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**Why HELLO guys! as I promised, the new story is here! I am testing quite a few new things, one of the biggest being to write this in second person (using 'You') this makes it more immersive and visual, hope you guys like it!

*Zane is a giant, brown hair and eyes. 'You" are what is called an Aasimar, or a half-angel. I left it unspecified, so you can decide on what you look like. ANYWAY, enjoy!


CHAPTER 1 : Only a Cold


  You are an Aasimar; a half-angel, a human with elegant, beautiful, white-feathered wings. You were flying through the forest, easily zipping through winding branches in the towering trees. You were on your way to a clearing, consistent of long grass, along with slithering rivers and ponds. It was a famous meeting place that you established with a great friend of yours.

  As you think about it more, you become more exited to meet him once again. You stretch your wings and push upwards, blasting through the thick canopy. At last, you feel the pounding cold air among your face, wrapping you like a blanket of ice.

  You home in on the clearing from above, folding in your large wings to dive back down again. You see the features of the vast clearing come into view, and flutter your wings just before landing. You take a sharp inhale through your nose, greeted by the mingled smells of flowers and grass. It was truly relaxing for you.

  You look around; your head becomes scrambled with confusion. “He should be here by now…he always beats me here…” you murmur to yourself. You glance around once more; nothing, which is odd—he’s pretty hard to miss. ‘This isn’t normal for Zane. Did he forget?’ You conclude in your head, stretching out your wings. You groan; it was already enough to get here, let alone the mountain range further west. Nonetheless, you push you wings forward, this time flying up past the trees and into the clouds.

  You decide to take the Westward Wind Current, one of the four main current’s that all flying creatures knew of. The clouds were slightly tinted gray, a sure sign of rain in that direction. You wonder if it’s raining over at Zane’s place; if so, for how long? Did he get caught in the rain? Or did he just decide to stay in? 

  Your thoughts were suddenly cut by a blast of wind coming from your right, as you were sucked into the main current. You quickly even out your wings, but you could feel the pain of some feathers loosening; it felt like little tingling needles poking you. You know by dipping down and out of the current, you would risk heading into a storm, so you fly up into high elevation instead. The air is slightly thin, but the sight is beautiful, as always; the sight looked like massive cotton balls . As you flew through clouds, the mist dampened your face and hair, tiny droplets sticking to your eyebrows and pointed ears.

  It was all of about fifteen minutes to get to the mountain range, you dive through the slowly thickening clouds and near the mountains. The mist turns into water droplets, dousing your shirt and pants, you wings as well; though, you weren’t worried. Your wings are powerful, equipped with muscle under the feathers. It would take a lot of water to make you temporarily flightless. As you cut through the last of the clouds, your prediction was correct; it was indeed pouring down over here. Your eyes lock on a grand cave opening, and you zoom inside, knowing it belonged to Zane. 

 You were instantly greeted by huge items of furniture, two chairs and a sofa, a small table (though absolutely huge), two lamps, and a blasting fireplace, large fire crackling inside with the fuel from full-fledged fir trees. You land on the table, wings aching from the long flight. You call out, hands cupped to amplify the sound.

  “Zane! Zane? ZANE!” You continued to call until the ground shook rhythmically. The tea in a nearby giant cup vibrated. At last, you can’t help but smile at the sight of Zane. He had short brown hair, and hazel brown eyes—which looked slightly bloodshot at the moment. There were freckles along his face, over his cheeks and nose. Zane looked exhausted, looking around the giant living room. You were practically the size of a small housefly to everything in here, including him.

  “Hello?” He called, voice raspy and wet. It was followed by a thick sniffle, you felt the table vibrate under your feet. His large nose looked chapped and red, twitching every now and then. He sniped the tip of his nose with his pointer finger, coughing heavily.

  It all pieced together for you now; the tea on the table, you leaped up to dip your hand in and taste it—yes, what you thought, lemon tea. There was a giant box of tissues on the sofa as well, and some cough drop wrappers big enough that you could easily fit inside. Zane had a cold.

  “Zane!” You called as he sat on the sofa, waving your hands frantically. He finally made eye contact, a slight smile on his face. He sniffled very thickly, his nose twitching from the movement. He holds out a finger, in the form of a perch at his eye level. You gladly take the invitation to fly onto his finger, sitting with your legs dangling. “You feeling ok? You look awful.”

  His eyes suddenly dazed, staring of past you. His nose twitched, and he tilted his head up very slightly. His mouth hung half open, eyes closing. He sniffled, the intake of air causing a slight draft of wind through your wings and hair. He hitched, chest expanding.

  “S-sorry……h-hhh….I thingk Ib goddahhhh…….Ib goddah……….h-hahhhh……Ib gonna sdeeze…..” He managed to get out. You unfold your wings slightly as an instinct; you didn’t mind getting sprayed if it were to happen, but would prefer not to get a snot bath at the moment. As his head tilted, you could peer inside his cavernous nostrils; you could see the inflammation and irritation, wriggling at his nasal walls. You could see them quiver, and could only imagine how tickly it must feel.

“hahhhhh……h-hhahhhhhh……HEHHHH…….HAHHH!” His hitches became violent, and you shuffled in your spot. Usually his sneezes were quite small for his size, but this was a new. You use your wings to cover your body, bracing for a shower; instead, the sneeze dies down inside him, likely causing his tickle to become worse. You peek out from your wings, making eye contact with the giant. He lets out an unsatisfied sigh, cupping his free hand over his nose, which was a tap at this point. You look to him with sympathy.

“How long has that sneeze been bothering you?” You ask, raising your voice; you know his ears might be stuffed from congestion. He sniffles as a response, eyeing the box of tissues on the other side of the couch.

“Ngh……I deed a—”

“Two steps ahead of you,” you smile, leaning far back; enough to free fall off his finger. You swoop upwards with your wings, ripping a tissue from the box. It’s way heavier than you thought; it floats, causing more drag than you would like. It takes some extra strength to get back up to Zane’s finger. He accepts the tissue, honking his giant appendage. gnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkshkg’ This is followed by a wet sniffle, his nose wrinkling. He looks like he’s about to sneeze again, but he sighs, using his free hand to scrub his nose.

“Hmm…Maybe I can help. Bring me closer.” You say, eyes of sympathy. He instantly blushes, cheeks going peachy pink. You think it’s adorable, to see such a giant go the cutest shade of red.

He brings you close to his giant nose, and you lean forward. You pluck a few of the loose feathers from the current, clutching them. You stand, placing your left hand on his spectrum, and your right hand—equipped with the feathers, reaching up into one of his nostrils. You gently caress the inside of his nose, stroking the feathers lightly along his walls. He gasps, gritting his teeth with an outrageous tickle.

“R-right…..tdere….oh goddd…” his breathing start’s hitching. You reach in further, seeing the walls of his nose twitch and scrunch under the feather’s touch. You make sure you have a grip on his spectrum, keeping you steady.

“oh, god, it’s, hehhh, happening, g-get, baaaack, n-nohEEHHHHH!” He takes in a sudden sharp inhale through his nose, your wings can’t work against a current that strong. You get sucked in slightly as he raises his head. He scrunches his nose as you flail your wings in a small shock, trying to situate yourself in his quivering nostril.

“HEHHHHH, HAAAHHHHHH, HIIHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HIIIIAAAAAAAASHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!” He pitched forward, forcing you out of his nose at greater speeds than the currents. You are shot inside a tissue box on it’s side—on the other side of the room, and you— with enough force to make it stand upright.

Eeshu! Isshu! Eeshu! heh-Eeshuu!! hih-Eeengxt’shii! Itnxggt’shii! Nxgstt’shieeeee!” A fit of tiny sneezes and half-stifles follow, the little white feathers fluttering out of his nose. His stifles were followed by an after-sound, almost like a kitten begging for food. You giggle from inside the box on the other side of the room.

He must have not heard you laugh, because he looked at his finger, eyes suddenly flashing its horror that you weren’t there. He checked his other hand. Nothing. He frantically reached for a wad of tissues, blowing in them harshly before opening them to check if you were inside his nose. You nudge the tissue box you are inside, it eventually grabs his attention when it falls to the floor with a whomp.

“Oh…….tdere you are.” Zane said, relief in his voice. He sat back on the couch, sniffling. “I’m so sorry……I must have cannoned you all the way over there…”

You fly out of the tissue box, soaring your way over to him. You land on his finger, but seeing he’s now avoiding eye contact, you flutter up to land on the tip of his sensitive nose. You put your hands on your hips.

“First of all, bless you,” you say with a chuckle. “I’d have to say that was ‘the’ fastest I have ever flown in my life!”

He blushes madly. “Secondly, don’t be sorry. I was helping you out; you feel a ton better, right?”

“Y-yeah…….I-I guess…” he sniffles very lightly, careful not to suck you up again. You laugh.

“Alright, you lay back, I’ll go make you some soup. I’m gonna make you so much better…..” You reassure him, flying off towards the giant kitchen as he lays back.


……………………The question was……..





I hope you guys like chapter 1! Let me know what you think!!

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42 minutes ago, Ben Drowned said:

:jawdrop:   please continue this is one of the best giant story I've ever read on the forum




Woah. That good? Ehehehhh, awe man I’m blushing like all Heck. Thanks guys! It will come as soon as I can get it out!

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3 minutes ago, Shikee12.haley said:

This really was an interesting story and I just adore it please continue you've done an amazing job so far:heart:

Thank you sooo much! I’m king of new to this forum stuff, it really helps my motivation out!

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Alrighty! Chapter two is here! Though, I did grow a tad lazy, sorry if there are errors.


CHAPTER 2 : Supper Time


Finally. You get the ginormous pot of water onto the oven-top, with the help of a few plates and cutting boards. You already feel more than exhausted. You flip open the recipe, finding one that actually sounds decent.

“Chicken broth, carrots, celery, yadda yadda…….” You sigh, scanning over the huge letters a few more times. At last, you spread your wings, flying off the counter.

You figured it would take a while for the water to boil, so you would turn on the heat before preparing the ingredients. You zip at full speed, slamming into the lighting dial. You slowly yank it to the left, until clicking is heard.

FWOOSH! a huge fire is lit on the stove, it startles you enough to yelp.

“Ev’eyding odkay in dere?” Zane’s groggy voice vibrates out, stuffed with congestion. You reassure him that everything is alright, fluttering down to the can cabinet.

Tomato paste, Canned corn, Peas—Aha! Chicken broth! You push the gigantic cans aside, seeing the biggest one of all……How are you gonna get it up there?! You press your back to the can, straining to get it out of the cabinet. You are so focused on it, you don’t realize the rhythmic thumps on the ground. You try and hug the can, but you are merely a fly compared to it’s size. You stretch your wings out, lifting with all your might.

Suddenly the can feels weightless; So weightless, in fact, that it floated upwards, taking you with it. You panic at the unnatural event, fingers gripping onto the bottom edge of the can, the rest of your body dangling. Upon looking forward, you see the cause; you are eye level with Zane.

“Z-Zane!” You say, half-annoyed that he came to help. “You need to be resting!”

He sniffles thickly, eyes watering slightly. “I cabe to help you……..I-I…..h-hehhhhhh………h-hh…..” His breath catches, nostrils flaring. You clamber up to the top of the can as he places it down on the counter, before bringing the both of his hands to his face. The poor thing looked absolutely miserable, nose twitching and eyebrows furrowed. He stands there, hands hovering over his face, but the sneeze doesn’t come. He drops his hands with a sigh, adjusting the dial on the stove to a reasonable level. You weren’t going to let this slide.

You fly up, landing on the tip of his nose. He reflexively staggers back, nose twitching under your feet.

“Hey,” you say, wings flapping for balance. His eyes meet yours, looking slightly dazed. “you need to rest, come on. I got this,” you smile at him, which seems to be enough to convince him. He begins to walk back to the living room, rubbing his flustered nose with his wrist. You fly off, landing back on the can.

It’s easier than you think to open it, sliding it up a wooden spoon, and pouring it into the pot. You add in the vegetables, straining your wings to stir it all in. It already smells wonderful, but slightly plain. You fly to an upper spice cabinet, grabbing the spices you needed.

Of course, it takes what feels like an hour to get them, leaving you with one more; pepper. You get behind it, using your back to push it. Expecting it to be as heavy as the can, you force too much energy, and end up falling down with it. The top bursts open upon landing, spraying you with grains of pepper. Luckily, the grains are all to big to cause your own nose irritation, so you simply shake it off, sprinkling some in the pot.

At last, it is done; you dip your fingers in, slurping up the warm soup; perfect. Now brings a new question, how to get it to him? You push open the fridge from the little crevasse with your feet, grabbing a few rubber bands used to hold asparagus together. With the help of the cabinet knobs, you create a small pulley system to dip a glass bowl into the pot of soup. You beam at your ingenuity, placing the bowl on the cabinet. ‘Soup in bowl, check. Now, to get the soup to him… ’ you glance around the kitchen, spotting a giant skateboard; you don’t know how Zane skates, unless he uses the mountains as a skate park. Nonetheless, you lay down a napkin on the skateboard, before placing the bowl down using the pulley system. You find some crackers as well, placing them on the side. All you need is a huge metal spoon, and there! You use the wooden stirring spoon as an ore to guide the skateboard into the living room.

“Zane! I’m here!” You call upon entering. He looks up from his laying position, bursting into gales of laughter at the sight of you on the huge skateboard; of corse, the laughing is cut short by coughing.

“You haldf-andgels are sdo smard…” he chuckles, before sitting up. You wheel the skateboard over to him, he picks up the bowl and places it down on the table. He’s about to reach for the spoon, when he suddenly pauses, nostrils flaring. He fans his face, eyes fluttering shut and eyebrows scrunching; is nose begins to run a bit, and he tilt’s his chin up, gearing up for a sneeze.

You watch with sympathy as his face becomes adorably desperate, pink nose twitching. You can see it die down all too slowly, probably torture to him. He lets out a disappointed sigh, blowing his nose in a tissue. Tskkkkkkkskskkgkhg.’

“Still having trouble?” You ask, tilting your head. His face goes a deep crimson.

“I-It’s always like that when I’m sick…” he stammers, face almost beet red now.

“Awww, you poor thing…here, let me help again.” You stretch out your wings, but he holds out his hands frantically.

“N-no! I-I….h-hhh…I don’t want the s-same thing h-happening agahhhh…….h-hehhh….heh! HEHH!…….huh.” he snuffles, massaging his appendage with his two fingers. The second he moves them away, you maneuver through his fingers and land on the tip of his nose. He makes eye contact, swallowing lightly. He clenches his jaw, already feeling the enormous tickle begin to fester deep inside his nostrils.

You flutter your wings to regain balance, unintentionally shaking the pepper from them. His nose wrinkles, nostrils flaring. His eyes water slightly, you feel the tip of his nose quiver.

“I-is th-thaaaaaah-hh……..that p-pepper? O-ohhh g-godd….t-tickles…….i-it t-tickles sooo bad….I-I…..” His voice becomes desperate, ticklish tears running down his face as he tilts his head up slightly. “c-c-an’t……I-I c-can’t sneeze……it’s s-stuck………..I need h-help…” he finally confesses, all too close and all too desperate to care. “H-help….y-your feathers…….”

“Two steps ahead of you,” you quote yourself, leaning over and looking into one of his nostrils. You take a few feathers, realizing they are dotted black with pepper. Oh this is gonna be HUGE... you think, partially worried. You begin to graze the feathers fairly lightly in the inside of his nose, drawing a gasp that evolves into a sudden hitch. “h-hehh! HIHHHH! HAHHHH! O-oh god! I’m gonna—!! HEHHH!” He draws in a huge breath, squeezing tears out of his eyes, nose trembling. He fumbles his hand in his pocket, pulling out a hankie before wrapping his nose—and you, inside.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEESTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH! HEEEEEEEEEEEETCHUU! IIIIIIIIIIIIIISSTCHOOOOOOOOH!” He sneezes three times, pitching forward with each one. Even with the handkerchief plastered to his face, mucus still managed to escape, covering his fingertips, nose, and mouth…not to mention you.

You felt like you were enveloped in honey, a light slimy coat. You don’t want to open your eyes or mouth. Your wings are drenched, soggy, smooth, and slick; definitely not functional for at least an hour. Zane’s face only shows relief and pleasure for a few seconds, before looking at you in terror.

“Oh dear god……….you don’t know how sorry I am………l-let me get you dry……” he takes a tissue from the box, wrapping it around his pinky before gently wiping your face. He uses a different tissue to blow his nose, emptying the snot into it and soaking it completely. He wipes his face with a wet wipe, and does the same to get most of the gunk off your body. His cheeks are bleached red when you open your eyes and make eye contact.

“Bless you,” you say optimistically, which catches him off guard.

“………Y-you’re not angry or grossed out?”

“I’ve been through worse,” that was a straight up lie; though you knew this situation pleasured you in an odd way, as for any sneezing…—no way was he finding out.

Zane chuckled lightly, taking a sip of the soup. His eyes light up. “Wow, that is actually really good…Amazing, actually.” He looks around, looking for something.

“What?” You ask.

“Have you had any? I think you need the energy.” He says softly.

“Oh alright, I’ll just go get a—” you stop, wings stretched, but all too heavy. They are still drenched, a bit sticky, definitely not functional for a while. You see Zane’s face go pale.

“u-uh…..” He stammers, blushing madly. He pulls out a clean medicine cup, dipping it into the soup. The tiny cup is still bigger than you, but a reasonable amount of soup inside. You strain to climb up on the rim, and you dip your head down to slurp a mouthful up. You swallow, mixed flavors and warmth filling you up inside. 

“Wow. I really did a good job…” you say, laughing. He rests his chin on the table where you are.

He laughs as well, but it is cut short. He sniffles, squinting his eyes slightly. You watch in awe, his freckled nose up close, twitching and quivering away. There is dust on the table, and you are fully aware that he is allergic. He quickly lifts his head back up, holding his finger under his nose; it dies down rather quickly, leaving him a sniffling mess. 

“Let me get you a tiss—tchew!” You suddenly sneeze into your arm, unaware of the random tickle that built up. The two of you stare at each other blankly, he breaks it with a blush.

“Shoot, did I get you sick?……I-I wouldn’t be surprised…”

“Oh no no no,” you say reassuringly, “I’ve flown through blizzards and thunderstorms, I rarely get sick. It’s probably just d-dust...” you have to contain your voice from hitching near the end.

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me, I’ll be fine. I don’t get sick….no…I won’t get sick”

…………….Will you?


And there you go! Chapter 2! Let me know how you guys want me to continue this!

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Thank you guys for the overwhelming amount of support! I’ll be sure to throw in some contagion, maybe even a bit of denial! Thank you guys so much!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Again, Quick Update! So sorry to you waiting folks out there, a bit of personal stuff happened over the holidays; but I am back and better, I will get out the next part when I can!!

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You guys came in right on time, I just finished Chapter 3 of this story; many of you guys requested contagion, so I took that idea and threw in some other things! Here you guys are! Enjoy!

(I also added as many sneezes as I could as more of a sorry gift for not being on for so long :D)


CHAPTER 3 : Dusting Dispute


A dream causes you to jolt up from where you were resting. You breathe heavily, feeling a bit groggy in the back of your throat. Looking around, you find you’re in a small glass pantry, a handkerchief underneath you; You don’t remember ever laying down to take a nap, so this was very odd. No big deal, You were probably so tired after cooking, that you totally forgot about flying over here to snatch a few hours of rest. You conclude this would mean you would have to head back to the Aasimar village at night, but that didn’t bother you—you always enjoyed the chilly winds, how good it felt on your wings. It was truly—

A glance at some light escaping from a window on the other side of the room silences your thought…


How long were you out for?! Were you that tired?! How in the world could you—

“aaAXXCT’III! Huh-heh! Atcxxii! IsSHHEW!”

Three sneezes catch you completely off guard.

“hit-hit-HITCHHEW! IITSH’nxgt!”

Make that five.

What the heck is going on? You never sneeze more than once, twice, at the most. Were you…Impossible. You couldn’t be! Looking at your arms, you can already see the skin tone you have has already gone slightly paler than it’s normal pigment. Your throat feels like a fuzzy mess, and your nose has this insatiable tickle. Just by sitting up, you already feel light headed. If you, in fact, were sick, then you worried less about yourself; Zane would probably never forgive himself, the poor guy. He couldn’t know. No matter what.


The floor vibrated rhythmically. Your brain felt like it boggled in it’s skull whenever Zane took another step. He swung the door open, which concluded you were in his room, and not in the living room. In between his fingers, was a small, transparent shot-glass, filled with water. He didn’t even have to glance around to know where you are, you two make eye contact on the spot. He takes light, careful steps towards the pantry, cautious not to create booming stomps. As he came closer, you noticed his skin color has brightened, no longer as pale. His nose wasn’t chapped and pink, either. Did he get over his cold? He probably did, given how long you were asleep.


“Here. You need to keep hydrated.” His voice wasn’t stuffed up either.


It then hits you.


Did he know you were sick already? Why else would he have come to bring you water?

“Mmm? Odh. Thadgs.” You say, straining to sound as clear as possible. Your voice seemed to drop an octave, thick with mucus. You swallow. Hard.

“Geez….I really did a number on you, didn’t I? I’m so sorry…”

“Please, I’m dot….Wdat happengd?”

“After dinner, you started sneezing like crazy. You kept saying how you felt really dizzy, teetering and trying to fly. You eventually passed out, and I brought you here. You look just….awful,” He averted his eyes in guilt.

“Zade, I’b dot sidck. You adct likge I’b dying….” You trail off, the tickle in you nose festering more than usual. You clench your jaw, not about to let the sneeze slip anytime soon.

“You look like your gonna sneeze. Stop lying.” Zane places the glass next to the pantry, huge brown eyes focused directly on you.

“Ndo, I’b dot godda sdeeze….dot….d-dot…s-s-sdeeze—! Itchew! Aaxxchtii! Issshuu!

You release a small wave of sneezes into your palm, other hand clenching your wrist. You groan as you feel the familiar sense of your nose beginning to run. At this point, you don’t know if sniffling would give any benefit; you already look like a wreck, and sound like one. You wince at the thought of being bed-written all day, like some caged bird.

It’s rare for Aasimars to catch colds, but when they do, within a few hours it usually spikes to influenza, with a pretty tough fever. It makes sense, to be honest; You flew here in the cold and rain. All this way from the village, then you continued to haul the ginormous task of making soup for Zane. You were probably so tired that any of his germs could’ve caused you to catch what he had.

“You just sit tight, (your name), I’ll get you some breakfast after I’m done dusting.”

You nod, exhausted, as he tucks you in the fold of the handkerchief. You close your eyes with a slight smile as he tip-toed away. Maybe this wouldn’t be that bad. You could sleep the day away, and Zane will bring you breakfast after he’s done du—

Your eyes snap open in an instant. Dusting?! Are you kidding yourself?!

Now you’re concerned. Other than your feathers, Zane is extremely allergic to dust; usually his brother Zachary would take care of it, but you knew he was out adventuring in the Northern Mountains.

You sit up, stretching your wings. You flap them as hard as you can, managing to get a few feet off the ground before collapsing out of exhaustion. You faze to the point where you black out, groaning.


You’re woken by a series of distant sneezes:

“EESTCHU! ASSTCHU! HATCHU! ETCHUU! Esstchuu! Isschuu! heh-Esschuu! Aastchuu! —Chuu! T’chiii! ……Sheew!” Definitely Zane; the sneezes got softer, yet more higher-pitched and desperate as it went. You sat up once again, having gained a few ounces more of energy than the last time. Just like any Aasimar, you are stubborn and determined. After gulping down a few swallows of water from the shot-glass, you made it your goal to keep Zane away from dusting at all costs.

You teeter on the ledge of the clothing drawers, still woozy and light headed. Instead of taking off into the air, you let yourself fall, and glide through the small crack of the doorway, salvaging the energy you need in case of an emergency. It takes a good three minutes to enter the living room, and Zane has his hands fanning his face in an attempt to hold back.

“t-tuh…..heh……Isschu! Nxgt’shiee! It’tchxxxx’ieee!…..heh, heh! Oh, god, why, I! EEESHU!

The sneezes continued for a good minute, your concern for him bubbling up as well. Zane sighs heavily when done, sniping the underside of his nose with his index finger. He sniffles wetly, accidentally dropping the feather duster that was in his hands clumsily. It plummets from above you, and you instinctively tuck in your wings to blast through the forest of huge feathers. Zane is startled by this, you flutter with great strain to land on the bridge of his nose. It only takes a single twitch to cause you to plop down onto your stomach, sliding near the tip of his ticklish nose in exhaustion. Your baggy eyes meet his, with a loopy grin.

“You goooooda sdop………ndo……d-dust…Itchew!

“Come on! You need to rest! You shouldn’t be……” he trails off as you try to flap your wings, but you’re in a whole different delusional dimension at the moment. The dust from your feathers stroke the rims of his nostrils, causing them to crinkle and flare. His eyebrows slant, gritting his teeth and blinking back allergic tears that slide from the corners of his eyes. His nose twitches violently, with the burning urge to release it’s irritation. You can feel his nose quiver under your stomach as you lay there. “hehhhh……..e-ehhhhhhhh!………g-god……hihhhhhh………hit! Ngx’mpht!” He squeezes his eyes shut, pursing his lips and containing a stifle; he only pitches slightly, careful not to cause you to fall. His nose wasn’t done though.

“ITx’mpcht! Mmp’chxt! Eekx’mpxt! Egg’mphxxt!” His nose seemed to twitch even more violently with each stifle, he knew holding back could only get him so far. He uses his two forefingers, careful not to hold your wings in a way that could break them, and picks you up and off of his ticklish appendage. The second you’re off, he explodes.

“hA-HASHHHOOOH! EEESHUU! hih-HIH! IITTTTCHEEW!…..heh, h-heh!……huh.” You were sprayed once or twice, it felt no different than flying through a cloud.

He sniffled thickly, gently placing you in his other palm. You wrap your wings around your body, suddenly finding yourself colder that usual. Zane rips two tissues out of a nearby box; one to blow his nose with, the other, to gently wrap you in for some temporary warmth.

“Come on, time for you to rest. Snrrrkg. I’ll wake you up later with breakfast, ok?”

You couldn’t make out half of what he said, all you know is that the depths of sleep were pulling at your wings and torso, and you were sucked into it before he could even reach his room. The rest, was all a blur.


I have a pretty solid Idea as to the next chapter, involving a little incident during exploring, that should come as soon as I can get it out!

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57 minutes ago, Queen of Spaids (or Kita) said:

I have a pretty solid Idea as to the next chapter, involving a little incident during exploring

Now I'm intrigued ^_^

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WHOOHOOO! It's midnight and I finished writing another part! I'm not gonna bother on edits since I'm EXHAUSTED, but enjoy! (tiny mess warning!)


CHAPTER 4 : Nasal Maintenance


The daylight absolutely blazed throughout the valley, granting light to tame the already-shallow waves of the rolling jade hills. Trees were speckled here and there, as well as pools of glimmering water. Distant birds shared their hymns and poems while creating arcs in the sky, sheep bleated in clumps, huddled and spread out in random places. The air was crisp, a few clouds dotted the royal sky.

You were quite glad Zane kept true to his promise; the second you got over your cold, you two would go out venturing. The air felt splendid, pushing against your broad, newly strong, white wings. You held your arms out, no different than an airplane, maneuvering left and right as you teeter through the blasting air. You rode along the current made by Zane as he took slouching, gentle steps, as if trying not to disturb the nature. You waked along the wind trails left behind, a mere gnat to his colossal height. His hazel eyes flickered across the lake in the distance, marking their common meeting ground. He dazed for a bit, likely a daydream, almost tripping over a tall fir tree; he stumbles with a few clumsy, booming steps, but gains control and turns to the bent tree. He cringes, using his two fore-fingers to hoist it upright.

“Whoops.” He chuckled, “I found the lake, though.”

You can see it in the distance too, now fluttering circles around his head. You were obviously spilling with energy, anxious what would be there and waiting. Your two hands can barely get a grip on his ear lobe, pulling him in the general direction—well, a part of him, anyway.

“Alright alright! I’m coming!!” He cackled, standing up straight and continuing his delicate journey. You follow behind, wings cutting graceful strokes through the air like butter.

Roughly about halfway there, the current your riding slows to a stop, leaving you in a wimpy glide. You flap your wings, trying to sense the lost wind in confusion; that’s when you realize the source, Zane, has halted. His hands were tensed, eyes struggling to keep open, thus flushed with tears. The rims of his nostrils were a slight pink, puffing out a few confused-sounding hitches. You scan the grass miles beneath you, seeing them dotted here and there with tiny wildflowers. This further confused you; he was only allergic to dust and feathers. You run your fingers through your hair, averting you wing direction to home in on a landing area. Your feet gracefully meet the skin of his freckled nose, some freckles bigger than you. Folding your wings in as a sign of trust, you scrunch your eyebrows.

“You alright Zane?”

“Y-yehhhhh……….e-erm…….hehhhhh….” You know Zane, usually he would be sniffling or rubbing his nose to dislodge the tickle—this was a new, bringing a tingle of curiosity. His slowly reddening nose twitched, as if trying to actually ‘provoke’ the sneeze.

“I think……s-somethihhhhh…..s-some……..hehhhhhhh…..ehhhhh…h-hhhh…” he suddenly cringes and winces, nostrils flaring. You investigate, peering into one of his cavernous nostrils; you see some white feathers here and there, but not thick and strong, like yours. Your feathers are made for cutting against the stormy clouds, slicing through currents and snapping different directions through spectacular maneuvers. The feathers that rested inside his nostril were of a gentle down, fuzzy and white; they look as if they had been loosened in panic. You conclude a dove must’ve got sucked up into his nasal cavity.

But usually any bird would’ve flown out by now. Was it stuck? Maybe….

…maybe it needs a boost.

“Sit down.” You said, slightly firm. Zane follows his order, plopping on the ground with a booming thud, causing trees to be uprooted, and sheep to go hurling a few feet off the ground. Two rivers of mucus run to his upper lip, but he’s fearful to rub it away. You lift your head back up, tapping your index finger aimlessly to your lips in thought.

It doesn’t look like he’d be sneezing anytime soon.

…That being said….

“I’m gonna go into your nose and see if I can find the irritant.” You beam like it’s no big deal. Zane’s immediate beet red face reminds you of how crazy of a plan this is.

“Y-you what?! That’s insane.” He stutters, cheeks as red as his nose.

“I’m an Aasimar. We like to live life with some risk.” You cut him off with a daring smile.

Zane averts his eyes, the common sign that you won this argument. “F-fine.”

You flutter down to the crook of his upper lip, peering into his nostril. About to suck in your breath, he stops you.

“W-what if I sneeze?”

“Try not to. Don’t sniffle either. If you do sneeze, with luck, the irritant may be ridded; do so openly, I don’t wanna come crashing into your hand.”

He makes a curt sound of agreement, and you place a hand on his spectrum. You daringly press a foot down, starting your venture into his right nostril, when you peek out once more.

“Don’t sniffle, don’t sneeze.” You give a final reminder before trudging inside.

“E-easier s-sehhhhhh……..s-said……th-than d-d-done!” Zane’s nose crinkles, nostrils flaring. It’s so tickly and itchy, like little explosions latching onto his nasal walls. It burns with the allergic urge to rid and expel, but Zane clenches his jaw; he wasn’t going to let his friend down that easily.

The air around you becomes more humid and damp the further you venture, slipping a couple of times on the mucus that lined the ground beneath you. What would be fine hairs are like barbed wires, tangled and draping with delicate webs of mucus. In a way, this felt no different than cave exploring, having to tread through the cavity and near slightly more narrowing paths. You sidestep, slipping slowly between the pulsating walls—that is, until you slip again. This time, your feet fly forward, sending you smacking your back against his nasal wall. It scrunches violently against your back, blood vessels expanding and contracting.

From the outside, a sudden spark of itchiness sends a wave throughout his entire reddening nose. Zane slams his eyelids shut, itchy tears running down his face. The urge to sneeze was as strong as ever, he wasn’t entirely sure if holding back was an option at this point. His nose is a tap, running twin streams of clear, watery mucus down to his chin. He lifted his head slightly, taken back by the blazing tickle that blossomed deep in his poor, angry nose. His chest tightened, sucking in huge hitching breaths.

“heh………h-hihhhhhhhhhh! heeehhhhhHHHH!! HIHHHHH! HH-HEH!”

He gritted his teeth, eyebrows screwing with his desperate appearance. He fought a slowly loosing war against his jaw hanging open, more itchy tears dripped off his chin and onto the ground. If he wasn’t preoccupied, he would likely be worried about drowning the poor sheep in mucus and tears.

Don’t sneeze, don’t sneeze, don’t……sneeze!

Zane tried; he really did, but the tickle was all too powerful for his freckled nose. The last thought in his head was to concentrate the force outward, pushing as much as possible. His head snaps forward, eyes glued shut, and forcing as much energy as he could through his gaping nostrils.


The ground trembled, trees being stripped bare and grass being ripped from the very ground. A cloud of spray erupted, precipitating on the unfortunate wildlife in the crossfire.

You were blasted out of his nose with gigantic force, zipping through the air. You practically cut your way through the wind, wings extended to gain some control. You curl to the right, turning back and helplessly fluttering to his extended palm. You touchdown, meeting his crimson face.

“Bless you!” You exclaim, hands resting on your hips. He averts his eyes, a blush of the most adorable rosy pink smeared over his cheeks.

“Sorry, I…………ihhhhhh-hhh……” his hitching reminds you; did the irritant leave yet? Telling by the feathers still fluttering out of his right nostril, the answer was clearly no. Zane begins fanning his face with his free hand, itchy tears cascading down his cheeks. His nose crumples, feeling stuck on the verge of another explosion. You extend both of your arms out to him, stretching your wings.

“Hold that pose! Right there!”

“R-right……ihhhhhhhh” He tries to question, chin lifting. No time for answers; you push a downward stroke of your wings, lifting yourself in one swoop into his right nostril once again. You get much further this way, resting in a slightly larger chamber of his inner nose.

A massive tickle erupts from his trembling nose, to the point he has to shove a finger under his gigantic nostrils. It scorches with an allergic rage, and Zane whimpers in protest. Not sniffling just about had to be the cherry on top, for twin rivers of mucus dripped from his nostrils and onto his finger.

You find the culprit; a simple morning dove, plastered against the wall by the back, and wings flapping frantically. You gently grip it’s stomach, dislodging it from the twitching wall.

“One little bird caused all this trouble…” you shake your head, pulling a feather from your own wing. You stroke the crinkling nasal walls, sending signal after signal to sneeze.

No……no! N-not again! Don’t sneeze! Don’t sneeze!

If anything, telling himself that in his head only made the tickle grow. There was no way to rid of it, he just had to let it happen. He leaned back, gearing for the second huge sneeze. He heaved in huge, dramatic giant breaths, hitching with the need to rid the irritant.


He snapped his head forward, shoving another messy sneeze out of his nostrils. Mist clouded in the air, sending you—with the dove, this time—through the air. Zane forces a satisfying sigh, pulling out a gigantic silk handkerchief out of his pocket and emptying his poor, tickly, adorable appendage into it. His repeated sniffling can’t halt the flowing rivers of mucus down his upper lip.

It takes you quite a while to loop back around to his hand, the mortified white dove still clutched in your hands. You let go of it, watching Zane’s hazel eyes follow the freed creature into the air. Zane spat a congested, involuntary moan, after sniffling wetly.

“Ngh. Thangs. Thad helpbt out…” Zane rubs his itchy nose with his finger, squishing at the blushed flesh.

You reply with a grin.

     “Two steps ahead of you.”


So sorry of it's a bit short, but I'm now a bit out of ideas in terms of how to continue this! Please, If you guys have anything you want to request or see, don't be afraid to just ask!

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Still a very brilliant chapter and as for idea's...maybe a family gathering with some denial of a sniffle^_^

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