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on youtube there was two videoers i have lost, where there is video but not of their faces, just kinda blurry so still anonymous. Anyone know any like this? 

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Hello, Teacups! Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but this information is very vague. There are many videos like this. It might help to know some other details like:

  • Were the sneezes male or female?
  • If the videos weren't showing faces, what were they showing? Could you see anything?
  • Do you remember how long the videos were?
  • Can you recall the titles of the videos?
  • Do you remember who uploaded those videos?
  • Were the videos popular? Did they have a lot of views before they disappeared?
  • Was the purpose of these videos to record the sneezing? Do you think the people sneezing in the videos knew about our community and were doing it in service of the community?

Some of this information might help others narrow down options. If you do happen to find/remember these videos, please check out the forum rules we have in place about sneezing in the media. Thank you!

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There was this one sneezer on YouTube that I used to love, I think her name was AllergySneezes or something. I had one video called either Nonstop Sneezing or Can't Stop Sneezing where she said she just woke up and began sneezing a ton. She also had a video titled something about perfume, where her mom hugged her while wearing perfume and she had a crazy sneeze fit after. There was no video, just a covered camera with audio. I would love to find her again!!

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