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Secrets (How I met your Mother)


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Here goes nothing, my guilty pleasure, HIMYM Fic with my OC Raven, who has the fetish, and our beloved characters (I have a thingy where I

always insert my own characters, and this time it seemed fit.). Set around after the marriage of Lily and Marshall, but before most of the drama. And the forum made

the formating look weird again, I'm really sorry about that. I write my stories in word first and when I copy it into the forum it looks really weird, I hope I fixed it.

And by the way, the way how Raven describes feeling after someone sneezes is based on……. personal experience,

you could say, so it might sound weird, childish or way to innocent, but like I said, here goes nothing. LET’S GO!




*kids, there is one story I haven't told you. Now, don't tell aunt Raven that I told you this story, because she'll have my head.*



They were sitting in their favorite bar again. Barney was telling some outrageous story about how he……. Raven didn’t even remember.

She had tuned it out as soon as he had started and had been annoying Robin for a solid 5 minutes by constantly moving her drink away from her.


“And it was, I promise you, It was Legen-wait for it-dairy!” Barney exclaimed. Robin laughed, and Raven took the opportunity to move her drink again.


“RAVEN! QUIT THAT!” She finally exclaimed. Raven chuckled.


“Got ya.” She said. Lily smiled fondly.


“Raven, stop annoying Robin.” Raven leaned back and pouted.


“Fineee.” She whined jokingly.


“Anywayyy, as I was saying.” Barney continued. Ravens attention floated away again, and she started looking around subtly again. She looked over at Ted.

His eyes were slightly unfocused and his lips slightly parted. Raven’s heart jumped in her chest, was he?


Tzzzzcch!.” He sneezed. There is was again, the twisty-butterflyie (?) feeling in her stomach she never quite knew why she felt. Scratch that,

she knew exactly why she felt that. But that wasn’t something she planned on sharing.  Look away! She averted her eyes. Bless him.


“Bless you.” Raven mumbled. Ted sniffed and rubbed his nose.


“Thanks, stupid allergies.” Dang that was cute. To her annoyance, she could feel the heat spreading through her cheeks. Barney stopped his story again to laugh at Raven.


“You’re like a tomato Raven.” He laughed. Raven leaned back and scoffed. Deny it.


“Am not!” She mumbled, but it was too soft to be really convincing.


“Why are you blushing?” Marshall asked. Raven shook her head.


“No reason, it’s just a bit warm in here.” She lied. Ted turned away from the table.


Ht’Chzz! Sorry.” He turned back.


“Bless you.” Lily, Raven and Robin said in unison. Ted gave Raven a slightly suspicious look. Look away, focus on something else. Raven quickly looked at the ceiling.

From all the things I could choose to look at…..


“I’m going to order another round. Raven, could you come with?” Ted asked. Raven nodded and got up, but not before wiping her hands on her pants, she was sweating.

What if he has noticed? You’ve lived with him for a while now, what if he knows? She shook her head to chase away the thoughts. They arrived at the bar,

and true to what she suspected, Ted didn’t order a new round, but instead turned to her. “So, are you going to explain?” He asked. Play it dumb!


“Explain what?” She asked. Ted leaned back against the bar and raised an eyebrow. In this light she could see how red his eyes where from his allergies.


“Don’t play dumb Raven. I’ve noticed it before. Almost every time one of us-H’TCHzz! T’cchzz! Sorry, every time one of us sneezes, you start acting weird. I’ve ignored it for a while, but I would like an answer around… now.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m acting totally normally.” She said quickly. If it was humanly possible, Ted raised his eyebrow even higher.


“You’re doing it right now. You’re looking away, fiddling with your h-ha-H’tZchh! Sorry, hands, blushing a bit. If I didn’t know better

I would dare say you’re… turned on?” Raven couldn’t help the gasp escape her lips. He knows!


“Look eh…. It’s difficult to explain. Not here. When we get back to the apartment, and were alone, I’ll explain okay?” Ted nodded, and grabbed her arm.

“EH?” She exclaimed. He dragged her back to the others.


“Sorry guys, me and Raven have to go, we’ll catch up with you later. Bye!” He said quickly. He grabbed his coat and dragged Raven outside.

Before they reached the door Raven quickly looked back at Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin and smiled apologetically.




They walked back into the apartament. Well, Ted walked and dragged Raven behind him. He turned around and faced Raven.


“So, back in the apartment, alone. Explain?” He asked. Raven sat down on the couch.


“Ehm, I’m scared you’ll judge me, scared you’ll think I’m weird.” Ted sat down next to her.


“No way. You know me, I’ve seen some weird stuff.” He said. But before she could start talking again, he turned away from her. “H’tchZz! T’cczz! HE’Tchzz! Sorry.”


“Bless you. Okay, I’ll tell you, but promise me this stays between us, for real. No telling Barney or Marshall or Lily. Not even Robin Okay?” She asked.

Something in her voice made Ted nod.




“I have a sneezing fetish.” Raven squeaked out. She looked down and buried her face in her hands. She expected Ted to make some noise of disgust or something.

You messed up! You messed up you messed up he’ll hate you he thinks you’re gross and weird and….


“Hm, that’s….. Something different I guess.” Raven looked up at Ted. He looked surprised, but not disgusted or anything.


“You don’t think it’s weird or disgusting or freaky or-” She rambled, but Ted cut her off.


“After being friends with Barney you get used to weird stuff. It’s not something I expected or quite realized existed. But I guess It’s not too weird.

I mean, did Barney ever tell you the story about the girl and the cow?”


“He did, in full detail.” Raven smiled. “Thank you.”


“For what?”


“For not thinking any different of me.”


“Of-He’tchz! Of course.” Raven froze up slightly.


“Bless you.” She mumbled. Ted smiled.





If anyone wants a part 2 tell me! It’ll probably be about one of the others finding out. I hope you liked it!

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