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A Cold af Chestnut Inn (m/m)


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Hey y’all!!! I’m so sorry for how short this first chapter is. I’m still in the process of feeling out where I’m going with it, so this is kinda just a short little prologue. Regardless, I hope you enjoy :D



Heh-heh-heh-HTSHOO” Aaron sneezed wetly into his worn-down, soggy tissue, then wiped at his pink nose. Aaron always felt uncomfortable blowing his nose in public, but this cold had left his poor nose in constant need of a tissue.     No amount of constant swiping could soothe his runny nose. Instead, Aaron was left sniffly constantly, feeling utterly appalling. 


Quickly, Aaron scurried his used Kleenex into his uniform pocket, and sniffled his cold-ridden nose. Out of all days he could fall ill, it just absolutely had to be Christmas Eve, the busiest day at Chestnut Inn. Aaron wished he could work in housekeeping, or as a parking valet –really, just anything that didn’t have to be face-to-face with others. Something about having a cold was just so embarrassing. Just thinking about how gross he must seem to costumers caused embarrassment to flame up in him. Thus, the second Aaron saw a beautiful man enter through the sliding glass doors, his heart went into an urgent flurry. 


The man was probably around Aaron’s age–mid-to-early twenties, seemingly fresh out of college. His skin was tan, and his hair dark, thick, and curly. Along with him came a small black suitcase, which he rolled by his side. 


Anxiety flurried in Aaron as he dreaded talking to the gorgeous man in his awful, cold-ridden state. 

Why today, Aaron though to himself, why do I have to be sick today?
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