inside the house you see Garrett on his computer doing some work.  "hi (y/n)" He coughed into his fist and continued to work, he'd been working all night. "Hun have you taken a break yet?" The brunet giant shook his head, and said. "I can't *sniff* I need to fi-finish thahh..this...Hnnnkkk!" "bless you" Garrett sniffled thickly, as his nose twitched. Rubbing his reddened appendage, You walked closer to him noticing his nose was runny and he looked paler than normal.  "I-I'll be fide, I ju-just deed to fidish this last thig"  His voice cluttered in congestion, to him you were kind of an ant, probably cause that how small you actually were. You were a science experiment that someone screwed up, but Garret still loved you. He was trying to figure out a way to return you to your normal size,  you didn't mind being tiny it was just a bit of a hassle doing somethings. "heh..Hnnnkkk!" The boy stifled harshly, he sighed with a rough wet cough. "Come on Garrett, I really think you should take a break and relax." Garrett didn't say anything except continue his work, you hated to see him so tired and worn out so you took charge. You climbed up to the desk, in front of him and yelled. "GARRETT HAUNTILY!" That startled the boy, as he sneezed and looked at you in shock, you usually never sound so crossed or mad. "good now that I've gotten you attention" Garrett winced rubbing his temples, you studied his features since you were a bit closer now. He was paler, and flushed, his big green eyes were dull and glassy, and tired looking. His nose looked sore and worn out, he was probably had a head ache due to congestion and being on the computer with out a break. " I think you should rest, and I think your body agrees." He sighed and nodded picking you up in the palm of his hand, he got up and walked to the couch. He sniffled putting you down, he laid down. You jumped onto his chest and unbuttoned his flannel shirt, you then walked up to your room, and grabbed a box of tissues. Going back down stairs, seeing Garrett curled up in a ball made you frown. "Awe poor thing, sorry I yelled I was just trying to get you attention." You cooed Garrett sat up, he was a sniffling mess. "hey sweetheart can you pick me up please?" You boyfriend picked you up, you went up to his nose. It looked red, the rims of his nostrils quivered from sensitivity. You noticed Garret's nose twitched more and more till, the giant brought up his right hand an stifled the sneeze that desperately came out. 

(sorry it's short and on a cliff hanger, I'm not feeling good I've got a bit of a cold (the same one I'd just gotten over) but I'll continue it if you want)

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