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I'm worried it's just me - feel so alone


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Hi everyone :) 

this is my first time posting on here so I apologise if I am posting it in the wrong place etc ! But I have this ongoing problem in my head and it's literally driving me insane because I feel like no one else feels this way. 

To put it short - my boyfriend has the cutest sneeze ever. And I used to love when he sneezed, I really enjoyed it. But now I actyally get quite UPSET when he does, because I think of all the cute sneezes he must do at work or when he's out with friends that I'm missing out on. Recently I've started to wish he just never sneezes at all. Also, and this is a big problem for me, is when we are with his family/friends and he sneezes and his mum or friend or whatever blesses him. I get this horrible feeling deep inside me because I want to bless him and look after him but someone else has. It sounds so selfish and weird but I'm praying that at least someone else on here understands and/or has any advice! Thank you :) 

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Do you have underlying problems with anxiety? Because I'd say that the disappointment of missed observations or annoyance when a family member/friend remarks on what is, to us, a sexual act seems normal. However, for those feelings to be severe enough that they might affect your relationship or overall mental well-being suggests to me that there might be something else going on. 

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Firstly, welcome to the forum!

Secondly, whilst I understand your frustration at missing out on some of his sneezes, that is going to happen regardless of whether you witness any yourself. In other words, not seeing him sneeze at all wouldn't change the fact that you are missing out on some of his other sneezes and would just mean that you don't experience something you used to enjoy.

Therefore (and this may be easier said than done), if you can come to terms with that knowledge, you may be able to get yourself back to the position where you, once again, love it when he sneezes.

Good luck!




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Hello, @thebritishbeatles!

I'm sorry to hear you've been having difficulties recently, though I'm sure many on this forum can relate to feelings similar to what you are experiencing. I agree with Joal and Garnet. Trying to enjoy the sneezes you do get to witness might take out some of the sting of those you can't, or those he does in front of others. This is something that makes me feel better: it's such a low chance that anybody else who knows your boyfriend actually has a sneezing fetish, so even if you don't see all of his sneezes, it's very unlikely anybody else around him enjoys his sneezes the way you do.

But if this issue persists and you continue to feel worse and worse about it, you might consider digging deeper to see if this is a surface problem stemming from something bigger.

Also, to enhance your time here, if you could find a few minutes to look at read before posting — it contains lots of information and frequently asked questions that will help you understand how things work on the forum. You will also be able to see which areas you can currently access and which will become available to you when you are "fully validated" a bit further down the line. In that regard, the validation system is explained in how do I get validated?

If you have any questions that are not covered in the links, feel free to ask the staff using the "contact us" feature right at the top of the page.

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