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Unintentionally Fetishy Pictures (not that I'm complaining...)


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*Mods, if this makes more sense in a different section, feel free to move it*

One of the things I got for Christmas was this coloring book (I like to use them to unwind);


(Sorry, I tried to get the pictures to appear here, but the forum didn't like the link and the photos were too big to attach.)

I'd had my eye on it for awhile, but Amazon only showed one or two pages via the "look inside" feature. So you can imagine my surprise when I started flipping through the book after unwrapping it and saw this:


And then the next picture was this:


Given that feathers are one of my favorite methods of making characters sneeze, this was...intriguing.

Fortunately, not all of the pictures have something that makes me think of sneezing, though this one is an odd choice for a coloring book as it is but also looks like a fetishist's dream set up (all it needs is a tissue box);


But the absolute best one?


It couldn't be more perfect for me if it tried.

Needless to say, I'm going to have to think long and hard about how I'm going to color these in...


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That is... um, that's... oh my God. :lol: If the creators only knew how unintentionally dirty they made those pictures! :naughty: 


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