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She sneezed again!


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I was working with nurse 'N' again today and a my coworkers and I were just engaging in idle chit chat when I heard another desperate heh..hheechoo! I turned my head to see N bend over. She then stood up straight again and started to say something  (I think) before unleashing another sneeze that sounded almost like a cough heettch!! I'm pretty big on blessing people so as usual I say bless you and I get this lovely exchange:

N: thank you. Thank you for being the only one who cared enough to say bless you.

Me: no problem.

N: now I know if something happens to me it my soul will at least be safe thanks to you.

Me: oh goodness...glad I could be of help.

I'm guessing she was referrng to the old superstition that the devil takes your soul if someone doesn't bless you when you sneeze. That was definitely not the response I was expecting!

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